Brianne L.

Budding landscape ecologist. Almost always thinking about food. Like to hike and visit lighthouses.

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  • Location: Rockland, Maine
  • Favorite foods: Fresh pasta with fresh tomato sauce. I don't make it nearly as often as I should!
  • Last bite on earth: Dark chocolate.

Latest Comments

Cook the Book: 'Stewed'

New Mexican Green Chile Stew is the best in the winter.

Cook the Book: 'Herbivoracious'

I love a frittata filled with veggies and herbs.

Behind the Scenes at The Glenlivet Distillery in Scotland

I went on a tour of the Glenkinchie distillery in the Lowlands when I studied just outside of Edinburgh in college. I wish I had made it to a distillery in the Highlands. Your photos bring back memories!

Cook the Book: 'How to Cook Everything The Basics'

Our copy of Joy of Cooking is pretty beat up after just three years of consistently cooking from it.

Bottom Shelf Beer: Leinenkugel's New Big Eddy Wee Heavy

This gives me a wee bit of hope for ol' Leinie's...after I started drinking real beer and I realized how awful most of their offerings are, I was pretty devastated. But it sounds like they still have something going for them. Too bad they don't have more Leinie's in Maine. They only have Sunset Wheat here, which I think is possibly the worst one of them all.

Easter Basket 2012: How do you eat your Cadbury Creme Eggs?

I definitely eat my Creme Eggs the lateral-diagonal way, but I do so for maximal filling enjoyment. The chocolate is second best.

Easter Basket 2012: A Few Bad Eggs

I eat at least a dozen Cadbury Cream Eggs each year around Easter. The original one is by far the best, but I wouldn't turn down either the caramel or the chocolate version.

Cereal Eats: Cheerios Showdown Part 2, The 'Sweet' Cheerios

I've always been too afraid to try Fruity Cheerios. Frosted Cheerios are the BEST.

Chocolate Irish Cream Pie

Hey Cakespy? How much sugar and cinnamon go in the crust? It's mentioned in the instructions but not listed in the ingredients.

I can't wait to dig into this pie tonight! I knew I wanted to make it the second I saw it.

Cook the Book: 'Bi-Rite Market's Eat Good Food'

Even in north central Maine, my grocery store manages to have a beautiful, well stocked fresh produce section and a surprisingly extensive selection of international ingredients.

Win the Valentine's Day Collection from Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

Dark chocolate and maraschino cherries with a cherry cordial swirl.

Cook the Book: 'Poulet'

I have to second the roasted chicken with lemon and garlic.

BraveTart: Holiday Fauxreos

As a kid, it wasn't Christmas without White Fudge Oreos. I made your Fauxreos early last week and drizzled them with white chocolate because I was too afraid to dip them. (They were awesome!) Thanks for the instructions on how to dip these--I'm totally ready to do year.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Sriracha Lover's Ultimate Gift Pack

Let's be real--Sriracha can go on pretty much anything. Love the stuff!