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Celebrate Ham Independence, Win La Quercia Pork!

We'll be going to the neighbors in the afternoon for a cookout. Then everyone will be heading to our house for margaritas and more snacks to watch the fireworks from our deck.

Gadgets: Hot Logic Mini

@Maglus magnum - when I heat homemade frozen meals in the microwave I usually thaw them overnight so they'll cook faster. Quicker for everyone when there's a line of people waiting to use the microwave. I imagine this would work well for commercial frozen meals too. Once thawed they should fit in a crock pot.

Wake and Bake: Baked Apricots with Brown Sugar Streusel

The recipe link under the first picture works, the link at the bottom just above About the author does not find the page.

Bake the Book: Bakeless Sweets

I made some rhubarb pudding recently. It made a huge amount and we weren't eating it fast enough so I made it into pudding pops.

Cook the Book: 'Ultimate Nachos'

Pulled pork; black beans; guacamole; salsa; sour cream, and cojack cheese.

Shrimp and Grits from 'The Lee Bros. Charleston Kitchen'

The linked recipe does not have any shrimp in it.

Charleston Hominy from 'The Lee Bros. Charleston Kitchen'

There isn't any shrimp in this recipe.

Cook the Book: 'Gluten-Free Girl Every Day'

I recently found that I get a hay-fever like reaction from wheat, rice, soy, yeast, and meat preservatives; and corn causes gastronomic distress. So I've been making everything from scratch. Last week I had chicken with taco seasoning, re-fried beans, and avocado slices, all wrapped up in a piece of iceberg lettuce. I really like that the Gluten-Free-Girl's recipes are done by weight and not volume, so I'm free to substitute.

Bake the Book: La Boulange Bakery: Cafe Cooking At Home

Bear Claws or Almond Croissants!

What's on Your Easter Menu: Ham or Lamb?

@jedd63 - I've been at this food sensitivity thing a long time, please give me some credit for knowing how to take care of myself. I'm not going to go out of my way to cook something I'm not familiar with for a family holiday, especially if the reward at the end could be a debilitating headache. I'll stick with something I know I'll enjoy. Thanks for being concerned that I'm missing something good!

What's on Your Easter Menu: Ham or Lamb?

@jedd63 - you seem to be trying to poke fun at me for eating something and then getting a headache. Sounds a bit mean-spirited to me, I didn't know headaches were so funny! But maybe you just don't believe that you can consume something and have it affect your brain? What's really ironic is that one of the things you use to make your point is alcohol.

What's on Your Easter Menu: Ham or Lamb?

@jedd63 - I'll be watching!

What's on Your Easter Menu: Ham or Lamb?

@jedd63 - lol, I was there, I know what I ate. The headache I got was a migraine type, I only get them from eating certain foods. All the other foods I ate that day were foods that I knew would not cause a headache. So yeah, the lamb gave me a headache. Pork used to give me headaches too, but they've changed the way pigs are raised in the last 20 years so I can eat as much as I want now, unless it's got those additives in it.

What's on Your Easter Menu: Ham or Lamb?

Neither. Our families have no history of serving lamb and the one time I ate it I got a headache, so we're not going to venture there. And recently I became allergic to the additives in preserved meat, so no more ham, sausage or bacon. Apparently I'm also allergic to soy now too. We'll be having a pork shoulder roast. Everything homemade from now on! I'm not sure if I'll be able to eat what the in-laws bring.

Taste Test: Boxed Fudge Brownie Mix

Any time I make brownies from a mix I add a bunch of chocolate chips and then after spreading the batter in the pan I sprinkle some white baking chips over the top. Domino brownies. The kids call them Uranium Flats.

Queenstown, New Zealand: Rib-Sticking Pizza and Pasta at The Cow

I ate there in October 1987. Spaghetti Carbonara. One of the better meals we had that week. Sadly, most of our meals in New Zealand were fairly disappointing - you shouldn't be cooking in a restaurant if you can't cook at least as good as me. But, that was long ago and far away, I'm sure most of those restaurants have improved a lot by now.

Soap taste in tupperware....

I've read that some dish detergents - including Dawn - require hot water to rinse all the soap residue off.

Look Who's Talkin': Comments, Quips, and Tips We Have Known and Loved

So, is @fopaduta adding spam to every entry in SE?

What to do with leftover fast food french fries.

Chop them up a bit, warm them in a pan, then scramble with some eggs for a breakfast burrito filling.

Valentine's Day Giveaway: Win This Prime Rib

I'm thinking seating in a nook-like area, with candle light. Pretty much any food can go with that, as long as it's not frustrating to eat, such as floppy noodles that want to stick to my chin.

Switching regular butter and browned butter in baking

I tried making Pecan Sandies shortbread cookies with half butter/half browned butter and they turned out delicious, without making any volume adjustments.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Camp Bacon Gift Box

I may actually like bacon best when it's used as an accent in other dishes. It has a way of elevating everything it's added to, at least everything I've tried so far!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Sriracha Lover's Ultimate Gift Pack

Spaghetti, or mixed with mayo, for french fries!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: La Quercia's Pork Belly Heaven Package

Old People Food

My son has gone off to college and has met many interesting people. While eating in the cafeteria with new friends, one of them announced that cole slaw was 'Old People Food'. When asked to back this up, son said "I've never heard that before, and I happen to like cole slaw". When he told this story at home we were dumbfounded - not that he liked cole slaw, but that there was such a thing as 'Old People Food'. So I googled it, and apparently it is a thing, and it is distinct from comfort food. So, what foods do you think are 'Old People Food'?

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Help - Finger food for a young crowd - for Saturday!

I need to figure out finger food for a crowd of teenagers, up to 100 people.

I'm a board member for a small non-profit group that is trying to bring the arts to our small community. We've been booking performances featuring area music groups (jazz, blues, folk) and we also provide some food. Typically with have cookies, crackers and cheese, coffee, and hot water with tea bags and hot chocolate mix. But this Saturday we are having a different kind of performance - it's a group of High School Juniors that play classic rock. We expect a much younger crowd and we had talked about providing different snacks, but never got down to specifics. This morning I got an email saying they wanted me to figure it out. Chips and dip/salsa was suggested, but we have a carpeted floor and I worry that it might be messy. We have the food out when people arrive and there's usually an intermission, so food that tastes best warm will not work well, as we don't have kitchen facilities.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Returning food to a grocery store -

I have been purchasing a brand of flour tortillas for a couple years now, but lately I've noticed that they are almost always stuck together and will break if I try to separate them while they're cold. I don't know whether this is a problem created by the manufacturer or is caused by the way the store handles the tortilla packages.

I tried calling the grocery store and they suggested I bring them back and they will refund my money. This is great, but extremely inconvenient since I usually don't open a package until I'm ready to use it. At that point I want to eat them - not dig through the cupboard to find my receipt, jump in the car, and drive to the store.

I tried explaining this to the person on the phone but they didn't seem to get it. I thought that once I reported an item as defective then it was their responsibility to do more detective work - not for me to keep returning defective products.

I did offer to try buying them at another store.

So what do you do in a situation like this? Do you buy something and open it after purchase, but before leaving the store?

Actually I have considered just making my own. This last time at the store I noticed that the price had gone up quite a bit while I wasn't paying attention. I made my own years ago when we lived in Dubai and tortillas were hard to come by. But the reality is that my time is limited, I just can't make everything I eat from scratch.

Home cured ham questions

I've been experimenting a bit with curing my own hams. My first attempts were with 2 pound pieces of pork loin, roughly 3x5x6 inches. They turned out okay, kind of like large Canadian Bacon. I thought I would try a larger piece for Easter and got a 6 pound pork shoulder/Boston Butt, about 7x9x4 inches, with a bone at one end. It was tasty, and even better than my first 2 attempts because this time I got the right amount of salt.

But there was a spot in the middle of the boneless end about the size of a large egg that the cure didn't reach, and was just roasted pork. I brined for a week, from Saturday to Sunday, and from what I've read online that should be long enough. Do you have any idea what I might have done wrong, or could it just be the cut of meat and the position of the bone that prevented the cure from reaching the middle?

Online menus?

We're heading out of town for the weekend and I've done some online seaching to try to find somewhere interesting to eat at our destination. I was surprised at the lack of online menus/websites for local restaurants. I would think this would be a great way to let potential patrons know what you serve, hours of operation, etc, for local people as well as people just passing through. Why don't more restaurants have an online presence? Is it just too expensive to get a site designed? I know hosting is pretty cheap.

Eats in Liberty, Mo

We're heading to Kansas City for the weekend and will be spending Thursday night in Liberty Mo. I've tried looking online for restaurant ideas for our evening meal, but didn't find much information. It would be nice to eat at a non-chain restaurant. Does anyone have any favorite places to recommend?

What is your Favorite Rice?

Between our Cajun, Asian, and Indian dishes we tend to eat a lot of rice. For years we had been buying giant bags of Uncle Ben's Converted Rice at Sam's Club. But feedmillboy wanted to try something new so we got a 20 pound bag of Basmati rice this last time.

I've had Basmati rice before so I thought I would like it, but whenever I cook with it at home it's as though I've used almost no spices at all. For awhile I thought something was wrong with my taste buds until I realized this only happened with the dishes I served over this rice.

Is this normal with Basmati rice? Do I need to add more spices? The rest of my family has had no complaints so maybe it's just me.

We do have access to some local Asian food stores so I do have other rice options. Do you have a favorite variety of rice to recommend?

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