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Cook the Book: 'The Art of Eating In'

i eat at home so i have leftovers for work the next day! Also i love to try out new recipes and save money so I can splurge on great dinners when I do eat out rather than just getting take out everynight.

What do I do with pounds of TRIPE

so lucky, ill take the tripe! if it has been cooked already i wouldnt boil the tripe any longer, i would take the book tripe and stir fry it with garlic, onions, scallions, soy and hoisin sauce and a little ginger....mmm so good. i dont really care for honeycomb though, i find it too mushy

Recommendations in Koreatown and Curry Hill?

another vote for chennai garden and seoul garden, i actually prefer their soondubu over bcd

Exotic Eggs Available at Whole Foods

you may just want to check out an asian supermarket that often offers quail eggs and also duck eggs for a lot cheaper. havent found any ostrich or emu in the asian supermarkets though.


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