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We Try New Lay's Canada Chips Flavors: Garlic Caesar, Maple Moose, Grilled Cheese, and Perogy

I agree with Le Savage regarding maple syrup on tourtiere...ridiculous. None of these chips sound appealing to me. Surprised they didn't do a beer flavoured one!

Behind the Scenes: Making Matzo at the Manischewitz Factory

Reading this while eating a piece of matzoh. Oh, the thrill....

Should You Put Salt in Your Coffee? with pepper intrigues me. Have to try that. Thanks @tinybanquetcommittee!

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Halloween Candy

Oh yeah, those toffees with the black cats on the wrappers, and the overly sweet but yummy and inevitable candy corn.

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Halloween Candy

These are all candies you can get all year. My favourite Halloween candy was always Rockets 'cause they were hard to find any other time.

Check Out the 'Food Is the New Rock' Blog and Podcast

Love the site! Especially love the guitar cheese set! Music and food....sigh of happiness.

10 'Just Add X' Foods That Taste Better On Their Own

Icky, icky and again, icky. Mind you, I used to drink Kraft Italian salad dressing on its own, so who am I to ick?

Introducing Serious Fashion: We're Probably Cooler Than You

Lol....Hambone cracked me up...don't think he's a suit and tie kinda guy but he sure looks adorable. Thanks for the laugh.

Snapshots from Prague: 10 Must-Eat Foods

I love your Euro posts...please, may I have some more?

Food for Change: 5 Groups Doing Great Work

Btw, it would be great if you could include some Cdn. organizations.

Food for Change: 5 Groups Doing Great Work

I'd like to commend you for taking up your valuable space with something non-profit (in the financial sense only, of course), but so helpful and informative for your readers. I truly appreciate this, thank you.

Fast-Food Fried Fish Sandwiches: Popeyes vs. Burger King vs. McDonald's vs. Wendy's

I agree with Kenji, it's a textural thing. The only fast food I eat.

The fascinating thing was that when I tried one in Amsterdam (only for research, I swear), it was so much fresher, thicker and crispier than any I'd had in N. Amer. They gave away mayo for free but charged for ketchup.

I find these cultural differences are (haha) food for thought.

Buckwheat (NOT the weird kid from Little Rascals...) of my favourites. No one made it like my bubbe. :)
Also, used to love Red RIver cereal, buckwheat based, as much as I hated Cream of Wheat (yuk).

20 Fried Food Recipes for Fat Tuesday

My favourite fried food is what I refer to as a 'Cyprus' sandwich...fried haloumi, bacon, tomato, cucumber, squashed flat and eaten on the beach in Limassol. Sigh.

In Praise of Slivovitz, Eastern European Plum Brandy

Love this post, and betting I'd love slivovitz, having the same Jewish, Eastern Euro. background. Thanks for sharing, I'd never have heard of it otherwise and I cannot tolerate Manischewitz. Love to learn aspects of my culture...especially the food/drink ones.

How to Find the Best Food in a Foreign City, According to Anthony Bourdain

Not that I've ever been, but I find the following site, based in Malaysia, fascinating:

I call shenanigans!

Oh my, what a heavy topic. You need to think bigger. People react that way for a reason (usually). Repressed memories play all kinds of tricks on the body. I can think of many reasons this woman could be so ill.
I don't think all food issues are so serious and some people are just full of it, but it's really hard to judge when you haven't been there.
Btw, I DO feel bad for her kids.

Food myths

@starry...I'm sure your sister wished for hair like yours. I have big, curly hair and when I was a teen I longed for the 'barbie' look.
Food myth....of course there's the wish-bone of the turkey. Oh, and the one that Carnation Instant Breakfast is actually good for you.

The Kugel? Is it for breakfast or dessert?

Noodle kugel, potato kugel, sweet kugel, savory kugel...go with the flow, eat it when you feel like it (required at Jewish holiday meals). :)

What Are Your Soda Alternatives?

Orangina? Personally, I hate all artificial sweeteners, they leave a horrid taste in my mouth. My favourite will always be water but iced tea or coffee is good.

Soda: The Dubious History (And Great Flavor) of Vernors Ginger Ale

Vernors is a Toronto deli staple. I have many friends who will not eat a sandwich without it.

The Simpsons: The Food Wife

Loved it but realized Gordon Ramsay cannot act. That was pretty funny. The Simpsons almost always rocks!

Would You Try These Extreme Coffee Creamers?

Just half and half for me, please. Those fake things are icky to me. Put me in a situation with no alternatives, I'd settle for the basic, non-flavoured one or drink it black.