• Location: Fort Drum/ Staten Island New York
  • Last bite on earth: Grilled Cheese fried in bacon grease and heirloom tomatoes on it =]

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Canned food expiration dates

I have no problem eatting canned food which is expired..
being an army wife and having little food you eat what you can

Classic Deviled Eggs

Paprika,cayenne,mayo,drymustard,dijon,and hotsauce

New Park Pizzeria

Love new park,
i have moved across the country and different countries (Korea & Japan ) and if you ask for a pizza in South Korea your pizza is bread and ketchup basically.. so happy to be back in NYC and with New Park

Difara is closed... Now what?

I am scared to go to Di Fara's due to all the health Code Violations currently and in the past. is it really worth getting sick and paying 5 dollars a slice ?

Rizzo's Fine Pizza, Astoria

I went today, i did not like the crust,, everything seemed soggy

Epic Pizza Fail

OMG i thought this was funny, shame, i can say this has happened to me when i first got married and i was learning to cook lol...
it was a pain to clean my oven,

Rizzo's Fine Pizza, Astoria

Going today.. my father used to live Astoria about 20 years ago ( before i was born ) and we are going to be in the area. Debating between a Sicilian Pie and The Neapolitan pie.

My father and I are on a pizza quest. Bonding time with my dad is well deserved =]

Howard Beach, Queens, NYC: I Think I Finally Get New Park Pizza

I'm glad I stopped by on my way back from Bensonhurst and Staten Island last week."

From NY where you going, thats little out of the way..ALOT

I Personally love NEw Park and its traditional Walk in walk out PIZZA JOINT

Pizza Steel instead of Pizza Stone?

ill be careful when buying from a scrap yard! they are sometimes containing copper in the metal..

Sugar Rush: Cannoli from Mama's of Corona

Mama's is amazing there cannoli;s are great but there sandwiches are mouth watering

Rome: La Montecarlo's Cracker Thin Pizza

Looks amazing one day i would love to go to rome and taste the Cuisine =]
that pizza looks amazing and is making my heart race

A Sandwich a Day: The Rocket Pig at Rocket Pig

the menu is lacking,. i remember when they opened and the first time i had the sandwich it was nothing special

Knife Skills: How to Shuck an Oyster

i been craving oysters for weeks and shrimp cocktail

Chowder or Bisque: which do you savor most?

Bisque if you can find a good one !
a great new england seafood bisque or lobster bisque cant be passed up

Good place for a women to go alone for lunch ?

Ferrara bakery is great. and bubble tea is great i used to get it when my soon to be ex husband was stationed in Korea.

The Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich

i will always say my dad makes the Best Grilled Cheeses.. recently i been frying my grilled cheese in bacon Grease...
Dont judge i am still 132 lbs

Julia Child's 100th Birthday Celebration...

She is amazing i love her so much. she is the women besides from my grandmother who inspired me to cook, her humor her cooking techniques remind me of my grandmother.

My Father " she was a great cook, before she was teaching the united states to cook it was all canned food and non homemade"

TV chef's. How have they inspired you?

Recently i have been watching Julia Child on Youtube and Julia and Jacques .


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