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NYC Bakeries field trip

Amy's Bread actually has multiple locations as Ed pointed out on his Top 10 Bakeries in NYC list. I also like their cashew bars which run out very quickly.

Also, you may want to track down The Treats Truck. I'm a fan of their cranberry almond rice krispy bars and the butterscotch bars.

Eat for Eight Bucks: Shrimp Rolls with Homemade Chive Mayo

@maggiej lobster is even cheaper just across the Hudson in Hoboken at $5.99/lb :)

Where to eat in NYC

@ortolan cendrillon has been closed for a while

Tasty $1 Treats in NYC

There are more buck-friendly options in Chinatown. Mei Li Wah's roast pork buns are 80ยข apiece. Fishballs on a stick from the food cart. Dim sum. The Tofu guy...

Grimaldi's Privileged Reservation Policy

No wait or attitude at Grimaldi's in Hoboken.

Important Site Changes

Oh ediTAble. I thought it said edible and got really excited :(

Good place to eat--healty--near Imperial Theater?

For asian vegetarian, there's Zen Palate on 663 Ninth Ave. (at 46th St), New York, NY 10036. I find that even non-vegetarians enjoy their menu.

Interesting food combinations

The fish thing chocolate porridge doesn't sound so good...kinda like those fish ice creams they have on iron chef every now and then. I have had chocolate covered potato chips from the terminal market in Philly (can't remember the store name) and they were good! I've also had a Japanese snack of little fish (anchovies?) in a sweet-salty-spicy glaze and I liked them too!

Little hunks of cream cheese or farmer's cheese in vanilla ice cream also works. It just tastes like gobs of slightly salty cream in ice cream that seems to work well for me.

Meet & Eat: Chubby Hubby

He's also not very chubby!
It's funny what they consider chubby in Asia :D

Meet & Eat: Chubby Hubby

An 8-year old served foie gras at a party! That's a serious eater! Now why don't they serve that at Chucky Cheese?

Interesting food combinations

vanilla ice cream with small hunks of cheddar

OMG, I just read the comment above! Could we be related?

Question of the Day: What's your favorite candy bar?

Zero -- though I can't seem to find them in the stores anymore.

Cookbook Giveaway: 'A Twist of the Wrist'

My favorite canned good: smoked oysters. I can add it to practically anything that may be in the fridge at the time, toss it in a little pasta and I have a luxurious quick meal. My favorite combination, however, is with garlic slivers, red pepper flakes and a tablespoon of capers (my favorite bottled item).

Then there's mallomars, my favorite packaged item. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to combine it with anything that I've cooked.

Eating "well" with a 3 YR old in NYC. Your suggestions...

What about dim sum? I loved it as a kid because everything came in little baby plates and I particularly enjoyed anything shaped into a ball. Maybe try Jin Fong or Sweet n Tart in Chinatown or Chinatown Basserie for more grown-up dim sum.

What's your favorite midnight snack?

Usually it's pickles. But last night, I had a hotdog. Boy am I regretting it this morning :(

Question of the Day: Did you watch the Food Network Awards last night?

Nope. Saturday Night Fever happened to be on at the same time. Vinny Barbarino in polyester trumps red carpet Rachael Ray any day.

What is the best pepper mill on the market?

i like the peppergun because it's good for my smaller hands, kind to my arthritic-prone joints and also allows me to adjust the grind from fine to coarse.

How the heck do I cook eggplant?

The little japanese eggplants are easier to work with than the chubby italian ones. I just char roast the small eggplants directly on the stove top flame (assuming you have a gas stove), remove the charred skin then you're left with steamed, roasted eggplant flesh primed for simple seasonings like olive oil and salt, vinegar and crushed garlic, ... Oh, and don't forget eggplant tempura!

Question of the Day: Do you live near a farmers' market?

I'm right by Union Square in NYC where they have the farmer's market Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays all year round. Life's good :)