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Son's first Mr. Softee soft serve flavor?

Thanks for all the comments...unfortunately the weather must have scared off all the Mr. Softee trucks so we had to postpone the experience, maybe next weekend or after passover.....but keep the comments coming!

A Sandwich A Day: The Rat Pack from Lorimer Market

Didn't think it would be necessary as i thought people would understand what i meant, but allow me to amend my comment then. Foods should not really have the word "Rat" or "rat" stand alone in the name. However, when the three letters r-a-t are used in the name as noted in examples above, its fine. Again, its my opinion, no need to get all upset and double or triple your question marks in exasperation, sorry.

A Sandwich A Day: The Rat Pack from Lorimer Market

Sandwich looks great and sounds delicious, but it needs a new name. No food should really ever have the word "rat" in it, in my opinion.

A Sandwich a Day: Tortas in the Flatiron

Went today, review is spot on. Sandwich is quite tasty and filling and MESSY. Only problem is the chewy bits in the carnitas which really aren't that pleasant.

Who Sells Your Favorite Croissants in New York?

Madeline Patisserie on 23rd between 6th and 7th...

How to Make Barbecue Beef Brisket That Doesn't Suck

been wanting to attempt a bbq brisket for quite some time, but living in Manhattan all i have is an oven, no smoker or grill. I plan to buy the right kind of cut (a well marbled packers cut), apply a spice rub, let it sit overnight then at around 4 am get up and put it in the oven at 225 to 250 for about 11 hours...any thoughts on the process?

What's Your Favorite Cupcake In New York?

Buttercup Bake Shop! like all the others, but good.

What's Your Favorite Falafel In New York?

I second Jerusalem Restaruant on 103rd and then Moshes Falafel truck

Back from Italy- need salumi stat!

Salumeria Rosi - absolutely! Biellese is good but .....forget fairway, great for everything else but this. Also try the Italian food store in Chelsea Market called buon italia.

Iron Chef America holiday battle

I love the internet! Yes apothecary jars! thank you.

Goodie's Soup Dumplings

Yeah a few months ago. My parents even drove around the LES and Chinatown area looking for the new location.

Dinner Tonight: Eggs in Purgatory (Eggs Baked in Tomato Sauce)

to SkinnyFatty-
no judgment here, but i dont think this is dinner party is way beyond delicious, but kind of messy in that you want to be able to sop up all the sauce and egg with more bread, not something you would want your guests to have to do. Again just a personal opinion.

Best New York Steak From Non-Steakhouses?

Landmarc at the Time Warner Center or down in Tribeca has great steaks and the fries are fan-fugu-tastic. Also relatively reasonably priced.

Essentials: Guacamole

I like to keep it simple, just avocados, lime juice, garlic, salt, pepper and a little cayenne to add some heat.

Flatiron / FIT area lunch suggestions?

Check out:

its a listing of restaurants in the Flatiron District provided by the Flatiron 23rd Street Partnership the business improvement district representing and serving the Flatiron neighborhood.

Bacon Salt

Its freakin' awesome i have all three, original pepper and hickory. i use it on eggs, fries and even pizza. truly one of gods greatest creations.

Father's Day Grilling: Homemade Beer Brats

No No No No No. the first step in making bratwurst no matter whether you make the brats from scratch or not, is always always open a can of beer. then you may start cooking. also you cook the brats in the beer and onions (also known as a beer hot tub), no butter. then you throw them on a hot grill to crisp up and get a nice grilled char on them. then you put them back in the beer hot tub for a few minutes on a low flame. then, eat to your hearts content. AND ABSOLUTELY NO KETCHUP!


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