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  • Favorite foods: Pig (everything but the squeal), Pizza (topped with pig), Paella (con cerdo),
    Pancakes (right next to some pig bits)

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Daily Slice: Tutto Italiano, Hyde Park, MA

Thanks, folks. I suppose I really shouldn't have been surprised by this. The place has the best of the best, so the fact that they do pizza well fits the mold. It's just funny to me that I've been going there for years and never knew they offered pizza. I guess it was always gone by the time I got there. It was only when I saw pizza on their website that I decided to ask. Glad I did.
@olsonmatt - Good to know. I'll be keeping an eye out for such treats in the future.
@Rodzilla - Sounds like a good idea. I'm certainly no Food Lab, so I was just trying my best not to ruin what looked like a good slice.

Daily Slice: The Dogwood Cafe, Jamaica Plain, MA

dmcavanagh, I can't speak for your mental state, but the pizza was not pink. The hue is mostly due to the lack of light in the dining room. The Dogwood has the lighting set on "couples only", featuring candles on the tables. Great for atmosphere, not so great for my photography.

Daily Slice: Pleasant Cafe, Roslindale, MA

Thank you, Boston Girl. I appreciate the kind words. It's pretty easy to see why so many people have such a strong attachment to the Pleasant.

Daily Slice: Crazy Dough's Pizza, Boston

Thanks for the welcome, Adam. Since you asked, you may follow me on Twitter @erk3. Just, you know, keep that to yourself. I'd hate for things to get all Rockwell up in here.