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Fast-Food Lobster Rolls: Can They Be Any Good?

Awesome to see my small-town, childhood hangout written about here on serious eats (Pat's Pizza in Yarmouth, ME)... as for the McLobsters... they still have them here in Nova Scotia. I'm just now realizing that during my last trip to Maine this summer I didn't see a McLobster sign anywhere!!

The Serious Eats Guide to Sparkling Wine

We JUST finished labeling our blanc de noir and blanc de blancs (a pinot noir, a chardonnay and a riesling). I'm currently working at a vineyard in Nova Scotia-- similar in climate to the Champagne region (more like Germany, really)... everyone should be on the look out for traditional method sparklers from Nova Scotia! Although difficult to find out of province, they are a real treat.

A great read, Sarah + SE! :)

Cuban black beans recipes

Well, I'm not 100% about this one, but my family lived in Miami for many years when I was young, and apparently the secret's in the can-- unwashed, canned black beans in their water, with some cumin, oregano and s&p to taste. This is how I make the dish at home, though I usually sauté some green pepper, garlic and onions before adding the beans. Mmmm... Cuban food...

Hangover Helper: Caribbean Hash from Silly's in Portland, Maine

love Silly's! in highschool my friend had a shake named after her... "the Morgana"... limeade, strawberry and chocolate icecream! delicious stuff going on here. great post!

Candy a Day: Warheads

Oh, my poor tongue and face and mouth and mmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about warheads, how awful is that??

@hungryhippo + lexophile... Lotsa Fizz!! Definitely the candy you're thinking of... came in a long strip of pre-packaged hard candies full of fizzy poprocky stuff.

Also, green apple and blue raspberry warheads FTW!

What is the worst pizza you have ever eaten?

i had a pizza from duknin' donuts at the international airport in panama. that's right-- dunkin' donuts.

Mayo or Yogurt? Potato Salad decision

I've totally just done yogurt (make sure it's good and thick--- greek yogurt works well) and it's turned out delicious. alternatively, zilli offers a great suggestion at simply tossing with a vinnaigrette! either way, be sure to let the ingredients shine! less is more when it comes to the dressing, IMHO! good luck :)

In Season: Eggplant

mmm, my eggplant garden is being harvested everyday lately!! first time growing them and am super satisfied with the results here in Nova Scotia. I love them plain with s&p as per the article, but my favourite way to serve eggplant is with goat cheese. goat cheese mozzarella on eggplant parmesan, goat cheese and thinly sliced eggplant on bruchetta... for some reason that particular combination has me hooked.

dough recipe for first time pizza maker please?

do it on the barbey! i'm pretty sure my SO just uses plain ol' flour, water and yeast, then oils the grill before puttin' er on.... dinner tonight!!!

Serious Entertaining: Omelettes!

i think these omelettes look light and airy and absolutely delicious. mmm. give them to me.

What to do with Ghost Chili Peppers?

so this is a useless comment, more or less, but i have been wanting to try ghost peppers for a while now and am so jealous that you were able to get your hands on some!! i don't have a credit card, so i've never been able to special order any online or anything... keeping an eye out for them here in nova scotia, though! please let us know how your chili goes, and how hot they really are!!

as per your actual questions, i would follow smsingram's advice and just add them a little at a time to whatever you cook them in (at least the first time around) as to not completely ruin your dish. soak them in hot water first (since they're dried) then chop them up, preferably wearing rubber gloves. next you can choose to puree them or add them in chunks, though i think it would be wise to puree with a bit of water added.


Eating at Someone Else's House

i find this entire post incredibly alarming. i recently sat in friend's kitchen in Nicaragua with dirt floors, cement counter tops and no running water to properly clean knives with. my cats won't stop crawling on the counter tops, no matter how hard i try to prevent them from doing so. i've honestly never been turned off by cooking conditions, especially when someone is kind enough to cook a meal for me.

Is lavender, the new 'it' ingredient

loves it. i find it super soothing for anxiety in teas and body scrubs.. haven't used it in cooking (yet) but have a tasty sounding lavender mojito in mind for sometime this summer...!

foods to bring to a camping music festival?

whenever i go on canoe trips (as well as the one time i had the chance to go to a 3-day music festival) i'd make mango wraps...

flour tortillas
sliced mangos
can of chipotles in adobo
cream cheese or yogurt
roasted red peppers
fresh cilantro

chop chipotles, add to cream cheese or yogurt (i like a mix of the two, to be honest). add extra adobo to taste. spread mixture on flour tortilla, add mango and roasted red pepper slices, sprinkle with cilantro and wrap it all up. sometime's i've added spinach to the mix, but the basic recipe is simple and delicious. i've kept them around in a cooler for up to three days and (albeit slight sogginess on the third day) they seem to keep rather well.

have FUN! :)

Interesting ideas to use up my surplus of garden greens?

What a delicious problem to have!!!

1. pesto! coriander pesto for indian dishes, basil pesto, arugula pesto, spinach pesto is even delicious)
2. load your sandwiches with greens.
3. as you mentioned, you can make paneer or masala with greens (try swapping arugula for spinach for a different flavor)
4. spinach is an awesome component to pasta dishes-- julienne and add at the last minute or fold some into a ravioli mixture with ricotta and mushrooms
5. spinach / mushroom / emmental omelet om nom nom
6. baked spinach chips

good luck!

Mixed Review: Frontera Guacamole Mix

i've seen this product in the grocery store and never knew what to think about it, but it sounds like it's worth trying... thanks, @Lucy!

as for recipes: avocado, lime juice and a pinch of salt is the only way i've ever made guacamole, although my SO prefers to add garlic and a bigger pinch of salt to the mix. i think i'll try a few more ingredients next time though, jalapenos and shallots sound like great additions!

Like duh kitchen tips..

I totally always rinse my spaghetti in cold water-- it helps it stay loose by rinsing off all the excess starch. that said, I'm super weird and like my pasta sauce plopped right on top of the pasta, as opposed to mixed all in. though I suppose it depends on what type of sauce I'm making...

A duh kitchen moment? Hmm... a year or so ago I started to freeze my ginger so that it easily grates into whatever meal I'm cooking with my little microplane... it works miracles, I tell ye!

Where do we start making our food safer?

start small: go to farmer's markets, save up the big bucks and shop at specialty markets with local and/or sustainable product... eating local is far healthier for your body and the planet!

go big: start catching your own fish and growing your own vegetables and herbs (even a windowbox of herbs is easy and can be quite bountiful!), depending on the amount of space you have outdoors get a couple of chickens for eggs, or a goat for milk and cheese! once you get into it, things like this become an adventure-- I am constantly trying to substitute mass-produced items in my fridge for more wholesome and local ingredients. good luck with your venture!

Spot of Tea: The Republic of Tea Coconut Cocoa Tea

@jeromesmom, they sell loose tea now, that's for sure! Haven't given Upton's a chance yet-- will do!! This coconut-chocolate looks a little intense, but delicious!

Care to introduce yourself?

i think this is great!

I'm a young student working toward my master's in sociology... I love to travel, research, read, get to know myself, the world and the people around me... Hail from Maine, living in Nova Scotia with my gentleman lovah of four years, loving life and cooking my heart out.

whyuseafork, please feel free to describe a bit about yourself, too!!


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