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Cookbook for an 11 year old?

my daughter started off with teens cook, it's written by teenage sisters one a vegetarian... and their mom is a cook.

chai tea?

cost plus world market carried it. you can also order it online

Cook the Book: 'Urban Italian'

i don't think it's too much of a twist but my uncle george makes us gnocchi and serves it with a red duck sauce.

What's your favorite candy-box chocolate?

@ feriorrenna... those are called scotchmallows.... the only see's candy i eat.

looking to join a blog

check out my blog, there is contact info there... if you like what you see.

Proud Cooking Moments

when i first learned how to make an omelet. just this year.

Dispatch from Slow Food Nation: Looking Forward

these were the same problems i had with it... also some people in a workshop i attended who were very disrespecting of mexican markets[insert finger quotes] and other areas of california.

An Open Letter to Alice Waters and the Good Folks at Slow Food Nation

i am going to the charcuterie workshop. it's suppose to among other things address how it help to save a family business. i really wanted to go to the workshop about throwing a four course dinner for four for under 50 dollars. there are a lot of points that ed talks about that are very valid and i am interested to see how slow food addresses them. i'll report back on sunday!

Blueberry allergy

my sister only had blueberries once and that happened to her, she also had lots of swelling and hives.

Food OCD

i really don't have a food ocd but my grandfather has one that cracks me up. you CAN NOT cut a stick of butter crooked. it better be straight, not at an angle, not sliced horizontally from the top. it better be perfect and without any crumbs on the stick of butter or there is hell to pay.

Are you an impulsive cook?

i am an impulsive cook... even though i plan and plan and write out a menu, i still make whatever comes to my in point is right now...

@black olive... would you mind sharing your recipe for the cherry walnut upside down cake?

how many aprons

i have 5 aprons... 2 are from a chef i used to know... 1 was custom made by my kids teacher it's embroidered with evil chef mom on the front. another is also custom made that looks totally retro. i need to wear pearls and vacuum in heels to wear it! the other is just a plain ol' apron!

A Less Inflamatory Question about Cook's Illustrated's PR snafu

well said, chaos. i'm really quite angry at this whole affair. Melissa is a good egg and if you really need the post carefully to understand what happened. I hope the Serious Eats will do a copyright and trademark post. When does a recipe become your own, how many modifications need to be made. I mean everyone has a potato salad recipe. If CI takes recipes from sources and modifies it to make their own recipe, aren't they doing the same thing? I really don't want to start an arguement or any trouble but I really would like know. When I have food questions one of the first places I come to is Serious Eats. If they can't address this topic who will?

popsicles, drumsticks, and ice cream sandwiches... oh my!

i forgot to answer my own question... i like cocnut or strawberry paletas.

Okay, What is for Dinner Tonight?

@stripeychef... i love smitten kitchen recipe's for pizza dough. they always turn out well.

i'm having peppers and sausage pasta and some homemade focaccia.

Tuesdays with Dorrie (TWD) and Other Baking Blog Circles

I'm in one that is all about the potato. You don't have to do the same recipe, you just have to post your favorite potato recipe every third Wednesday of the month.

When you lose your mojo with your signature specialties...

i have had that happen to me... ugh, it's so depressing. believe it or not it happened to me with something as simple as a potato salad. i'm sure you'll find a new speciality soon and you can tell us all about it.

Where to get good eats... Highway 1 Santa Cruz to San Francisco

Thanks for the ideas...

What to dip my french fries in...

dip them in a chocolate milkshake!

what's your sure-fire beat the heat tips?

*banana, i'm in stockton, ca... not very far from you!

what are you planning to eat for the fourth of july?

oops...i can't spell the fourth. my son's birthday is tomorrow and instead of bbq for his birthday dinner, he's asked for ravioli and an ice cream cake.

Dinner Tonight: Spinach Strawberry Salad

I don't want to make anybody 'mad' but my recipe is on my blog.

10 Things to Look For in a Cheese Shop

*jamie...I'm sorry. I didn't want that comment to turn into a bash about Cowgirl Creamery. I wanted to spend a lot of time and money there but the lack of customer service was dissapointing and I got a lot of #4 on your list.

*mmmargie...I know this isn't in SF but 'The Cheese Shop' in Carmel, Ca. has outstanding customer service. You could ask for their most expensive cheese and without blinking an eye they would let you try some and if they had to get a new wheel out, they would. My kids ask for different cheeses and they let them try whatever they whatever they want, knowing they are getting customers for life. My daughter takes her own spending money and blows it all there instead of anywhere else, all because they treat her like an adult.

10 Things to Look For in a Cheese Shop

Cowgirls cheese girls in Point Reyes Station (where they actually make the cheese) were the rudest people I have ever met. I asked to try some cheese and also asked what was good and I got "just let me know when your ready to buy something." then they turned around and finished their conversation about a co-worker.

Ballpark Food: Home Runs and Strike Outs

i also forgot... at at&t, they have something called a cha-cha bowl named after hall of famer, Orlando Cepeda... jerk chicken, black bean, rice, and a vareity of salsas. that's really good, so good i made it at home. how many times do you want to cook food that you had at a game?

what's your sure-fire beat the heat tips?

Help me! This week the temperature around where I live is going to be well over the 105 degree mark! 107 today, tomorrow is suppose to be 110 and I don't have air conditioning. I was wondering what were your sure fire ways to beat the heat? Any good popsicle recipes, iced tea recipes or anything not using the oven would be appreciated!

Waffles vs. Pancakes

I missing JEP's fun questions. So, instead of talking about Aunt Sandy or any of the other Food Network stars. Let's talk about what would we rather eat... waffles or pancakes? Which is better? What kind of toppings?

Something a little more exotic...

My little sous chefs are bugging me for more exotic food. I'm not talking about Andrew Zimmern type foods either! My husband is Mexican and I'm Italian, so we've got that covered. They want Indian, Korean, Chinese, ect. We have lots of ethnic stores in our area, I just don't know where to start. Cookbooks, websites? Please help me, before there's a riot at my house!

Dying easter eggs

All my little sous chefs are home on spring break and I desperately need something to keep them occupied for a couple hours. I'm thinking about trying something different with dying easter eggs, but since I'm not the crafty type, I need help! Any ideas or suggestions?

What would you feed your canidate for president?

I posted this question on my blog but I thought you might get a kick out of it.If your canidate came knocking at your door after stumping all day in your city or town saying all they wanted was a homecooked meal and for you to help them with their food policy. What would you cook them and over dinner what would you say about food policy?

Polenta. What am I doing wrong?

Last night I made polenta according to Lidia Bastianich's basic polenta recipe. It didn't turn out like I thought it would, I thought it was suppose to turn out more creamy and somewhat lighter. It wasn't grainy but the polenta also wasn't super smooth. Is it me, maybe a texture thing, or not enough cooking time. I've heard anything from 40 minutes to 3 hours. I cooked mine for 50 minutes. Or is it not adding liquid thoughout the cooking. I've heard you add liquid but I've also heard you don't. The same with stirring. To stir or don't stir, apparently that is THE question. Does anybody have any ideas about what might have happened or any tips to making really good polenta?

Great Trader Joe's Story

I wanted to share a feel good story about everyone's favorite store, Trader Joe's. Last week, my 80 year old Grandmother went to Trader Joe's to get her weekly groceries. When she got to the checkout line and tried to pay for her food, ($80 approx.) her credit card went on the fritz! So, the cashier called over the manager and he pulled out his personal credit card and paid for her groceries with the promise " next time you come in, you can pay me back." Now I know why at our local Trader Joe's everyone is always smiling and happy. Has anyone else had this level of customer service at Trader Joe's or anywhere else for that matter?

Tres Leches Cake Recipes

My daughter wants me to bake a tres leches cake for her birthday. Every recipe I read is different and because of that I'm not sure which one to make. Could someone help me out?

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