Xmas party food

Every year for the Christmas party I'm usually on appetizer duty. I will usually make bacon and dates in mass quantities. It is super easy and mostly everyone loves it. Simply take a date, roll it in a strip of bacon, bake until bacon is crispy, and stick a toothpick through it. You can't go wrong. :-)

What's your spice aversion?

Baking with fresh-frozen blackberries

Use a bit of cornstarch to thicken the juice. Frozen berries tend to give off more runny juices. It will certainly taste just as great though!

Hottest Food Network chick?

@BangieB Haha, I caught that comment, too.

Who cares what famous people eat?

good cook = good food

Tailgating... oh yeah baby.

Spicy chili con carne (with a dollop of sour cream, of course).

It Doesn't Taste Like Mom's

It would most likely be spinach and cheese pie. No one else can do it right.

9 yr old Niece's Birthday baking type gift what to buy?

I agree with the apron idea. A good cookbook is an idea, too. It would be something she would have for a very long time and she could learn a lot from it.

I won!



@meleyna: Yes, I agree with limoncello! It is a fantastic drink that I thoroughly enjoyed on a recent trip to Italy. It is a great drink to make at home.

I further recommend a lemon-poppyseed bread- sweet and tangy, with a nice crunch from the seeds... delicious.

Just Curious: What really starts your engine in the morning?

Usually just a cup of coffee. On the rare occasion that I'm hungry early in the morning, I'll sometimes make an english muffin/egg/cheese melt to go.

Traditional Spanish Foods

Thanks for the great feedback everyone! I'll do my very best to try all (if not most) of these tasty dishes.

Kashi Frozen Entrees

I'll probably give these a try, too. Kashi products, in general, I tend to avoid. Their cereals aren't bad, but when it comes to the small snacks like the TLC bars... I know they're healthy, but I just can't get over the bland taste.

Help Finding a Traditional Moroccan Dish

Tabouleh is a great dish that is often associated with Moroccan cuisine. It is extremely easy to make, tastes delicious, and is great for you. It's basically a parsley salad with lemon juice, tomato, and some minced garlic. You can eat it right away or put it on flatbread and make small wraps. There's a great recipe up on the Food Network site.

Hope this helps! Good luck

Do You Love Onions?

Raw onions are great, but there is nothing like caramelized. Cooking them with mushrooms is especially great. The mushrooms soak up all the flavor. Add that to an omelet with cheese. Delicious!

Czech Food

Hello fellow foodies! What are some good foods to eat while in the Czech Republic? Particularly Prague? I hear it is not exactly the gormet capital of the world. Am I wrong?

Thanks for the help!

Summer Treats

A friend told me about this quick, easy, and delicious snack. Who knew these ingredients would be SO delicious together? Give it a try!

Blue Fish

Just picked up a couple fillets of fresh Atlantic blue fish from the market today. I figured I would try something new with it. Any suggestions for a recipe?


Does anyone have any ideas for good rice dishes? I know it is a fairly basic meal, but I am curious as to what interesting things can be done with it. Adding saffron maybe? Thanks!


After trying a few dishes containing curry, I developed a new found respect for this great blend of spices. It's really a great way to add amazing flavor to a wide variety of food. Anyone have any good recipes they'd like to share using curry?

Sun-dried Tomatoes

Lately, I've been looking for some good recipes using sun-dried tomatoes. Anyone have any suggestions? Usually I'll toast them on some baguette with olive oil, feta, olives, and basil. They're delicious.


Many of us have our choice teas. Whether it's black, green, herbal, mild, or strong most tea drinkers have a preference.

What are some of your favorite teas and brands? How long do you tend to steep it?

Also, it is under much debate whether milk, honey, or sugar distort the flavor and essence of tea. Would you agree? Or do you prefer the additions?

Favorite Tea: Most likely Lady Grey from Twinings. It's a black tea much like Earl Grey but with a hint of orange. (2 mins. steep)
Added: Milk

Traditional Spanish Foods

Many foodies would say that among the many varieties of European cuisine, Spanish food ranks high on the charts as some of the most gourmet. From most travel/food shows we see the classic meats and 'tapas' that come along with the new food culture in Spain.

What are some traditional dishes in Spain that CAN'T be missed?

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