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Serious Cheese: Have You Ever Had Laban Kishk?

My family is Syrian so I am very familiar with kIshk (@Hassouni is correct on both fronts).

We prepare it as a soup, and it is the most delicious and hearty soup you can imagine.

To start, put a little oil into a le creuset and heat, then toss in 1-2 onions. Then add small diced potatoes and beef and brown both (with salt and pepper). Then add powdered kishk and water, and let cook for another half hour or 45 minutes. It is perfection! (Apologies for the simplified recipe- i never measure in my kitchen! I would use about 3/4 cup kish for an entire pot- the stuff is very flavorful even when diluted!)

What to cook for dinner party for 15 in NY kitchen

Thanks you guys! I am loving these ideas!

@ MelanieI want the pecan and maple syrup brie right now. That is definitely going on the menu for cocktail hour- YUM!
@ ecca/teacher/kaymad-Alas, I have neither fridge space nor martini glasses, but chocolate mousse is always a hit however it's served!
@ kathy those chicken thighs sound amazing.
@MMinNYC- looks cozy for a January evening!
@lakesq- fresh baked bread sounds unbelievable!

You all are making me hungry...sigh

What to cook for dinner party for 15 in NY kitchen

You guys are fabulous!
@ teachertalk- Do you typically serve that with rice or noodles, or does it have the consistency to stand on its own (while balanced on someone's lap? In typical new york fashion, I only own 2 bowls) :)

@ DCarl- that recipe sounds amazing and the reviews are fantastic! Must try it. Do you think it would turn out as well with boneless/skinless pieces?

@CJ McD- thank you!


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