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Win a Copy of 'Ovenly'

Chocolate chip cookies with big crystals of sea salt on top or anything with salted caramel.

Win a Copy of 'A Boat, a Whale, & a Walrus'

Wine, cheese, two different types of lasagna made ahead so I can relax with friends.

Where to Eat Frozen Custard in Milwaukee

@BangieB I grew up in Tosa! Gilles after the football game was always the right thing to do.... But, I'm going to say hands down Kopps Vanilla in a dish with the wafer cookie. Haven't lived in Wisconsin since high school but when I go back to MKE to visit my family, I try and get some custard.

5 Delicious Cheeses You Should Throw on the Grill

@zorazen Halloumi at Trader Joe's is fantastic! Plus it's cheaper than what I can find at the fancier markets like Whole Foods or Sprouts. win for me! Sometimes TJ's doesn't stock it. I'm not sure a lot of people know what it is but they are missing out!

5 Delicious Cheeses You Should Throw on the Grill

Oooh, I love Halloumi @zorazen Tell TJ's to keep carrying it!!!!. I put it on skewers with tomatoes, onions, red peppers, maybe some olives and grill them and put over lettuce for a grilled greek salad. It's even better if you marinade the kabobs before hand. I love grilling cheese.

Where to Eat in Downtown Los Angeles

mmmmmmm... Mexicali. I'll take a vampiro and a cachetada stat.

Spicy Cumin Lamb Skewers

We made these on Sunday.... soooooo good. Even people who said they didn't like lamb at them.

Ask a Cicerone: The Best Beers for People Who Don't Like Beer

Yes!! I'm not a big beer person. Pass the wine my way, but my husband introduced me to sour beers, especially from Russian River and I love them! I also like Lost Abbey Red Poppy.

Cook the Book: 'My Paris Kitchen' by David Lebovitz

Love David's writing. Wish I could sit down and have a glass of wine with him. He seems to be really fun!

Arthur Avenue's Calandra Cheese Sells Burrata's More Flavorful Cousin

Why is there a skin or rind on the burrata? Burrata is one of my favorite things on earth but it's never had a rind. I buy it straight from the Gioia factory (which lucky for me, is close to my house) & it comes in a tub covered with liquid and was made that day.

Giveaway: Win a Pair of California Wine Country Prints

Although it's not in Northern California (and we love Napa/Sonoma), we just got married six months ago at Gainey Vineyards in the Santa Ynez Valley, so that will be our sentimental favorite. Our guests came in from all over the country and raved how beautiful this area is.

Staff Picks: What to Drink at a Not-Great Bar

For happy hour at our local bar, I order rum and diet. Our happy hour as loyal and long time customers often leads to extended hours of us drinking on the cheap. I can't handle all the calories of beer, so rum and diet it is. This bar is not divey but they never have ginger ale either.
Recently I was at a nice restaurant with a supposed nice bar. I ordered a Side Car from our waitress. She came back with a small cocktail glass with yellow liquid and a lime. Hmmmmm, yup,it was margarita. I told her nicely that this was not a Sidecar. She said, well I told him a Sidecar and he picked up the cocktail book and this is what he made from the recipe. I said forget it... if he looked it up and still can't get it right, nevermind.

Jamie's Guide to LA's Must-Eat Mexican Food

Must try the Vampiro at MexiCali soon... my friends keep raving about it. Nice to see some LA love on here.

Open Thread: What's at the Top of Your Pizza Wish List?

Learn to make a good sourdough crust... not too sour but lots of flavor and secondly, go to ITALY!!!! and eat pizza there of course.

5 Great Oyster Joints in New Orleans

Woohoo... I've been to New Orleans before but going in May for my first Jazz Fest! My husband has never been and I can't wait for him to try all the amazing food in New Orleans. Can't wait!

The Saddest Burger We've Ever Seen, From Dimly Lit Meals For One

This reminds me of a roommate I had to share a room with for one summer. She'd take a frozen Costco hamburger, cook it in a pan, then place it on a tortilla with a large squirt of ketchup. She said it was an enchilada.... but said in more like an ONNNNN-chilada. She made these often. Gag. Sorry, reminded me of this.

Cream Potato Lefse From 'The New Midwestern Table'

Mia- it would work to flip the lefse on the griddle but not to get it off the counter and on to the griddle.
I can eat them cold but we heat them up a bit in the microwave and then slather on butter... mmmmmm. I'm a purist and don't like cinnamon or sugar but my little brothers and sister love it that way.
I just married into a Swedish family so I may have to make these (though sadly not with my family) to show my in-laws what a half Norwegian/half Swede can do. I love lefse.

Cook the Book: 'Maximum Flavor'

Going to give a shot at a sourdough starter this week.

Go-to "impress your date" recipe

Thanks saf2127! It was beautiful and full of so much love and joy. I think I won over his family with cooking as well. My husband loves homemade chicken pot pie but his dad had refused to eat any since his 25 cents a pot pie college days when he was poor and that is all he had to eat. 40 something years later, I've convinced his dad to try mine and now he's hooked. Like I said, it's my way of showing that I care.
Congrats to your brother as well! Married life is pretty sweet ;-).

Breville Crispy Crust Pizza Maker

Just got one as a wedding present. We tried it last night and loved it. We use my homemade pizza dough and it puffs up quite a bit. Our second try I rolled it even thinner. Takes a bit of practice to get it on to the stone perfectly but cooks fast, gets good crispiness on crust and on top, and especially the bottom. Much better than what I was turning out in my home oven!

Go-to "impress your date" recipe

Mr. FoodandScience and I just got married six days ago after being together for about 3 years. On our second date, we walked our dogs and then spur of the moment I asked him to stay for dinner. I pulled out butternut squash risotto with pancetta and fried sage. Let's say he was pretty happy. For me, I cook to show love!

A vegetarian + bacon= meltdown

Ok, glad to know that most people had the same reaction I did. She looked to be around 30. It's funny because the friend was definitely not in on whatever she was pulling and was basically trying to say, "I don't get why you are freaking out!"
It was like a car accident when you can't look away...

What should we do/eat in San Diego?

We were just there dog-sitting at my brother's place in Little Italy. Great neighborhood. We never even made it into the Gaslamp (which I think isn't all that great anyway). We did the zoo... go in the morning and see the baby panda!!!
In Little Italy, go to PrepKitchen, there is a fantastic happy hour for food and drink but the dinner menu looked great as well. We loved Craft and Commerce for their specialty cocktails (no vodka though) and food. Lots of cute little italian spots around.

Cook the Book: 'Classic Snacks Made from Scratch'

Bugles... Haven't had them in forever. Used to make my fingers wear them as pointy hats.