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Spring rolls

Yes yes, the cilantro mint basil hit is what makes those spring rolls tick! Thanks for feedback here. Yo Alaska, I was there for 12 years, 1989-1991. Nome and Juneau. Livedwith a vVetnamese family inJuneau trailer park, 14 people inone trailer, it was wild.

Leslie Buck, 87, Designer of Iconic Coffee Cup

re @danbloom above contacted me today via my fishyman gmail account and told me that a lawyer from the New York Times contacted him by email last night and wrote:

''Dear Mr. Bloom,

I am a lawyer at The New York Times Company. I understand that you have questioned the accuracy of our recent obituary of Leslie Buck. I am unaware of any basis for your claim of inaccuracy, and we believe the story accurately sets forth the facts of Mr. Buck's life, but I would be happy to review any information that you have to suggest the article is inaccurate.

The New York Times Company
620 Eighth Ave.
New York, NY 10018''

Fishyman says to @danbloom, : "what are you trying to prove? It just an obit. A nice decent obit at that. Give it up, dude!"

Leslie Buck, 87, Designer of Iconic Coffee Cup

@danbloom, go some place else with your off the wall schtick! You can't prove it so what are you saying? Let the old man rest in peace!


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