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Overrated, Overpriced, Overhyped !!! Rant If You Like

the only advantage to In and Out burger is that it leaves almost as quickly as it came in.

Where do I get the wood for a brick oven?

Here in the Sierras we usually begin by chopping down a tree. Since that option is not open to you, I would suggest the yellow pages, or their online equivalent. Good oak for a pizza oven is undoubtedly a scarce commodity in the NYC area, and thus expensive, but should be relatively abundant and easy to find upstate.

The Asparagus Snap Myth

I'm an inveterate snapper. The only time I break my rule of breaking the stems where they want to be broken is when I personally have picked the asparagus and know exactly how old it is. Then I cook every bit of it and am glad for the last tiny taste.

Shopping you stick to it ???

I leave my options open as to what's fresh or on sale. If asparagus is cheap this week, we'll have asparagus. If some nice fresh leeks look good, it's leeks and beans. Meat is always a big variable, with sale items forming the basis for most meat meals. Living in California means lots of fresh vegs, and when the neighbor's chickens begin to lay, we eat eggs. Not purloined, I might add.

Are you kidding me ???????

I grate 1/8 tsp more or less into a lb of store mushrooms as a flavor enhancer. Any more is too much!

Inspired by Random Thanksgiving thoughts thread..

Bis! Bis! I raise my glass of Sirah to you, C_J

January 8 is International Serious Eats Day (Let's all meet up!)

Love to come, but I can't give you my real name. Must be a better way.

Random thoughts on the day....

Except, I must add, she took the warm blackberry pie and whipped cream with her. . .

Random thoughts on the day....

If I didn't have the flu, I'd be next door eating boiled turkey, lumpy mashed potatoes and gravy from a can. Luckily I got to stay home, play with the new dog, take an extra nap and eat a fried egg sandwich with a glass of Sirah. I do not envy my wife, who went.

Need advice on cooking whole deer on open fire or grill

Lots of helpful hints here. Don't test your guest's appetites with a whole deer. It will be, as has been amply said above, dry and tough. If you want to run around the house chewing on a deer leg and drinking mead, please realize that that is just what you will be doing: ie, chewing and chewing and chewing. Drink plenty of mead first. Also, if this is your first time dressing a large animal, please realize that there is a certain art to it. Get someone to gut it and skin it who has done the job before. You'll save yourself a lot of grief and ruined meat. Remember, this animal i9s giving its life for you. Show it a little respect.

What's Cooking? - 11/14/2010

So far I managed to make toast. I also made deli ham sandwiches for my wife and myself, topped with garden fresh tomato. I was going to do pork shoulder with pears and leeks but didn't feel up to it, and made spaghetti with salsa fresca (fresh tomatoes, garlic which I fry in a little oil to cut the aftertaste, fresh basil, sale and pepe e formaggio parmesano. Tomorrow on to the pork shoulder!

Tur-Duc-Hen...give us the scoop!

Here it's pretty usual for a coyote to run off with a pair of plump hens. The worst part of getting the mix right is to find a bear willing to swallow the coyote. It may take much of a year to find one hungry enough, but the time will come. The trick is to be there so that they're all fresh; i.e., the moment the coyote has eaten the chickens, one must introduce the bear, then be prepared to shoot as soon as the coyote is swallowed. Skin the bear, remembering to reserve the fat for gravy later. Run a spit through chickens, coyote, and finally, bear. Smoke over a slow fire for approx 2 days, until the very inside of the chicken breast is just tender (145-150 deg) and serve.
(i hate terducken)

How much do you typically spend on Thanksgiving dinner?

Nothing, if one of the neighbor's chickens happens to wander into the yard.

Antelope ribs! Help!

I agree with dhorst, but throw a little fresh sage in, too. You'd be surprised at the difference it will make.

My 2 year old isn't eating his vegetables!

Forget the vegetables. Feed em meat. A night or two of roast porcupine or batter-fried skunk and they'll be happy to go back to peas and carrots.

Lamb virgin, need recipe for loin chops.

try a little really fresh sage, from the plant if you can get it.

Political garbage on your pages

Who the hell is Patty Murry? Maybe it was a hamburger ad

Please, tell us where you're from...

I was born and grew up in Michigan, where we cooked what we shot or grew ourselves on a wood stove. Now I'm 70 yo, live in California, cook what we've shot that day or grew ourselves on a wood stove.

eating out on the road

Since this was my first experience with Thai food, I am not a competent judge, but my wife has had considerable experience, and I accept her as the final arbitrer. I had Pad Thai. I was expecting a lively, exotic dish and received a plate of mushy vegetables that smelled faintly rotten. I asked Sallie if this was what this stuff was supposed to taste like, and she assured me it was not. She had a dish called Sate, which she looked forward to with great anticipation, describing melt-in-your-mouth skewers of chicken. This chicken would not have melted in an atomic furnace; it was dry and incredibly tough. A small bowl of rice came cold and dry, as if it had been left on a counter overnight. In fact, the only thing that wasn't
"horrible" was the beer. The price for this insult to decent food was $74.90. I'm sure those of you on this site, a community of people committed to the pleasures of good food, would have been as upset as I was.

eating out on the road

Sorry, that was Ashland, not Astoria. My mistake!

help me enjoy asparagus!

Love asparagus all ways as long as it isn't overcooked. Tossed with oil, then grilled with fresh grated parmesan and perhaps a little fresh oregano is my favorite, though. Hate the pee that comes later; however, that has never lessened my love for this tasty vegetable.

What do you eat for comfort?

Sallie's homemade italian bread comforts all cravings. With a dollop of chocolate for the really tough times.

Breast Milk Cheese - opinions?

My first reaction is yuck, but breast milk is, after all, milk. Why not breast milk cheese?


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