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Interesting food combinations

in n' out onion slices dipped in ketchup with black pepper sprinkled on top. oh and mcdonalds (!) french fries dipped in the ice cream cone.

Remember your sack lunch?

our elementary school had a microwave and all the other kids would bring those chef boyardi lunch ravioli things to heat up and eat or lunchable packets. meanwhile, i had my stacked lunchbox of rice, kimchi, bite-sized pa-jun, fried spam, and a thermos of whatever soup we had leftover from the last night. during the winter, my lunch was often some rice and a thermos of curry and on really lazy days, cup ramen.
I remember one day when my grandmother didn't pack anything and gave me money to buy the school lunch. I was so excited to try out the school food and bought one those mini pizzas. needless to say, i was forever grateful of my packed lunches and never again did i envy those other kids who had to eat those pizzas that tasted significantly similar to the styrofoam trays they came on.

Worst Dessert. Ever.

a few weeks ago, i had lunch in a small french bistro by my neighborhood. after some delicious french onion soup and a fairly decent sandwich, i ordered a creme caramel for dessert. next thing i know, i have caramelly-hard boiled eggs in my mouth.

I ate a dog.

hmm. My family was not starving nor was Korea in war during this time. The economy was fine and people were not just grabbing each other's pets and cooking them up. btw, in Korea, certain breeds of dogs are raised in farms, just like our cattle here in the US. These animals are considered separate from companion dogs and are raised to be food, never pets.
Like I mentioned on the post, personally, I wouldn't eat this dish again if I knew what it was. But honestly, I don't think that the people who do eat it are distasteful nor savages because I realize that their point of view of these animals are not the same as mine or those who consider dogs to be only pets.
I guess some cultural differences can never be understood.


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