As the name suggests, I strive for fine wine and fine dining, but that doesn't necessarily mean expensive. In fact, it's often the simplest things that are the most delicious.

  • Location: Central NJ
  • Favorite foods: Chocolate, cheese and wine can send shivers down my spine. So can anything that I've never heard of - it's all about the quest!
  • Last bite on earth: Not sure - am I coming back to Earth? Or are we talking the Great Beyond? Either way, I'm sure it would be something decadent that would give me a tummy ache if I ate too much. Or not. I'm moody.

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Another "dealbreaker" poll: s/he doesn't care for good food?!

@MissBrownEyes - please reread my comment. At NO POINT did I suggest that a person be FORCED TO BREAK OUT OF THEIR SHELL. In fact, I strongly suggested taking baby steps. Perhaps you should carefully read a person's comment before rushing to criticize them.

Another "dealbreaker" poll: s/he doesn't care for good food?!

I see it as a great challenge!!

Baby steps are important here. Start with what he knows (ie. McD's) and slowly move to other types within that class (ie. homemade Kenji-style burgers). Start within his comfort zone, and you should be able to expand from there.

anyone decorate the side of a cake with M&Ms?

When I was growing up, our neighbor would make an angel food cake for our birthdays, and patchwork frost it (different flavors) and cover certain sections with M&Ms. It would be a trainwreck. I found out later that she was (is) schizophrenic. It's kind of a stigma for me now, so I would have to vote for keeping the candy off the cake.

Does this sound too disgusting to eat?

Way, way tame. Now, if you wanted to do a PB&J pasta sauce with a crispy fried onion garnish...

SE reusable shopping bag question

@db - lol! I have many tradeshow-harvested canvas bags from my short stint in the front-end pharma industry...promoting an incontinence drug and an erectile dysfunction device (unfortunately, not a joke). It would be nice to get looks of approval from fellow shoppers instead of omg-what's-wrong-with-her looks from people in the know about those particular drugs.

Ranking of grocery stores in seafood sustainability

Funny, I just saw a sustainable fish chart at Wegman's earlier this week - I SWEAR they monitor blogs to react to trends. Kudos to Danny Wegman!

How Do You Cut Your Pizza?

I use a wheel or chef's knife, but I've heard of using shears - doesn't that get messy? And lifting the pizza?

How do you avoid buying too much food so you don't waste it?

I plan multiple meals around an ingredient if I think I'll have lots of it. And I do eat a LOT of leftovers because my husband 'doesn't believe in them' - whatever that means.

Grilled Cubanos

Mmmmmm...that looks awesome! I've grilled cubanos with McClure's spicy pickles and weighted with a cast iron pan instead of a brick.

The Nasty Bits: Pigs' Feet

@villas2000 - I totally agree with your last comment...I felt every moment of Chichi Wang's horrible self-butchering.

Glad you're almost healed!

The Food Lab: Homemade Greek-American Lamb Gyros

This makes me miss beef and lamb...I remember the crispy bits - the alchemy of meat:bread:sauce...mouth watering...

10 Ways to Not Lose Your Mind at a Wine Tasting

Love that wine necklace!

Can I add #11? Take your time. Don't just sip the wine and move on to the next one - take a moment to contemplate it.

With that said, I admit I'm a hypocrite :-0

Pizza Tastes Better with Cooked Sauce!

Why is cooking a sauce the same thing as ketchup? Isn't there vinegar in ketchup? And lots of sugar? What kind of ketchup r u eating, Lou?

Using real mint to make mint chocolate chip ice cream

How odd that I immediately assumed real mint and mint flavored ice cream would be completely different...not sure what that means, but now I want to try real mint ice cream via a cold infusion method.

Sick of Website Promoters, Shills and Trolls!

I promise to NEVER link to my fact, I promise to never START a blog. I tend to ignore these blatant 'blog promoters' (I don't know the difference between a shill and a troll).

@Alaina, how about:

...Do offer suggestions/feedback
...Do feel free to jump right in

There are a number of "lurkers" out there that don't have a hidden agenda, but may feel intimidated to post; their opinions and thoughts are just as valid as ours.

Video: McDonald's Recent Gay-Themed Ad in France

I think the ad's very well done.

@myinnerfatty - I think the commercial's relatively new, so their 'come as you are' may also be a new trend - maybe you can take your nekkid bod into McD's tomorrow? ;-P

Video: How To Make Root Beer

We did this in high school biology. The yeast took a left turn instead of a right turn....yadayadayada...we all really wanted to drink it, but the teacher confiscated it (and promptly disappeared into the teacher's lounge with it)

What to Do with Cocoa Nibs

I like cocoa nibs, but have a hard time getting past the pieces-may-be-stuck-in-my-teeth-and-people-aren't-saying-anything fear.

And I can't believe POM and dm haven't chimed in yet...

Pizza Tastes Better with Cooked Sauce!

Lately, I've been using crushed tomatoes or tomato sauce straight from the can. Nothing but tomato and salt flavors.

@McNormal - I think you posted something about using tomato paste many moons ago, and I've been thinking of it ever since. Maybe that'll be my next pizza...

Basil is at its best -- what to do?

I'll second the nomination for putting it on a sandwich. Also, have you tried frying the leaves? They're a great shatter-y garnish. Or add to any salad.

I need a great vinaigrette recipe

I love homemade dressings - I play with different vinegars and citrus fruits depending on what it's being served with. I also use walnut oil instead of olive oil.

Beer Can Duck

@soozm32 - you stole my thunder! I was going to ask what wine can do. :-)

Maybe if beer can duck, wine can goose!!

Anyone watching 'Hell's Kitchen' this season? (Way or No Way?)

I'm a NoWay. I watched the first season, then it became all about the drama and entertainment. Cooking was the unfortunate setting that never got its fair props.

when no one is looking

Chips & salsa. And chocolate anything.