Chocolate Cake recipe - maybe it's gone forever.

I've been googling around and found a recipe from the Dallas News. It definately sounds like the Texas Sheet Cake. For a little history, the recipe is credited to Lady Bird Johnson. All the recipes I found said to frost the cake warm, which now makes sense to me remembering it to be a glace. I'm off to the store for ingredients so I can take Aunt Jone suggestion for her breakfast of champions! You guys are great. I will update on the finished product. Thanks

Holiday Leftovers - How are you eating yours?

I made a turkey Pot pie last night and it was for tonights dinner but my daughter and her posse of friends ate half of it last night. College girls...don't underestimate their consumption abilities. It was an impressive dent in the pie.

Favorite grocery store...

From the Detroit area I like Plum Market which has an awesome selection of everything. If I need something ordinary I go to Hollywood Market and then there is Papa Joe's or Joe's Produce. If you go home hungry it's your own fault! Those places are sample heaven and everything is fresh. it's not Costco where it seems all they sample are the frozen processed foods.

Foodie gifts gone right/wrong. What did you get for the holidays?

I received a sampler pack of salts. chile, lemon, natural, black and rosemary and 10 spice. They are flaky salts and i'm not sure what to do with them. I googled salts and frankly I wasn't overly impressed with the recipes. I don't think for a dish to be good it has to be complicated, which was what I found. Any suggestions on what to do with these?

Is cooking a really big turkey any different from a smaller one?

ohhhh I'm making a Turkey too! I'm hoping it completely thaws. 14 lbs of bird thawing since Sunday night. Everytime I poke it - it stills feels frozen. I was told to not take it out of the wrap until I'm ready to roast. I like the suggestions for roasting though.....Does anyone salt the Bird? I've heard that it doesn't matter anymore?

Looking for Bread Baking Toppings and Tips

Thanks everyone. I checked out the Beard site and found a ton of great recipes. I think the yeast breads are what i was thinking to have but the timing of bisquits is really appealing. I'm prepared to do either so I'll let you know the final outcome. Hope you all have a great holiday!

I don't eat any of that Vegetable Crap

Jerzee- Would you call yourself a picky eater? and I agree with the SOS.

Serious Heat: Homemade Gift of Chipotle Caramel Popcorn Crunch

Andrea Lynn-What a great recipe! I make a white chocolate and crushed peppermint candy popcorn. About the peanuts with people with allergies. Would a chili/chipotle flavored salt be a good substitute? You still get the salty that compliments the sweet caramel.

Can't eat it anymore

Never really thought about this before....but Indian food. What is it about cooking with spices and then you smell like them? I know...TMI

Sour Cream and Pasta?

I've only used sourcream in an Italian dip by Giada. Marscapone cheese, sour cream, bacon, scallions S & P. I needed a quick dip for a impromtu party and this totally rocked. Never heard of the SC and lasagne combo or the MaC and Cheese. sounds kinda good.

Chocolate Cake recipe - maybe it's gone forever.

When I was growing up my friends mom made this incredible chocolate cake with the best chocolate frosting ever. Kind of like a glaze frosting. She made it in like an over sized industrial Brownie pan. and she topped each piece with a Walnut. Lost touch with the friend and would really like the recipe. I know this info isn't much to go on but everyone on this site comes up with unbelievable solutions!

Sea Salt and Chocolate

I received some Natural sea salt for christmas and just haven't had the time to experiment with them. I did have an idea to make sea salt chocolate candy. I had that combo in San Francisco a couple of years ago and loved it! Does anyone have any recipes or tips working with either the salt or the combination? I gotta say the white flakes look awesome in my acrylic salt mill.

Looking for Bread Baking Toppings and Tips

I am making x-mas dinner for the first time in 30 years and that is a long story......but anyways I am making a Turkey and while that is resting I wanted to bake fresh rolls or a foccacia. Is that advisable by way of sufficient timing? Does anyone have a easy recipe? Interesting toppings? I bake cookies and cakes all the time but breads are a whole new thing.

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