Can I pickle Middle Eastern cucumbers?

I just guesstimated ingredients. I love sweet dill pickles, with a vinegary and peppery bite. The ones I made last I think were lost in a hodgepodge of spices, a little too sweet, not vinegary enough. I ended up not eating most of them. I was hoping to find a tried and true recipe to avoid my free-form pickle mistakes from last time.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Russ & Daughters Brunch Package

Poached Eggs!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Russ & Daughters Brunch Package

Poached eggs are by far my favorite brunch food. On Sundays at home sometimes I settle for soft boiled, but always on toast with jam and hot sauce. The best.

Best gift for an overseas expat friend?

The shipping costs and potential customs issues are actually why I'm interested in finding a good place to have foods shipped for me. I just want to make sure I find a place that has good quality stuff.

Can I pickle Middle Eastern cucumbers?

Looking around for a good fridge pickle recipe, I saw most said to use pickling cucumbers, making me wonder if the variety I got in my CSA box (Middle Eastern which "boast a slightly nutty flavor and an thin edible skin) won't make for good pickles. Any thoughts?

I am not normally a fan of cucumbers, but love pickles. If these ones may work for quick pickling, anyone have a tried and true recipe? Last time I tried to wing it, and I ended up disappointed with the end result.

Best bake sale recipes?

I'm fundraising for a triathlon (check out my page:, and I have a bake sale coming up in a few weeks. I'm looking for any advice on great recipes that are easy and fast to make, and will keep for at least a couple days so I can start baking days ahead of time. What do you think? I imagine chocolate chip cookies, banana and zucchini bread are a given. But I'd like to throw in some more interesting and out of the ordinary things to help increase interest and revenue. What are your most successful and easy recipes for baked goods?

Best gift for an overseas expat friend?

A close friend of mine is living in Taiwan, and not only did she just host me for 10 days, but it's also her birthday this month, plus Christmas! I want to send her something that says thank you, and also helps her get through the holidays in a foreign country without her friends and family. Naturally, I think that thing is food, especially since she is wanting for the comforts of home (things like good cheese and cookies just are not to be found there).

I am hesitant about trying to put something together myself, and have been leaning toward pre-fab gift baskets. However, I don't really know my options, I'm only familiar with Harry and David, and even then I don't know if there stuff is any good.

I'd love suggestions! Have you received any spectacular food gifts? Where should I be looking? What should I send?

Best wine gifts

My dad just recently celebrated a milestone birthday, and I really would like to get him a couple of nice bottles of wine, or a wine club subscription as a gift. While he enjoys wine, reds mostly, he doesn't know much about it, and neither do I. I wouldn't even know where to START for a wine subscription, nor do I know the best way to pick a feel solid choices he's likely to enjoy. I would love some help with this!!

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