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Any good food in Berlin/Prague?

I've had some pretty good meals in Prague, but heavy - beer gardens, etc. I am quite fond, however, of an Icelandic seafood restaurant there called Reykjavik, Karlova 20, Prague, Praha 1. It is excellent and a welcome change from all the sausages, duck legs, etc.

In Berlin I've had good luck with Turkish restaurants, though I can't think of any in particular to recommend.

Los Angeles: Help Needed in Planning my Eating

Cinco Puntos has superb carnitas. If you want carne asada, chicken or chorizo in a particularly Mexicali style and truly superb: Mexicali Taco & Co., 702 North Figueroa St. - just slightly north of Sunset Blvd. near Dodger Stadium. I'm especially fond of the cachetadas and the vampiros - Mexicali styles of taco.

Not far from there, La Caridad, a hole in the wall Cuban place, has great Cuban sandwiches and Media Noches.

You could do a whole lot worse than Baco Mercat on Main near 4th in downtown: - fantastic variety of unusual lunch stuff - check out the menu online.

If you want Thai - Jitlada is one of the two or three best Thai restaurants in the country. Order from its menu of Southern Thai specialties, 5233 Sunset Boulevard - a bit east of Western in Hollywood.

Those are some quick thoughts off the top of my head. Have fun. Eat well.

Fairbanks & North Part 2

The soak at Chena was great. A little cold - 0 degrees F - getting from the locker room into the hotspring, but once you were there it was fantastic and getting back out wasn't so bad since you'd heated up. A swim up bar would have made the whole thing perfect. Though, after a while, the smell of sulphur did get to be a bit much - and while everywhere else in Alaska we had delicious tap water, at Chena it was slightly sulphurous.

Where to eat/what to do in Portland and Seattle

Matt's in the Market in Seattle is in the Pike Place Market - which is a great place to go by itself - and is a truly fantastic restaurant for dinner.

In Portland, it's very old school and there are probably better places for seafood, but for atmosphere and really good seafood and some Portland tradition, Jake's Famous Crawfish is great.

The Portland Art Museum is excellent, and there are quite a few good, quirky galleries around town as well.

In downtown LA for 2 nights!

If you have a car, skip Chinatown and go to the San Gabriel Valley - east of downtown along interstate 10: Monterey Park, Alhambra, San Gabriel, Rosemead, El Monte and points east. L.A. is now the home of the world's largest Chinese community outside of a native Chinese country and most of the Chinese population is in the San Gabriel Valley. There is a bewildering variety of restaurants from all different provinces and regions of China. Anything in particular you have in mind?

I hate to send someone to a different food website, but if you go to the Los Angeles Board on Chowhound dot com, and search for San Gabriel Valley, you will find a wealth of up to date information. I'm not familiar with R&G Lounge in SF, so I don't know where to steer you that my satisfy those particular hunger pangs.

Happy eating.

Restaurants in Fairbanks, Alaska, in February

Thanks for posting on my behalf Vicky and thanks everyone so far for your responses. I don't think we're going to starve. I am very curious as to what the vegetables are going to be like at Chena Hot Springs, where apparently they have a large, year-round geothermal heated greenhouse. Should be interesting. The only other time I was in Alaska was in September at the height of salmon and halibut season, but I imagine any of the great seafood I had last time will have to be thawed out this time. I shall report back upon our return.


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