23 year old chef working at a couple different spots. Simple farm to table food, great flavors, great moments.

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  • Location: Brooklyn
  • Favorite foods: Risotto, Mushrooms, Swordfish, Ramps, Anything with Old Bay, Pigs.
  • Last bite on earth: Lobster risotto with chanterelles.

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Miss Lily's: Serious Jamaican Food From A Serious Chef

This is such a great spot, and Melvin's juice box is awesome. Such nice dudes there

Cranberry Mojitos

these look great! gonna give this a go

Behind the Scenes of wd~50's New Tasting Menu

I don't love the idea of a tasting menu as the only option for dining, however I do appreciate the integrity and vision behind this and there is such cohesion and balance between all these dishes that it really works as you progress through the menu. The duck breast that I had here about a year ago however, was the best thing I've ever eaten.

Frog Hollow Farm

Man I love Richard Blais, this looks so great!

A Sandwich a Day: Egg, Cheese, and Bacon Breakfast Sandwich at Cheeky Sandwiches

Thank you! I'm one of the 4 chefs at Cheekys. Appreciate the kind words and we love what we do here.

A Sandwich a Day: Beef Sandwich from Cheeky Sandwiches

Thank you, I'm one of the 4 chefs here. We love what we do and thank you for such kind words.

A Sandwich A Day: Grass Sandwich at Cheeky Sandwiches

This is where I work! Thanks for the kind words, we love what we do at Cheekys.