• Location: Fort Drum/ Staten Island New York
  • Last bite on earth: Grilled Cheese fried in bacon grease and heirloom tomatoes on it =]

Serious Entertaining: What to Eat Before a Robyn Dance Party

Canned food expiration dates

I have no problem eatting canned food which is expired..
being an army wife and having little food you eat what you can

Taste Test: Every Flavor of Chobani Greek Yogurt

pineapple and passion fruit are my favorite

Classic Deviled Eggs

Paprika,cayenne,mayo,drymustard,dijon,and hotsauce

New Park Pizzeria

Love new park,
i have moved across the country and different countries (Korea & Japan ) and if you ask for a pizza in South Korea your pizza is bread and ketchup basically.. so happy to be back in NYC and with New Park

Difara is closed... Now what?

I am scared to go to Di Fara's due to all the health Code Violations currently and in the past. is it really worth getting sick and paying 5 dollars a slice ?

Rizzo's Fine Pizza, Astoria

I went today, i did not like the crust,, everything seemed soggy

Peanutty Doughnuts Around New York

looks great but i hate peanuts

Epic Pizza Fail

OMG i thought this was funny, shame, i can say this has happened to me when i first got married and i was learning to cook lol...
it was a pain to clean my oven,

Rizzo's Fine Pizza, Astoria

Going today.. my father used to live Astoria about 20 years ago ( before i was born ) and we are going to be in the area. Debating between a Sicilian Pie and The Neapolitan pie.

My father and I are on a pizza quest. Bonding time with my dad is well deserved =]

Howard Beach, Queens, NYC: I Think I Finally Get New Park Pizza

I'm glad I stopped by on my way back from Bensonhurst and Staten Island last week."

From NY where you going, thats little out of the way..ALOT

I Personally love NEw Park and its traditional Walk in walk out PIZZA JOINT

Pizza Steel instead of Pizza Stone?

Top 10 Awesome Nostalgic Foods We Want Back

i am to young to know most of these products

Pizza Steel instead of Pizza Stone?

ill be careful when buying from a scrap yard! they are sometimes containing copper in the metal..

Sugar Rush: Cannoli from Mama's of Corona

Mama's is amazing there cannoli;s are great but there sandwiches are mouth watering

Rome: La Montecarlo's Cracker Thin Pizza

Looks amazing one day i would love to go to rome and taste the Cuisine =]
that pizza looks amazing and is making my heart race

Strawberry Fruit Roll-Ups

Taste Test: Haribo Gummy Bears, German vs. American (Turkish)

i am ordering the german ones soon.. craving them lol

A Sandwich a Day: The Rocket Pig at Rocket Pig

the menu is lacking,. i remember when they opened and the first time i had the sandwich it was nothing special

Knife Skills: How to Shuck an Oyster

i been craving oysters for weeks and shrimp cocktail

Chowder or Bisque: which do you savor most?

Bisque if you can find a good one !
a great new england seafood bisque or lobster bisque cant be passed up

Good place for a women to go alone for lunch ?

Ferrara bakery is great. and bubble tea is great i used to get it when my soon to be ex husband was stationed in Korea.

The Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich

i will always say my dad makes the Best Grilled Cheeses.. recently i been frying my grilled cheese in bacon Grease...
Dont judge i am still 132 lbs

Julia Child's 100th Birthday Celebration...

She is amazing i love her so much. she is the women besides from my grandmother who inspired me to cook, her humor her cooking techniques remind me of my grandmother.

My Father " she was a great cook, before she was teaching the united states to cook it was all canned food and non homemade"

TV chef's. How have they inspired you?

Recently i have been watching Julia Child on Youtube and Julia and Jacques .

New Park Pizzeria

Well This is alittle far from Manhattan but totally worth it.. its nothing fancy but totally Delish!

Address :156-71 Crossbay Blvd
Queens, NY 11357
(718) 641-3082

the pizza is thin,wood cooked, the sauce is great,the cheese prefect and charred to perfection

FireHouse Pizza

Well This is a pretty good pizzeria ran by local firefighters in Murray Hill ,Manhattan.
i been there quite a few times and never been disappointed i used to live on 30th & 1st Ave and i would order Mushroom,truffle oil, pizza and it was about 20 dollars for a large pie and all profits go towards the firehouse.

The Location is 230 E 29th Street
They also deliver and serve only Lunch and Dinner

highly recommend them

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