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Cook the Book: 'The Artisan Jewish Deli at Home'

A stupid amount of pickles and good coleslaw and if I can get it, a hot turkey pastrami sandwich on rye with mustard

Cook the Book: Andy Ricker's 'Pok Pok'

Mango sticky rice w/coconut milk. Or shrimp green curry!

Buckwheat (NOT the weird kid from Little Rascals...)

cooked in rice to flavor it, used as flour in bread, batters, dusted on tofu before frying....

Cook the Book: 'Bi-Rite Market's Eat Good Food'

there is a little produce and minor grocery near me that I love. It is small and the produce is often local, always cheap and looking fresh. the meat and bakery are cash only, which is weird to this girl of the age of plastic, but it gives a nice old-timey feel to shopping!

Charting My Cravings During Vegan Month

this is so funny to me! I commend your efforts and all others who have commented. I guess I am the exception to the rules? I didn't eat meat for a long time and at my vegetarian stage, my doctor tested me for AIDS my blood labs were so off! Now, I eat pork and beef occasionally and feel so much better, look a hell of a lot better, and am not upset about it. Obviously, I do my best to only eat animals who had a "happy life" and refuse to eat any factory-farmed beings. Still, it is interesting how different people can be!

Cook the Book: 'Kosher Revolution'

latkes, pastrami, corned beef, knishes......i'm hungry

Cook the Book: 'The Food52 Cookbook'

roasted summer veg pasta salad (the secret is i grow the veg and herbs myself) and my banana nut bread

Bake the Book: 'Sweet Auburn Desserts'

i'll go for any dessert that uses local fruit, be it pie, cobbler, etc. But otherwise, pecan pie is my go-to

Your favorite frugal foods and dishes

ok, my last sentence got messed up

.....basically anything that you would use zucchini or winter squash would work. big pumpkins dont have a lot of "pumpkiny" flavor

Your favorite frugal foods and dishes

I know I will get a lot of shit for this, but I LOVE to buy a few huge, cheap carving pumpkins. They are SO healthy and versatile. I like to batter strips and fry them, cube and sautee them, or roast and puree for sauces.would work.

Bake the Book: 'Flour,' by Joanne Chang

seriously, read the whole recipe twice before you even start! also measure by weight and use vodka in pie crust

sweet and savory

sweet summer stone fruits or melons dunked in peanut butter, nomnomnom

Cook the Book: 'The Japanese Grill'

loads of stuff! many cuts of chicken, beef, pork, and lamb; zucchini and peppers and mushrooms; pizza, and fruit!

Why didn't I think of that?

Along the lines of boobird, I like to toss thyme and rosemary on my coals as I grill

What do I do with Cottage Cheese?

sure! use about 1/4 cup of it with however much oil and vinegar to make the acidity and viscosity how you like. Basically, make your fav vinaigrette but add cottage cheese....OR.....use is in place of mayo/sour cream in creamy dressings

What do I do with Cottage Cheese?

I love cottage cheese! It goes great with anytrhing rye (lookin at you, triscuit), cool ranch doritos, in baked potatoes, seasoned to form a healthy salad dressing....

My fav of all is in the summer, with fruit in season and herbs from my garden, usually mint and lemon balm and stevia

Wheat Berries

another idea is to sprout them and add them!

March 5 -- National Cheese Doodle Day

POWER TO THE PISCES! My bday is tomorrow, the 4th!

My newest love is the puffed corn. Not a doodle, not a crunchie....something in between

Mealy Chicken in Wendy's Cobb Salad

the last tiem I had Wendy's Chicken (in a salad) I was old enough to pay attention. It had a rubbery mouth feel and weird layers/striations nothing like real meat. Very sci-fi

Cook the Book: 'Not Your Mother's Casseroles'

broccoli, feta, olives, eggs, and herbs/ idk what to call it, but its yummy