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The Food Lab: Better Channa Masala With a World Tour of Techniques

@RiddleyWalker - I too am a cilantro hater. I sub flat leaf parsley, carrot tops (but use less, these can be strong), or I just leave it out. If it is just for a sprinkle on top, celery leaves also work with a lot of dishes.

Easy One-Pot Chicken Tinga (Spicy Mexican Shredded Chicken)

I ended up with a very soupy sauce, and I am worried about over-cooking the chicken in the sauce. I pulled the chicken out and reduced the sauce on its own. It looks and tastes fine, but I am worried that I lost the punchlines that you described in the article.

Rich and Flavorful Guinness Beef Stew With Potatoes

I made this afternoon. It turned out really good, but it is definitely thinner than most stews that I am used to. But the gelatin gives it such a rich feel it is not a problem.

I ended up fishing out the large chunks of meat at the end and cutting them into smaller pieces. 2 inches is really big. But I can see how it would help keep them from drying out. I also fished out the potatoes and cut them into quarters. You would not have the same problem if you just use a regular size yukon gold and cut it into about 1 inch pieces instead of the tiny whole potatoes. I also cooked it longer than called for because the potatoes were not cooking though. It took about 20 minutes extra (I put the lid back on for this part).

What dippers should I buy for my hot cheese dip?

Don' decide, buy them all! Extra crunchy things are bound to cme in handy at a party.

Open Thread: How are You Going to Cook Your Turkey?

I broke down the turkey last night for the Turchetta and red-wine braised legs recipes from Kenji. It was fun and messy. My sister got really squemish and had to leave. I hope she still eats it!

Where Are You a Regular in NYC?

The staff at the Pony Bar knows our names and knows to make sure that my husband gets "no pickles", or even pickle juice from the pickles that were accidentally put in his basket. Because that just means I have to find pickle-free chips in my basket to trade out for his (he would not dream of sending it back beause of pickle juice). One of the guys at Luigi's Pizza across the street from my apt once recognized me on the street, a few blocks away. That just seemed like too much pizza and we don't go as much anymore. I live directly above a Bread Factory, and even though I am there quite a bit because it is convenient, they don't seem to take any interest in getting to know me.

The Food Lab Answers Thanksgiving Questions: On Sides and Desserts

I don't come from a vegetarian family at all, but our stuffing never has meat in it. Lots of poultry seasoning, chicken stock (easy to swap out veg stock), plus the standard bread/veg ingredients plus an apple. If my mom lets me, I might even try this recipe this year, it is similar to what Gramma made but just enough different that we could make a new tradition.
Could be what you are looking for.

Cooking music

Anything I can sing along to, but my hubby is usually in charge of the music. Or college football and no music. A touchdown and a fight song is fantastic cooking noise.

Has a recipe or technique ever blown your culinary mind?

The first time I made French buttercream frosting, and I watched at the nasty looking goo in the mixer went "poof" and turned into something delicious was a life changing day for me.

Lemon-Avocado Spaghetti With Shrimp From 'Pasta Modern'

Does the author give a reason for suggesting a particular brand of pasta?

Lemon Roasted Potatoes From 'Maximum Flavor'

Would the amount of lemons change if using regular lemons instead of meyer lemons?

Why Have I Never Tried: Crunchie?

The mini ones are the best. Little bits of the honeycomb instead of the giant stick. So superior they should be called something else entirely.

Cream Liqueurs

Coole Swan is delicious, too. I like it more than Bailey's actually. And Rumchata, if you can find it where you live. It is supposed to be like horchata. My husband, sister in law, and I killed a bottle one night last fall, and I still like it!

Soup after surgery

If you are having them extracted via surgery, you need to be making that soup now! I did not get off the sofa for 3 days, and the healing took weeks. Make sure someone else is there to get the instructions, I don't remember anything from the entire day (even before the surgery) due to the anesthesia. The main thing was nothing through a straw, the sucking action can do nasty things to those brand new holes in your gums.

Need a new twist on peach pie

Peach and blueberry is a favorite combo of mine, my mom makes hers with tapioca pearls inststead of flour in the filling for thickening.

Too many heads of garlic: What to make?

Question about the botulism - I what if I only keep the oil from garlic confit in the fridge, not the garlic itself? Is the resulting garlic oil also potentially poisonous?

What won't you allow in your kitchen/pantry?

In my kitchen it is not allowed to stand between the cutting board and the stove unless you have a knife or a spoon in hand. Just get out of the zone!

And we love peanut butter too much to have it around, so I guess that is an ocassional "not allowed" item. We had a jar dissapear in under a week (I swear my husband ate the whole thing, he swears it was me) so we are very careful with that now.

Mice are not allowed. But since I live in NYC, they sometimes try to sneak in. I will stay up for hours until I catch those suckers.

And that liquid smoke? NYC apartment = no actual fire, so sue me for cheating.

Celebrate Ham Independence, Win La Quercia Pork!

I buy La Quercia prosciutto at Whole foods instead of the Italian one.

Sourcing cocoa nibs

The baking supply store on 22nd has them.

Entertaining for a crowd in May - Looking for recommendations

Pick something you like to eat and make that - it will make the whole thing a lot more fun! I had a similar sized party in college, and was very happy with garlic bread, ceasar salad, and chicken parmesan. You can make most of the parm ahead, cover wtih sauce and cheese and heat it up.

Your opinion on a food business idea targeted at foodies

You won't get as much hate if you call your target demographic "gardeners" instead of "foodies". That said, I can't really comment on the business itself because I don't grow anything.

Healthy eating site

I love SRaffel's suggestion! Nutritional information would benefit everyone without specifically labeling a recipe as healthy.