Cooking Churrasco in a Pan.

so, broiling isn't a good option?

Cooking Churrasco in a Pan.

cause I dont wanna get

Cooking Churrasco in a Pan.

you have a wonder when I googled I didnt find anything, I found one recipe that had a broiler instructions.. 6 inches from heat, for 10 minutes total fipping it once. I hope that works out.

Trying to Learn to Cook...

Wow, in one single post, I think I have gotten so much useful advice.

Trying to Learn to Cook...

McNormal, I like your approach...

Trying to Learn to Cook...

Thanks for the input trebor, and Thank you Comfort of Cooking, you guys are great.

Trying to Learn to Cook...

thanks for the support guys,

I am just trying to learn the basics,

simple stuff,

pork chops, with rice and canned vegetables
steak with potatoes.

any help is appreciated.

what to do with frozen ground beef?

I have about 2 lbs of frozen ground beef, and wanted to make some sort of tasty pasta with it, anyone know any good simple quick recipes. Everytime I try this on my own with just some salt paper and store bought pasta sauce, the group beef comes out so bland.

Any help is wanted.

Cooking Churrasco in a Pan.

I am learning to cook, and I found a recipe on churrascso, I have been marinating it since last night, but my grill won't be able to be used since its raining, and want to know how i can cook this churrasco indoors.

I am mostly looking for how long I should cook it for, and how long I should let the pan pre-heat for, and how much heat I should use. I use a Electric Range, and I also have a griddle that goes up to 400 degree's.

Trying to Learn to Cook...

Hi guys,

I'm trying to learn to cook, quick meals for dinner for me and my wife after work, and I always seem to be disappointed. I have gathered recipes from a couple of well known sites including food network, and group recipes. Some recipes are cryptic to say the least, I think it would be best to learn with some Video's or something. Any idea's on good websites for starting off, with simple meals and moving my way up?

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