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Warm Weather Essentials: 8 Awesome Rosé Wines to Drink Now

Why do the Teutonic people state their ABV to two decimal places? Frighteningly geeky.

How to Make Light and Tender Potato Gnocchi

The ridges are aesthetically pleasing, if not necessary.

Why Newfoundland Needs to Be Your Next Culinary Travel Destination

Wow, another great eye-opening, well-researched piece.
An added suggestion: if you are going to make the trip to Newfoundland, why not investigate the possibility of adding on a side trip to St. Pierre and Miquelon, two islands off the coast of Newfoundland that are overseas departments of France. Arriving on the islands, you are arriving in France: you clear French customs, use the Euro and speak French. And, the islands also have a distinctive cuisine and ambiance that are worth the detour.

How Roux Made Its Way Into the Gumbo Pot

Great piece. Incredible research.
If you really want outstanding Creole food, a trip to the region that includes Lafayette, Ville Platte, Opelousas, Mamou and Breaux Bridge, Louisiana is a must. There, you will find dozens of small restaurants featuring unique approaches to Creole and Cajun cooking, as well as dozens of incredible music venues where the very vibrant Cajun and Zydeco music scenes thrive.

Adam Kuban's Bar Pie Pop-Up: Feeling Like a Proud Papa

Lucky enough to have been invited to the F&F test run of Margot's Pizza.
I feel like I attended the birth of a beauty queen and Nobel Prize winner all rolled into one fine baby. Congratulations, Adam! You know that famdoc and family will be regulars once you pop up at Emily's. And, Ed, after all these years of reading your fine food writing, it was nice to make your acquaintance...and ply you with a drink.

Giveaway: Win a Pair of California Wine Country Prints

With tens of thousands of winemakers in Sonoma and Napa, it's difficult to pick just one favorite. Since I'm partial to Rhone varietals, Syrah and Grenache in particular, and since they were so hospitable to us on a visit to their Santa Barbara facility a few years back (including making my older parents physically comfortable) and since they've done some fabulous winemaker dinners here in NYC, I'll name Jaffurs as my favorite.

BentOn, BentOff

I'm a big fan of "BentOn", which I still think of as "Soma by Nature".
Plenty of food, prepared well, for a fair price, delivered fast.
Their bimbimbops are also excellent, as is anything with squid.

Can't Get Into Talde? Where to Eat and Drink Instead

1--I think Applewood has been in that space for more than ten years. Not sure, but just saying.

2--Katsuei, at the corner of Third St. and Seventh Ave., is a Park Slope newcomer featuring an omakase ($45 for nine pieces and one hand roll) that many are calling New York's finest.

The Story of Le Bernardin's 24-Foot Seascape Painting

I loved the old art at LeB...old school, yes, but depicting the Breton heritage of Gilbert and Maguy LeCoze.

Le Fooding's Anna Polonsky's Favorite Williamsburg Eats

Am I the only one who finds Le Fooding's constant use of the F-bomb in all its material a bit tiring?

The Food Court at Fei Long Market in Brooklyn's Chinatown

Paul: Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed on the morning of your visit? Must everyone crave "mouth-numbing"? The hand-pulled noodles deserve better than lacking "spring or chew". In fact, I like them just fine. And, unless they've disappeared since my last visit, the Maine Lobster House features lobster, crab and other seafood done just fine. Maybe not as good as Pacificana, but just fine. While it isn't a Flushing-style food court, I think Fei Long satisfies most appetites.

Dim Sum at Pacificana in Sunset Park: Dumplings With a Side of Glamor

For many years, we were Pacificana regulars, loving both their dim sum and their fresh seafood. More recently, however, we've turned our backs on Pacificana in favor of East Harbor's deliciously raucous dim sum just a few blocks away at 65th St. Like Pacificana, one can expect a wait of anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour at peak times, but that time is occupied with conversation with fellow guests and the joy of listening to the host announce the next party to be seated(in Mandarin) and wondering whether we missed our announcement. The dim sum is superior to that of Pacificana (ok, bring it on, Pacificana regulars, let's discuss it) and the atmosphere is like that of an Atlantic City casino. Give it a try.

Where to Eat Near Columbia University (Our Updated Guide)

Several excellent Indian restaurants, catering mostly to taxi drivers, can be found up there.

Paulie Gee on Belief, Baltimore, and Being Your Own Boss (Part 2)

I consider myself a lucky man to know Paulie. What you see is what you get and let me congratulate Lance for putting together one of the most intelligent, articulate, respectful and informative interviews I've ever read. I'd read anything he writes hereafter.

Sauced: Puttanesca

An Italian friend of mine swears the best puttanesca used Redpack canned tomatoes. Go figure.

Brooklyn: New Franny's Going Strong

Franny's takes reservations for parties of 8 or more. When I go, it's usually just my wife and I. Rather than wait to be seated (too old to stand on my aching feet, posting to facebook/twitter/instagram and nursing a drink to do this), we sit at the bar. Same menu, excellent service and very little wait. Wish more restaurants would take reservations....I'd even be willing to guarantee my reservation with a credit card.

Brooklyn: New Franny's Going Strong

How long was YOUR wait? What night of the week did you go and at what time?
I love Franny's, but usually sat at the bar and ordered to avoid the wait.

A Sandwich a Day: So Good at Shopsins

Never been to Shopsin's. Never going. Would never spend my money at a joint where the owner regularly berates and insults customers. I thank Paulie Gee for the heads-up on this one.

Finding Hudutu at the Bronx's Garifuna Day

There are Garinagu communities in countries other than Honduras. One of the largest is in Belize.

Where to Eat Near the Barclays Center in Brooklyn

Kaz An Nou, 53 Sixth Ave., steps from the rear entrance to the arena.
Inspired French-Caribbean food, BYO.

Snapshots from the Caribbean: Eating Goat in Anguilla

When I'm in Anguilla I crave those big spiny lobsters they bring in off the coast. And, pepper pot.

Pizza in Easton, PA

emgroff: thanks. the clam pie at sette luna was exquisite. great beer selection: belgian ales and local brews. a winner!

Brooklyn Central Pizza: Neapolitan Pies Celebrate the Best of Two Worlds

I was floored at the quality of the pies being produced by Brooklyn Central at my first visit, a day or so after it opened. I've been back twice, with consistent impressions: this place makes great pizza and the pizzaioli there take great pride in what they produce. It is not hyperbole to say this is one of the best things to happen to Park Slope in many years.