Win Pop Chart Lab's 'The Various Varieties of Fruits'

Avocados, no contest.

Best nachos in New York

What? Velveeta + Rotel = queso. Queso != nachos. Someone's got their terms mixed up!

Open Thread: What's Your Favorite Boxed Mix Trick?

My admittedly douchey answer is this: I've never found myself in a situation in which the 0.5 seconds "saved" by a box mix was worth it [considering it would require a trip to the grocery for me to even *have* a box mix it's likely adding time to the estimated time of completion]. If I'm obligated to bake something, I do it. If I'm not obligated and pressed for time, I don't do it.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Camp Bacon Gift Box

I like bacon best with something sweet. Syrup. Ice cream. Bacony.

Fruit You Loathe

Pears, cantaloupe, blueberries, a great majority of the varieties of apples, and any of the ridiculous frankenfruit crosses - pluots, apriums, etc. can take a hike to Grossville where they should live.

Cook the Book: 'Mac and Cheese'

The very best mac 'n cheese I've eaten is my own - it's my own signature dish which I've developed. It's *my thing*. "Ask her to bring the mac 'n cheese!" Outside of my own mac 'n cheese, the local gastropub makes one here that's pretty legit.

The domino's effect

Decatur, GA: Thoughtfully-Designed Burgers at Thinking Man Tavern

burg"in (adj.)

1) Experiencing the intense need for a huge, gnarly burger. "Man, I'm

2) Passionately consuming a burger or burger. "Oh yeah, I'm burgin!"

3) Recovering from burger overindulgence. "Goddamn it, help me, I'm

Chain Reaction: Sonic

I live in the land of Sonic (there are 7 within a 10 mile radius of me). That being said perhaps it's market saturation speaking but Sonic food is disgusting. Only visit at happy hour for half priced fountain drinks. And since Braum's is a thing where I live I have access to hand squeezed real limeades and am not suckered in by the crappy sprite + maraschino cherry juice + half-hearted lime half that Sonic calls a cherry limeade.

Staff Picks: How Do You Eat Your Oreos?

Oreos are gross. My method for eating them is to not. :X

Hacking Store Bought Mac N Cheese

Mom always added tuna and green manzanilla trashy and good.

How many is too many Strawberries?

It's quite possible he works nearby at a smoothie shop or something similar. I also used to work in a grocery near the produce and a local Chinese restaurant would come in daily for vegetation.

Oklahoma City and North Texas: Where to eat?

If you're driving through OKC I recommend stopping in at Big Truck Tacos on 530 Northwest 23rd Street Oklahoma City, OK 73103. The place *is* cramped but delicious tacos (an other assorted Mexican-inspired items) await. I recommend the Flaming Lips taco (beef tongue) and the OMFG salsa is the best in my opinion though they have 5? to choose from.

Republic Gastropub is also in OKC and I'm a fan of it as well. A pretty good range of beers to choose from and pretty tasty nosh. It's located at 5830 North Classen Boulevard Oklahoma City, OK 731185830 North Classen Boulevard Oklahoma City, OK 73118

If you're wanting something from the rougher side of the tracks...Bobo's Chicken is a drunk person's dream! Chicken is first smoked, then fried, then covered in honey. It's only open Friday and Saturday from like 7pm to late. Located at 1812 Northeast 23rd Street Oklahoma City, OK 73111.

The longest (?) running steakhouse here and iconic eatery is Cattleman's. People will direct you there for steak eating. Be forewarned it is located in the middle of the stockyards which is sorta creepy in my opinion. The steak is just so-so to me, I can grill a better one at home but it's a state favorite so: 1309 S. Agnew.

The Wedge Pizzeria is located in downtown OKC known as "Bricktown". They do wood fired pizzas and it's quite good. I'm a fan of the Truffle Shuffle pizza. Located at: 230 N.E. 1st Street Oklahoma City, OK 73104

There are a lot more tasty places to eat in OKC though the city itself is just recently going through an eatery revolution so chain restaurants still choke much of the city. It'd be more helpful if you could give clearer idea of the type of food you're after.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Sriracha Lover's Ultimate Gift Pack

Mayo + Ketchup + Sriracha = sauce for anything.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Sriracha Lover's Ultimate Gift Pack

Sriracha + Mayo + Ketchup = best dipping sauce for most anything!

Would You Go to a Chain Restaurant on a First Date?

Ah! Swim in the sea of pretentious comments! How dare he/she even *suggest* we step foot in a chain restaurant! *snooty indignation!* Keh, you won't see *me* on a second date with that SWILL. Chain restaurant! PAH!

It's a first date. Isn't the most important thing the DATE? Y'know, that person you agreed to go with because you (hopefully - unless you were somehow forcibly kidnapped and pressured into this) share some equal interest in each other. Food is not always the only defining characteristic and end all be all of an event in your life. My parents shared the following for their wedding dinner and remember it fondly: a grape slushie and barbeque flavour potato crisps. This fine dining experience was purchased at a quickie mart and hasn't formed some scarring moment on their marriage.

[In the defensive of the several reasonable and non-knee jerk reflex people who posted on this - you're right it's the person and a good memory and relationship can be formed over anything. Even if it is that *stereotyped snooty French drawl* chaiiiiin restaurant.]

speaking of waffles -- what's the shelflife for the batter?

I second the vote for "just make the whole batch and freeze." It's a thirty second trip through the toaster in the morning and instant breakfast. School's starting soon too, so this would be a great time saver. :P

Red Velvet Cake questions.

You can of course freeze your cake overnight. It will do no harm to your cake. As for thawing, I'd imagine that's up to how much resistance you desire in your cake when splitting. I'd rather do it from defrosted myself, but I could possibly see the benefits of a partially frozen approach.

Here are a couple videos I found in 20 seconds of looking on the topic:

The second video really amuses me because that's how I do things in the kitchen. No real method, just experimentation and fly by the seat of my pants.

Panda Cake

Yup. Gonna have to make some panda bread after finals are over. As long as I survive.

Rubik's Cube Sandwich

Mm...blocks of pork fat. Think I'll take a pass on this one. Not to mention the great revulsion I feel toward cheese in cube format. Something about it makes it more gross than usual.

Tomato Thief!

Update: Today my human thief/destroyer was back. He summarily removed ALL the growing tomatoes and smashed them on the concrete.

Tomato Thief!

I'm positive it was a human thief. And I'm most suspicious of the neighbor who asked me if I picked my tomato randomly this morning. >:(

Egg in Toast: What Do You Call It?

We always just called it "egg-in-toast". I'm thankful to as I'm stuffy and cannot be asked to call things childish names.

Does anyone use the oil sprayers (or the misto)?

I enjoy my Misto, but as mentioned above, it requires frequent repumping.

confused nougat

My first instinct would be to ask if the original Chinese were available, then get a better translation. That'd be what I'd do before mucking around - that's just me though. :)

Tomato Thief!

I'm so very mad. I live in a tiny little apartment that serves as a storage site for all my stuff, my cats, and an occasional resting place while I hustle through graduate school. One of my few pleasures is a tiny pot-style garden on my porch. I was super excited when my tomato plant put up it's first bloom, starting growing it's first little tomato - seriously I have pictures I was so excited.

Finally the tomato began to blush, it turned rosy pink, then yesterday when it was mere hours away from it's peak picking point I made the decision to pick it this morning for dinner. ONLY SOMEONE STOLE MY TOMATO!

Sometime in the course of me getting off from my drudgery work at Target to the time I got up this morning some villain absconded with my precious first (and only ripe!) tomato.

Surely someone here can sympathize with my plight and distress. T_T

BBC Magazine Article on Allotment Plots

I thought this article might strum up some conversation in here. I found the article and amusing insight into allotment owning. Though I thought it a little sad the author insists it's "hell in earth" and recommends you never, ever get one.

Decorated Cakes

I finished working at that bakery finally (too much drama - I had to move on to find new drama.)

Anyway, in celebration I decorated one last freaking happy cake and figured if anyone you'd be the people to appreciate it.

Any pictures of cakes anyone else has decorated would be cool too :)

I heard ___ was amazing so I tried it and, meh, I'm unimpressed.

In a similar vein to the love/hate threads of late I thought this might be interesting. The X in question can be a recipe, cooking method, or particular product someone has raved to you about. I'll start off:

Salt-brining chicken before grilling it. I was unimpressed that the extra day's time was actually worth my effort. The homemade bbq sauce I made to go with it was stellar though...

Serious Complaint: Chex Mix

Has anyone else noticed that the box backs are now pretty much microwave recipe only? This has proven to be more annoying to me than I think it should be. True a quick google has yielded the desired proportions and oven directions I wanted - but STILL!

Ancient Lobster

I don't know if I'd go as far as to call lobsters "intriguing" creatures...but their biology is pretty darn cool.

Also - two bucks says the stress of capture, storage, and release kills the old fellow anyway...:(

Quick! What's the last thing you made in the kitchen?

It doesn't matter - a slice of bread with butter counts as "cooking" for this thread. I just wanna know - what's the absolute last thing that came out of your kitchen?

My house currently smells of a batch of mint chocolate cheesecake brownies I just whipped up. Letting them cool is proving difficult...

Let's talk "meat" balls....

So, I'm always on the search for tasty veg recipes but one of those things I've never found to my liking are the meatless balls. Often, the problem is that is relies on ground nuts for some bulk and strength of character I suppose for lack of a better phrase. Whereas that might be great tasting, I wouldn't know since I'm allergic.. :/

Basically, my question here is does anyone have a nutless meatless ball (hee hee) recipe? I'm hoping for a recipe that would be seasoningly versatile enough to take to being in a marinara sauce to being okay doused with cream sauce (ala Swedish-style).

San Francisco Recommendations

Okay guys. As a surprise Christmas present my siblings and I are getting together to buy my parents a trip to San Francisco in May. (We think this is the first vacation they will take together since I was born nearly 26 years ago now...)

Anyway! I need some food recommendations. We're sending them for around 3-5 days so the gauntlet of food ranges from the cheap to probably one nice dinner is needed. My dad is renowned for his baking skills - specifically his sourdough breads so of course a trip to the city of origin of his beloved bread dough is in order. As for my mom, she has this almost irrational desire to visit "a chinatown" (she's always lived in rural areas ^^;).

They're both pretty adventuresome eaters for the area they're from - total meat and potatoes country. But they'll both probably draw the line on anything of the raw (sushi), bizarre, or "froo-froo" gastronomes.

They'll be staying down in the touristy zone near Pier 39 and all the sight seeing goodies, so I'd like to be able to generate a list of things for my presentation that could help steer them away from the mundane into the tasty zone.

Diet Coke & Lime

So, I gotta ask who here drinks this? I'm curious how far stretched this particular concoction is as it's not uncommon here at all. I'm also curious how far stretched the coke brand version of this available bottled in the supermarket's disgusting though. Gotta be a fresh lime macerated into a cup of ice with a diet coke poured atop. This beverage is the reason I've never been quite able to kick my diet soda habit. :(

Veil in Seattle

I'm going to Seattle next month and a friend is planning on taking me here. The website makes it seem pretty nice. Any inside knowledge?

Colorado Eats

I have a friend who's getting married here in a month and she and her new hubby are going to be honeymooning in Colorado. They're planning on traveling around a bit from the Pike's Peak area to Denver to Colorado Springs and knowing her could definitely use some food ideas. Anything with websites/phone numbers/types of food - what's good would be appreciated. She's a Doritos with pizza sorta girl so nothing over the top, please. ;P

Mission - Mac 'n Cheese

So, I've been watching DDD alot and most recently I saw the "Like Mama Made" episode. The one thing that stuck out like a sore thumb that needs sucking, gnawing, and drooling on was the mac 'n cheese recipe from Sweetie Pie's. Having tracked it down here. We have this cheesy behemoth in the oven. I cannot wait to both shorten my lifespan and worship the porcelain god (lactose T__T) with this one. :D

Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

Did anyone else see the episode of DDD with the visit to Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge? I'm going to "recreate" (you can't actually recreate something you've never actually had now can you?) the mexican egg roll-type things showcased but I can't remember the whole list of ingredients. If someone has that episode Tivo'd or has a fantastic memory - what was that list again?

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