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  • Location: Washington DC
  • Favorite foods: Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Neapolitan Pizza, and Sushi at the moment. Korean since birth.
  • Last bite on earth: My grandma's dotori (acorn) mook (jelly) topped with shredded gim(seaweed) soy sauce, chives, red peppers, a touch of vinegar and topped with some of her kimchi!

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Where to eat in D.C.?

Cafe Atlantico's conch fritters are pretty AMAZING! Seriously one of the best bites I had in DC.
I don't know how they stack up to the ones you had in the bahamas, but my friend who also talked about his amazing conch fritter experience in the bahamas absolutely loved them! The little jicama avocado bags don't hurt either.
Beyond the conch fritters though, everything I had there was good - from skirt steak, to striped bass... and I wouldn't miss their chocolate cake! I was literally scraping the plate clean!
Happy eating in DC!

Where to eat in D.C.?

Where to start and what kind of food are you looking for?
Central for French bistro fare with delicious new american twists. (Famous is their perfectly constructed lobster burger bound by scallop mousse!)
Zaytinya for some delicious new interpretations on traditional Mediterranean mezze. (Try the Kibbeh with currants)
Rasika for some of the tastiest modern Indian food you've ever had! (a must have: palaak chaat - crispy spinach with sweet yogurt and date chutney)
Ray's Hell Burger if you're looking for a burger epiphany...
Looking for anything in particular?
You can find more inspiration here and here

How should burgers be cooked?

I can totally see the danger in the medium rare burger! Ray's in DC is one of the few places that do this, and I think they stand behind the cleanliness of their burger and the quality of the meat that they use -fresh aged prime beef ground throughout the day. So far my experiences have been good and I haven't heard any horror stories.

Just to appease my own curiosity - next time I'm going to buy two burgers - one cooked medium rare and one medium, and see how I feel about both. I'll report back on

Sweet Green's Sweetflow Mobile, a Frozen Yogurt Truck in D.C.

So Stonyfield's what they make the stuff out of! I always noticed Sweetflow had a bit creamier texture than the other yogurts in DC. Mystery solved!

Cook the Book: 'Bobby Flay's Burgers, Fries & Shakes'

I love a good burger. But Ray's Hell Burger in Arlington, VA was my burger epiphany! 10 ounces of fresh ground beef a la Michael Landrum (DC's premium steak purveyor). Served up on a brioche bun with sesame seeds, ray's heck sauce, lettuce tomatoes, sherry sauteed mushrooms. Best burger. EVER.


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