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Steakcraft: The Secrets of Porter House NY

I am not suggesting that you won't be billed if you order all four, but don't let the $2 price be the determining factor in your decision—you most likely won't see it on your check.

WTF does this even mean? Will I be charged for it or not? Will I not if I ask nicely? Will I if the waiter is in a bad mood that day?

The Vegetarian Option: Brookvin

Looks tasty, but portions look way skimpy for those prices.

A Sandwich a Day: 'Grilled Cheese' at Five Guys

Every vegetarian I know turns a blind eye towards animal rennet.

Is $5 Too Much To Pay For a Coke?

Chang is king of the indignant restaurant response

Win Tickets to the James Beard Foundation Awards, Monday, May 9, in NYC

ABC Kitchen. Loved the food and it just felt so fresh top to bottom.

Rant: What The New York Times Doesn't Know About Bánh Mì

THANK YOU!! I knew I couldn't have been the only one flabbergasted by the lack of basic banh mi knowledge displayed in the article when I read it.

THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Sandwich a Day: Dungeness Crab Roll at Fish in Sausalito, CA

Yeah, not sure if it's the perspective, but that does not look like a "huge mound"......especially in light of the $25 price tag.

Zapp's Voodoo Chips Are Awesome

@ Adam! Hope you're still checking this thread..which store in Astoria is selling these! Inquiring minds want to know!

Le Grand Fooding 2010 at PS1 MOMA: New York vs. San Francisco Chefs

Food was uniformly "good" with a few standouts. But the logistics were a mess. Borderline shitshow at many times. Won't be going back.

Gay Friendly NYC restaurants

the big gay ice cream truck moves around all over the city

Astoria, Queens, NYC: Thai of convenience

Thai Pavillion is the best one that I've had and I think I've had thai from 10 different astoria thai places. Leng is probably 2nd to them but their atmosphere is much younger and hipper.

NY Restaurant Week Help

I've had some very good meals during RW - all depends on which restaurant you're going to.

Check out Tabla.

Shabu-Shabu 70 on the Upper East Side: What All Neighborhood Sushi Should Be?

While I take absolutely no offense at the terms round eyes or honkies, it does perturb me that apparently Chinese people can't make good sushi.

New to Astoria, Queens Suggestions Please!

I will third Il Bambino.....esp their new backyard garden! Brick is also good and dependable. Caravan chicken on broadway is a bit divey, but AWESOME roast chicken. Get the extra "hot" sauce (its green, but not really hot). The new 5 Napkin Burger location is also in Astoria....on 35th Ave somewhere.

Easy (REALLY easy) party snack food ideas?

Thanks for all the great ideas guys! Keep em' coming!

Beef 7 Ways at Ma Peche: The Review

I guess that begs the question: do they scale up the portions depending on the # of guests? I.E will 6 people paying 85 bucks each get the same amount of food as 8, 10, 12?

Beef 7 Ways at Ma Peche: The Review

Indeed. I am also a bit confused about the pricing for the beef dinner. Is it 85 per head? If so, a lone diner can spend 85 bucks and get the same meal as a couple spending 85x2 (170)?

Fatty 'Cue: Brooklyn Barbecue Goes Asian

Fette sau is awesome. Portions at Fatty Cue are too small.

The Vegetarian Option: Dirt Candy

Big ups to Dirt Candy. I've been there for Valentines Day and their recent Honey dinner, and another meal in between - delicious all around and you can feel the love. I say this not as a boast but as a basic declaration of fact: I am a pretty big carnivore and have LOVED all my meals at Dirt Candy.

Food that brings you to your KNEES

I agree that it's the circumstances of the meal that can elevate a dish/meal from merely being extremely delicious to something mind altering.

I remember having a sous-vide dish at Daniel with my then gf (now wife) which blew me out of my seat. But part of that was reveling in the fact that we were two young kids ponying up the big bucks to have a fancy dinner out to celebrate our anniversary.

I also remember being stuck out in the rain for an extended period of time in Flushing. I got hungry and ducked into this little noodle shop. The beef noodle soup that I ordered essentially erased all the bad feelings I've ever had in my life. The broth was so soul-filling.

Only in New York*: Get Papa John's By-the-Slice, 99¢

@maiworld, I have no idea how PJ got started, but even going along with your assertion that at "one point" it was "so awesome", it sure as hell sucks now. especially when compared to the preponderance of better cheap pizza here in ny.

First Look: Black Market

@tonycalzone. Agreed. That is just sad looking.


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