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San Francisco

Thank you, Thank you!! I am so excited!!

IKEA Food: Have you dined there?

The food is decent, but nothing to write home about. You can find great deals in the market area, though. And the chocolate!! Mmmm.

Poll: What's Your Favorite Grocery Chain?

What's with all the TJ haters out there?? I would agree that doing all of your family's shopping there would be difficult (and not the best idea). I go to Kroger's for the staples, but Tj's very once in awhile for the stuff I can't live without (and for the record, just because something's frozen doesn't mean it's crap -- the best spinach artichoke dip I've ever had anywhere comes from TJ's freezer section). For really good produce, I go to Nino Salvaggio's -- if you're ever in SE Michigan, come check it out -- you will LOVE it.

Do some people's eating habits drive you around the bend?

One of the best perks of the divorce was never having to eat my MIL's "Cheeseburger casserole" again...

There's a woman at work that has been nicknamed "Chompers" because of the way she eats at lunch -- mouth wide, talking the whole time, smacking and sucking as she eats... When this commences, the rest of us look at each other and try to control the laughter...

Cook the Book: 'The Pioneer Woman Cooks'

I like Serious Eats because it covers ALL the facets from cooking to eating and everything in between.

I also love Cakewrecks because it always, ALWAYS makes me laugh out loud!

Wow. London Secret Restaurant Doing 9/11 Menu

@msmarm: I don't know how people could enjoy your menu while simultaneously trying to swallow their own vomit at your incredible insensitivity.

Wow. You discussed your menu with a New Yorker. Quality research. And the picture is over-the-top idiocy, not "sickeningly appropriate".

Eastern Market in Detroit

It's on the eastern market website (they have 2 actually, .com and .org). Apparently they bring in people every weekend to showcase locally grown stuff... He was making lamb and it smelled awesome.

Thanks for the ideas!!

Peanut Butter Sales Down Almost 25 Percent

I prefer the organic peanut butter and peanut butter sandwich crackers (way cheaper than Ritz) at Trader Joe's. No worries!

Would you rather give up bacon or french fries?

Wow -- I'm surprised. Fries are my vice -- can't give 'em up.

Foods You Indulge Yourself With

Cheesecake Blizzard at DQ...
Nutella on anything...
Really good cheese...
McD's fries...

PSA of the Day: Please Tip the Pizza Delivery Driver

As a former pizza delivery person, I can tell you that people did not tip well, if at all. And truthfully, the job sucks -- you are using your own car, and you are usually treated poorly by your boss, and about half the time by the people you are providing the service to. Not to mention, it is not the safest job in the world -- you have to trust that the person you are delivering to is not going to rob you or harm you in some way, let alone sexually harass you (happened to me MANY times). Now you can't even make minimum wage?
When people are handling my food, I ALWAYS tip well.

What little food "luxuries" do you allow yourself?

I agree with KtMc24... Only Boar's Head. If it ain't Boar's Head, we don't buy it! I find that there are certain things that I just can't buy generic (my husband disagrees, but also never even reads a label) -- Peanut Butter is another one.

Toledo, Ohio: Best eats?

I know this is after-the-fact, but in case anyone else is headed there...
I grew up in Toledo, and would also recommend Packo's. You'll never forget it. Also, if you are looking for really good THIN pizza, you gotta go to this little hole in the wall place called Inky's (short for Incavaglia's).
3945 N Detroit Ave, Toledo, OH 43612

They have good Italian food, too, but the pizza is the best anywhere.

Kids Tired of Brown Bag Lunches: Any New Ideas?

Did anyone else ever have salami roll-ups? Hard salami, spread with cream cheese, and roll it up?... mmmmm

Emergency Turkey Day plans -- Help!

Thanks so much for all of your suggestions! My panic is abating...

What''s your favorite way to eat peanut butter?

A possible source of marital discord in our house -- I am and always will be a crunchy JIF girl, and my husband is a creamy, whatever's-cheapest guy. We alternate purchasing creamy and crunchy (and yes, had to sit down and discuss this).

My PB&J must be toasted with berry preserves (NOT jelly - yuk).

I also like it on a spoon for an after-school snack.

Favorite Wines?

Relax Riesling or Schmitt Sohne Riesling

Rip Van Winkle...upon awakening, I'd eat____

A really good crust of bread, and some really tasty cheese, with a glass of cold water

What 5 unusual things are in your fridge?

I've got a duvet cover in my freezer that has been in there for like 6 months -- I'm hoping to be able to scrape therapy putty off of it someday...
3 packages of butter/margarine -- all different brands...sake that my husband tasted once, didn't like but can't bring himself to throw away...3 cartons of really old ice cream that have maybe a tablespoon of stuff still in them...a package of popsicles that melted and then re-froze (like anybody's gonna eat those!)
Maybe it's time to clean out the freezer!

If you had to pick just one...

2. TEA
6. PIE
10. PEAS

Houston's Doesn't Suck: What's Your Favorite Slightly Fancy Chain Restaurant?

I would agree with the Cheesecake Factory being on the list.

I will definitely have to try some of the places mentioned in southeast Michigan...

I would strongly disagree with Applebee's and Olive Garden. Yuk. A friend and I went to Applebee's once, and she asked for one of their salads but with no bleu cheese crumbles. The waiter said he couldn't do that because the crumbles were already in the salad -- WTF??


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