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a little help pls?

Since it has been POURING here in Atlanta..I have decided to make hot cocoa with it !!!! Rain + hot cocoa = happy family !!!!! YAY!

More on Wines............

I don't have any advice on the wine but I do want to say I am SOOOOOOO happy for you and proud of you for the 12 years sober!!!!!!

a little help pls?

@yayfood thank you for your honesty! and yes I am a little put off by the idea as I am a total carnivore!...but I appreciate cooking in general and if I can add a vegan dish to my menu, then I am grateful for the opportunity to serve something delicious and respectful.

a little help pls?

P.S. Egg Nog suggestion ROCKS!

a little help pls?

you guys and gals are soooooo wonderful! thank you for the opinions! I know I could have googled this but I wanted to ask for some tried and true things! Dessert's are what I was thinking and I'm glad that a lot of people suggested that ....I'm going to try to make a coffee/vanilla/almond pancake! I will let you know the results. I am also apologetic that my description of what I needed help with wasn't specific, but I thought that the appeal of not knowing might bring more answers. Good and Serious eats to you all!

What's for Dinner? 08/31

Country fried cube steak with milk gravy, homemade mashed potatoes and haven't figured out the veggie yet...maybe some squash and onions YUM!

Does anyone carry their own condiments around?

@duncan1205 I'm a southern girl and Lipton makes pretty good cold, sweet tea ... Never got into the hot tea thing...gimme a glass of wine (0;

What's for Dinner? 08/28

@Squeeze bottle...that sounds wonderful.....leftovers, pls? (0=

What's for Dinner? 08/28

how weird!!? I am grilling better cheddars right now!

Foreign foods that just taste... BETTER!

I've had platanos and arroz con pollo here in the U.S. but NOTHING beats my family in Panama! everything is fresh ..down to the chicken that is "harvested" that day!

What's Inside a Slim Jim? weird greasy mechanically separated chicken...thanks but NO thanks!

Top Ten Ball Park Food/Snacks

Sausage dogs...and funnel cake FTW!

No Soup For You - Favorite Soups!

I'm a southern it's all about the Chicken and Dumplin's! (0=

Heirloom Tomatoes Help

Every good tomato deserves a good burger (0= yum!

Crazy Combinations

@Albee I like Jelly or jam on mine as gives it sort of a monte-cristo appeal!
I'm thinking about this one!

I just CAN't do it!

@hungrychristel I think you pegged my food fear...... canned pasta! that's just not right on soooo many levels!

I just CAN't do it!

honestly, in this situation the cans aren't the culprit! i guess I'm just disgusted by the things that people will eat from a can! I will be the first to admit that I have used canned ingredients in my recipes ...but I am talking about things that shouldn't come in a can (as a chef..natural disasters excluded (0= ) chicken and dumplins!!! Where is Sweet Sue cause I could kick her butt !!???!

I just CAN't do it!

LOL@ cream of Gak soup!
That's exactly what I'm talking about!

I just CAN't do it!

Totally agreed, ocarol! I live in Georgia...I've had my fair share of hurricane weather.

I just CAN't do it!

The idea of posting this came from my in-laws because they eat chef things like beef stew in a can. I should have clarified...I agree that some ingredients that I've had have been from a can. I'm talking about the cheap eats! A very, helpful invention, indeed....some things should stay out of the can!

I just CAN't do it!

Spaghetti - NO'S!!!
These are the things I was talking about! I saw the Commercial for the whole chicken in a can and I gagged!


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