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jam ,chutney and canning

Has any one tried to make green walnut liqueur?Was it bitter?what would you do to make it less bitter without having to add more sugar???

jam ,chutney and canning

We have made green walnut liqueur and also pickled walnuts with Port and tarragon for the first time this year...the pickled walnuts are delicious...I am not so sure about the walnut has a bitter kind of strange might grow on me,but as it is I am not a fan...

jam ,chutney and canning

Thank you to AnnieNT and lemonfair for your fast replies and great help.We have been seriously making fams and chutneys for a few years now, but never experienced this before,when canning.We only use our own organic products and make our own pectin from quince...fruits are different every year...
Good thing:the chutney has firmed up and is now perfect...thank you.


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