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Lechon for Party

Assign a friend who is kitchen savvy to pick the pig after everyone has eaten. There will be meat left over for the next day, and if it is your birthday, you wouldn't want to have too much to drink and forget the pig and leave it sitting outside all night in the summer heat. Not that I know anything about that...

airport security

Twinkies stuffed in my husband's pocket made it through.

What Are You Having For Dinner?

Tuna steaks, sweet potato, maybe salad. And later a DQ treat for dessert :-)

What do you top your burgers with?

Fast food burger - mayo, cheese, all the veggies and for some reason, I always dunk just the last burger bite in the ketchup left over from my fries.

Home burger - Roasted Hatch pepper or jalapeno slices, mayo, cheese and some avocado slices. Not guacamole, fresh slices of avocado.

Premium White Rum

+1 for Havana Club and Flor de Cana

Help cooking grass fed ribeyes

Gamey flavor I have no problem with. But the texture was terrible :-(

gin & tonic with lemon

A very good friend of mine loves her G&Ts with lemons. She asks for a small rocks glass full of lemons, and adds up to 5 slices. I like it that way too, tastes like a grown up lemonade.

gin & tonic with lemon

I love Crown Royal and a splash of ginger ale, rather than Coke or Sprite. Not as sweet.

Help cooking grass fed ribeyes

Not sure of the grade, just says lean. I wanted med rare to medium. Not sure of the final temp, but the color on the inside was correct for med rare to medium. In fact, they looked great, cut easily, but was like chewing leather. I will try pounding them with the mallet.

Is bundt cake the new cupcake?

Nothing Bundt Cake in Austin, and now I see one called I Like Big Bundts in the Metroplex. Cute name, but still not sure if it's going to get me to go in.

Vacation Advice: US Virgin Islands

If you can swing a trip over to St. Croix, head to Norma's, not for the food, but for the Mamawanna. It's bush rum, or Caribbean moonshine as I call it. All I know is it has rum, herbs, spices and honey and is buried in the ground. It's potent and awesome. Plus, Norma's is also the home of the beer drinking pigs. Pay a few bucks to give the pigs non-alcoholic beer and take pics. Def a unique experience! Some VI dishes to try: goat curry or stew goat, potfish, rotis, johnny cake, patty (pronounced pa-tay), fish & fungi (pronounced foon-gee - fungi is like a cornmeal dumpling), conch in butter sauce if you can get past the texture, soursop or hibiscus juice, stew oxtail. Pass on the bullfoot soup. Have fun and congrats!

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Will there be recipes from this year's Cookie Swap?

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Sriracha Lover's Ultimate Gift Pack

EEEE, pick me, pick me! I love to mix Sriracha in ketchup, and then dip fried catfish in it. I will also order plain hot wings and douse them with Sriracha. My pizza guy finally asked why we always ordered plain wings, did we not like his sauce?

Oh, I hope I win, lol!

Christmas ham and ?

Thanks guys! I am leaning towards tamales or lasagna at this point. Ya'll are the best!

canned hominy??

Perini Ranch Hominy Casserole - this is the one you want to make! Saute the onions in the bacon grease. You can also place it all in a slow cooker for 2 hours on low instead of baking, if you are taking to a pot luck. If you have Hatch green chiles, even better. This has become a requested dish at family gatherings.

kitchen collections?

Along the top of my cabinets, I have Muppet lunchboxes from the 70s and 80s, metal and plastic, along with a Sigmund & The Seamonsters, Dark Crystal and Muppet Babies thrown in. And I have decided to start a new collection of food themed t-shirts. So far I have Sriracha, Magi, Pie Makes Me Happy (from the Bluebonnet Cafe in Marble Falls, TX) and Slurm, lol. I thought about collecting salt and pepper shakers as well, but I don't have any place to display them. Also, my mother-in-law has a HUGE collection of roosters, so I think those may end up in my kitchen one day as well. Fun question!

Favorite handy kitchen tips/tricks?

Instead of disposable plastic gloves for handling peppers, I just slip sandwich sized baggies over my hands. I can move my fingers just fine, while keeping them protected from pepper seeds/juice etc. It's really nice because I can remove the baggies if needed, and then slip them right back on, as opposed to using and removing a glove, which is almost impossible for me to get my hand back in to. The baggies are cheaper too.

Absolut Tune, A New Sparkling Wine-Vodka Hybrid

I was interested until I saw $32 for the bottle. Thanks for the post!

Austin: We Eat Everything on the Menu at East Side King

Yeah, I was wondering what the line/wait situation was. Oh well, more time to drink beer.

Why Sonic's Cherry Limeade Is The Best

@Les ah - Yes! When I was a kid, my aunt would often take me to Sonic after she got out of school, to get a Cherry Lime of course! She had a collection of the little plastic monkeys on her visor. I couldn't wait til I was driving and got a car, so I could have my own collection. By the time I was old enough, they had stopped giving those out :-( This was in Texas. Kenji forgot to mention the maraschino cherry at the bottom!

Recipes for cooking ahead?

Breakfast burritos, they don't take too long to prepare. Scramble a dozen eggs or so. Make an assembly line of cooked eggs, drained black beans, chiles or salsa if you like, cheese and flour tortillas, the smaller sized tortillas. Fill burritos, not too full, roll and place seam side down on a plate to freeze. Once frozen, remove from plate and store in a freezer bag. When ready to eat, microwave 2 minutes or so and then turn over and nuke for 2 more minutes or so.

Serious Entertaining: An All-Avocado Meal

In the Caribbean, they are sometimes referred to as pears. I call them delicious!

Ever Tried Peanuts in Coke?

Been doing this since I was a kid in the 80s in Texas. Today, if hubby and I are on a long road trip, I must have it at least once.


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