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  • Favorite foods: pizza, chinese take out, mcdonalds, wendy's, burger king, chic-fil-a, sonics, sweet potato fries, pies, doughnuts, cookies, ice cream, hamburger, onion rings, sticky buns, cakes, cookies, kit kat bars
  • Last bite on earth: steamed fish, mapo tofu, braised spare ribs, and some white rice. a mochi for dessert.

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Robyn's Greenwood Heights (ish)

i just want to say, love that it's a list of stuff not in a slideshow. just so you know, someone out there appreciates that!

also, had no idea this area was called Greenwood heights. learn something new every day.

Win Tickets to a Six-Course Dinner (With Pairings) at Empellón

chocolate milk. it tames the heat.

Win Tickets to a Six-Course Dinner (With Pairings) at Empellón

chocolate milk. it tames the heat.

Win Tickets to a Six-Course Dinner (With Pairings) at Empellón

chocolate milk. it tames the heat.

Win Tickets to a Six-Course Dinner (With Pairings) at Empellón

chocolate milk. it tames the heat.

Shanghai Cafe Deluxe in Chinatown Serves Hit and Miss Classics (And Great Soup Dumplings)

@mage789, agree about the greasy food here, but disagree about the XLBs. where the hell do you go then in Manhattan?

@Chris, haha totally this place is better than Joe's.

@Humbucker, i've been going to this place since they were south of canal street and was called shanghai cuisine (over 10 yrs) and the C grade is warranted. I'm still alive.

@Kenji, try the "tung yuan" with black sesame. i know it's probably bought frozen in a store but it's still good.

Ed Levine's Caloric Journey, Week 170: A Change in Course

honestly it's a miracle the entire office doesn't have diabetes.

to the point of weighing yourself though... I really think that's something you should do. Maybe this blog is too full of happy unicorn rainbows people to have a scale called Thinner and to see your weight fluctuate... but the scale keeps you honest.

It's really just about whether losing weight is a high priority in your life or not and whether your current weight is deemed healthy by your doctor. Because if you're at an OK weight, then yes, no reason to show us your weight ever week. However if your goal is to say, drop 10% of your weight or hit a nice even number like 200, then you should definitely weigh yourself once a week at the same time of day, same day of the week, preferably not after a ginormous meal.

WD-50 Pastry Whiz Alex Stupak Gets Serious With Tacos at Empellón

great review, and awesome that y'all interviewed him. it's cool... maybe i'll try that idea too. haha.

ok so maybe comparison to cheap places around the city is beside the point.

let us compare it to the Red Hook Ball Fields then. You might find people who love their cheap tacos from a truck in the city, bu the Ball Fields are beloved in this city. That's where the comparison should be and a natural comparison to make. A more interesting question to ask the chef is who eats tacos there, and who eats tacos at his restaurant, and if all of that means anything.

Making Japan's Meat Monster Whopper at Our Local Burger King

How to Make Soup Dumplings at Home

dizzam. that is hardcore.

Win Tickets to the James Beard Foundation Book, Broadcast & Journalism Awards Dinner, Friday, May 6

Win Tickets to the James Beard Foundation Awards, Monday, May 9, in NYC

Win Tickets to the James Beard Foundation Book, Broadcast & Journalism Awards Dinner, Friday, May 6

Essential NYTimes cookbook.

Taste Test: Local New York Milk

ah love it. big brands won.

Bubble Tea at T-Magic in Morningside Heights

The No. 1 Pizza in NYC

NYC: Looks Are Deceiving at Community Food and Juice

man there's nothing to eat in that neighborhood, is there?

A Sandwich a Day: Thai-Inspired Lemongrass Pork Bánh Mì at Tyson Bees in Philadelphia

also, update the link to "tirade" because there's an extra forward slash at the end, which breaks the URL which is to a .html page. (you can delete this comment after you see it!)

A Sandwich a Day: Thai-Inspired Lemongrass Pork Bánh Mì at Tyson Bees in Philadelphia

as far as sandwiches go, i like it when you get a vietnamese sandwich with pork chop or grilled pork.

The Best Bánh Mì in Manhattan, NYC

to quote you:

"First off, if you're paying more than $4 (or even $3) for a bánh mì, you're at the wrong spot."

I just wanted to note that. You're getting your best from the "wrong spot."

nymilk Organic Milk Available at Eataly and Fresh Direct

sounds like it calls for blind taste test to see if the avg consumer notices a difference.

Best Doughnut Flavors at the New Chelsea Doughnut Plant

thank goodness for this store. their doughnuts are way more accessible now.

Photos of the 30-Course Dinner at the Modernist Cuisine's Cooking Lab

oh man. jealous. looks amazing.

Win Tickets to a Hot Pot Master Class

Super Bowl Giveaway: Wings and More from Rack and Soul


Does anyone know where I can find some Desperados Beer (wikipedia link) in the New York area? I'm willing to go just about anywhere in the New York area if you have actually seen this and purchased this from a store... any help will be great! Thanks!

new category

I feel like the posts where you guys do taste tests should be more easily discoverable. For example, on your most recent Best Bagel post, these are the tags:

Tags: Absolute Bagels, Bagel Hole, Bagel Oasis, Bagelry, bagels, best bagel in New York, Brooklyn Bagel, Dunkin' Donuts, Ess-A-Bagel, H&H, Hot Bialys, Lender's Bagels, Murray's Bagels, Terrace Bagels.

But it doesn't help me if I read this post, and think, "Oh yea, they also did a taste test for pumpkin beer, and moon cake, how do I find those?..." Maybe like a "Best Of" or something?

Just a thought.

Corn dog recipe

It's the end of the summer, and I want to try to make some corn dogs at home. So, anyone made any corn dogs at home lately? Did you like the result? And are you willing to share your recipe with me?


After seeing the Le Gamin review here on SE:NY, I'm curious if anyone out there knows where else to get merguez around NYC.

If there are multiple places, which ones are your favorite? Is it budget friendly?

Recipe Reader

Did anyone else see this?

Would you use that to store your recipes and put that thing in the kitchen?

Java and free WiFi Cafes

What are some of your favorite cafes in Manhattan with free wifi and decent coffee or tea?

The really important thing is a steady wifi connection in this case. I know at many coffee shops, you can piggyback off of unsecured networks. But... where do you go when you want to linger and type up something?

And when you go, do you feel compelled to tip extra because you're using the free WiFi? Or buy an extra scone or something?

Do you eat your vegetables?

How often and when do you eat your vegetables? 3 days a week? For dinner? Which ones do you eat most often?

It's the new year and I guess it's one of my resolutions. And I figure easy = more often consumed. So I want to find easy.

Serious Guinea Pigs or Serious Denial?

Researching eating habits

Researchers are conducting an experiment in the Netherlands that will reveal more about how we make food choices. Can you really taste the coffee? And organic milk?

Quoting the article:

"Put the same coffee in four mugs of different colors and ask people which is stronger. Men likely will point to the brown mug. Women are less likely to be fooled, Koster said.

For months, he said, customers bought milk from a vending machine. One day, the label was changed to indicate the milk was organic — prompting some people to comment that it tasted funny."

I wonder how many Serious Eaters would say they fall out of the realm of the study. That they can always taste the coffee and always the organic milk. I wonder how many of those participants would list him/herself as a 'serious' eater.

Detroit Dining

Anyone familiar with good places to eat around Detroit?

I'm looking for anything from a good burger to fine dining. No Asian cuisines though since I could probably find better here in NY. (Unless there's some mindblowing Asian place in Detroit...)

Price range can vary but obviously the more affordable it is, the more I'm inclined to try it (given the economy and all).

Pork Belly

Anyone out there have a favorite way of braising pork belly? I'm in the mood for fatty food that makes ya feel nice and warm inside... mmm..

It's just always so delicious at restaurants so I want to try it at home. And how much is it to buy at the supermarket anyway?

Asian Authenticity

In the most recent $25 and under in the NYTimes, there was a line that stuck out,

"isn’t even really Cambodian; Cambodian-inspired is more like it."

Maybe I don't read enough food literature, but we rarely read about things like, "it really isn't French, but French inspired." or "it really isn't Italian, but Italian inspired.

Am I missing something?

Do we place an emphasis on authenticity of Asian food the way we do not for European food? This is my my casual observation, perhaps there are stories that'll debunk this view.

Frank Bruni wrote about his Italian Standouts list, "After I moved back to the United States in 2004, Italian friends constantly said, “It must be so frustrating to be stuck with the Italian food in New York.”

Does it seem like authenticity matters more for Asian cuisine? And for that matter, Latin American cuisine?

Ed Levine review tags

Hey, how about a tag for the reviews that Ed does on Wednesdays? I want to be able to read one review, finish, then click on a tag that will then bring up all the reviews he's done to date, in reverse chrono order.

Seems easy enough. I don't know why no one has asked for this yet. Those are good reviews, and I can't possibly remember the name of each one to search for on the top right hand side.

It would just save a lot of time if you just added some tag for all those reviews. Thank you!

How many do you read?

How many food blogs do you follow? Is that in addition to other blogs?

I can't keep up. There are more blogs that I want to read than there are hours in the day. When am I supposed to sleep?!

Me: about 15 food and 15 non food blogs.

Eat Local, Process Elsewhere

Interesting blog post at Freakonomics today. It's about Anti-locavorism. In fact it's a guest post written by James McWilliams, a historian at Texas State University.

I like it because of the anti-locavorism slant. I live in New York and I'll eat anything shipped from anywhere. Maybe this will get me skewered, but it's a well articulated argument.

Interview with a Grocery Store Shoplifter

From Gothamist: "What's the biggest score you've made at Whole Foods? Over $50 in one day. I don't remember the exact dollar amount but it was three pounds of wild tuna, two pounds cod fish, one pound of walnuts, three pieces of brie cheese, four carry-on bags of pre-made sushi, one bottle of the best quality Italian olive oil."... More