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  • Favorite foods: Toast, cereal, chocolate, fruit, taqueria, italian, thai
  • Last bite on earth: An old-fashioned cupcake from Miette. With milk, of course.

Make shift roasting pan

Ah-- I left out one important detail. I'm only working with the turkey breast -- about 1.5 lbs worth.

The Family Is Coming to D.C. - Where to Go?

The cafeteria in the Museum of the American Indian is great. Lots of variety, organized by region and a variety of price scales. My favorite place in all of DC

Can corn starch substitute for corn meal? cookies tonight. Thank you!

Best Restaurant in Poipu Beach Kauai??

Plantation Gardens! Very boyfriend and I went there about two years ago and we still talk about it.

Italian and Seafood Restaurants in San Francisco

L'osteria del forno in northbeach. crowded but reasonably priced and worth it.

Blogspot or Wordpress?

I use wordpress for a work blog and blogger for my personal blog. I think blogger is easier for simple posts. But I think after a few months you'll find you want to expand...then I think wordpress might be better, especially when it comes to adding pictures.Though it does cost to stream audio and video in wordpress, I found it easier than in blogger. In short, wordpress might require more time in the beginning, but it's probably a worthwhile investment.

Top Ten Ball Park Food/Snacks

The Tres Agaves stands at AT&T Park in San Francisco serve a bacon-wrapped hot dog. A must!

Advice on starting a cooking club?

why not try chatting up some of the folks who work at your favorite restaurants...I'm not saying you should invite them over, but maybe getting to know them will lead to friendships with people who appreciate food as much as you do.
And I bet you have some friends who are passionate about some cakes or cookies or sushi...why not see if you can interest them in making the best (insert their favorite food here) and go from there?
Good luck.

Have you lost your Food Mojo?

Read Garlic and Sapphires by Ruth Reichl. You'll be cooking again in no time.

Unrolling phyllo dough?

Thanks for the tips!

I went out for lunch and let the phyllo defrost while I was gone...much easier to manipulate and I just saturated the rips with olive oil--thanks marinelm. I'm making spinach pie from the tapas menu in last month's Everyday Food. The eggplant dip is super easy...I'll let you know how the spinach pie turns out!

Fish and Meat Market, DC?

Why not make a day of it and go to Eastern Market on the Hill? There's a butcher and fish monger as well as the standard farmer's market fare. Plus, the crepes from the crepe guy are divine.

Master Cookbooks

How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman

How Should I Store My Pies?

I say give one away...neighbor, stranger...will be a major dose of good kharma..if you do end up keeping them both, my Noni put shower caps on the tops of her pies to keep them fresh.

Cakespy on Why Whoopie Pies Ain't All That

Cakespy--if we were to hold an epic dessert battle, what would be the criteria? I'm thinking: Flavor, Aesthetics, Portability, Value, and maybe Nostalgia?

What's the quickest snack from home instead of junk food?

Kashi's granola bars are good and relatively low-calorie. So are their TLC crackers. I'm a big fan of Trader Joe's snacks--the Fiberall fruit roll-up type bar with very few calories and lots of fiber; the Wasabi Wow trail mix (if you don't have a trader joe's by you, just get some wasabi covered peas); the 8 Grain Crisps Baked Snacks are amazing. Sugar snap peas are great on the go and if you have room for a small tupperware, I'm a big fan of hummus. Also, don't forget baked tortilla chips--the blue corn ones are more substantial than the regular corn.

Anyone know how much a "speck" is?

Thanks all. Glad I'm not the only one who found the use of "speck" a bit odd. I'm using the recipe that came with the popover pan I bought at the Jordan Pond House in Acadia National Park. The first batch didn't turn out so well. The recipe says to increase the temperature from 350 to 425 after 15 minutes and do so without opening the door. This made me think popovers are very sensitive and I screwed something up. I posted pics at

Betteirene I'll give your recipe a try too.

Anyone know how much a "speck" is?

Foodie Spots in San Fran

L'Osteria del Forno is the best Italian food in North Beach. Expect to wait though. The Nob Hill Cafe always delivers a good meal and is along a cable car line. Head out to the Richmond for dim sum and sushi. If you're here on a Thursday or Saturday, hit up Mission Street Food. If you like street food, head to the Mission at night. Generally speaking, avoid restuarants at Fisherman's Wharf. All overpriced and not the city's best food.

California Eatin': Dutch Crunch in the Bay Area

Growing up, every special event, especially those Italian weddings that lasted 3 days, was graced with a large bag of dutch crunch from the Sanitary bakery. Definitely worth a trip to South City!

Make shift roasting pan

Hi folks,

I need to roast a turkey but am sans roasting pan. Any tips on how I can improvise one? I also have a crockpot that I could use and would love recommendations on a slowcooker turkey recipe.

Thanks much.

Cherry etiquette?

I'm loving fresh cherries right now and like to eat them as an afternoon snack. Trouble is, when I eat them at the office I feel very self-conscious. Spitting the pits into a paper towel just doesn't seem right with other people around. Any tips for eating cherries in public? Is there a protocol or should I just get over it already?

Don't get between me and my Häagen-Dazs

Just got home from a tough day at work, haven't eaten much all day and I put some water on for pasta. Boyfriend asks what I'm fixing for dinner. "Ice cream," I say, partly in jest, as I head for the freezer. "Don't do that," he says. "Don't eat a bunch of crap just because you're stressed." Now, I could see saying that halfway through the carton. I could see his saying something if I ate ice cream every night (and this is actually frozen yogurt, not ice cream). But given that I'm healthy, I ran 4 miles this morning and rarely eat ice cream, I say get out of my way and let me have my Häagen-Dazs. I hate when people comment on what I'm eating!

Anyone know how much a "speck" is?

I'm baking a recipe for popovers that calls for a "speck" of baking soda. Anyone familiar with that measurement? Is it simply another term for "pinch"? When I search the web, I get suggestions for speck, the Italian meat.

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