I'm a frugal 20-something who loves cooking at home all the time and getting a GREAT meal out every once in a while.

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Cereal Eats: The Virtue of "UnSweet" Cereals

Heritage Flakes! I was just thinking this morning that SE should do a piece on them!

Peach Recipes

Pie and ice cream are my go-to's. Cut peaches also freeze well if you freeze with sugar and lemon juice to keep them from browning.

What's new around Savannah, GA...

I second the recommendation fr B Matthews. Went for lunch and it was delicious.

Where to eat? Eastern / Southern Road Trip

In Atlanta, I would recommend Fox Brothers Barbecue (though they are a big brisket place, so maybe not the traditional southern barbecue you're looking for) and Thumbs Up Diner for breakfast. FYI, Thumbs Up is cash only.

Do you have an acquired taste?

PICKLES. And most other brine-y things. I've gone from not liking vinegar to having a small obsession with pickled pepperoncini. Still can't do olives.

In Our Community Corner: Meet Erica Jacobs (aka: 'Teachertalk')

I love this column! And I loved learning more about of the many wonderful SE'rs!

Recommended cookbooks for unskilled heathen bachelor?

Help my apartment has a kitchen is a good cookbook for basic meals for non-cooks. Geared toward the young bachelor.

How do y'all stay thin?

Don't keep snack foods in the house. Eat small portions. Try to have at least two mostly healthy meals every day. Exercise moderately (VERY parking a little far away when I go shopping).

Need Side Dish Ideas for Holiday Dinner with Picky People

A salad would be nice. I would recommend setting it p bar-style. If someone just wants lettuce, cheese and croutons, they're free to do so that way.

Recipe pet peeves

I can't stand it when a recipe has "quick" or "easy" or "30 minutes" in the name, but calls for everything to be halfway done before you start! For example, calling for 3-4 vegetables, already chopped. Or meat that's already cut and cooked! I've learned to read through for these things, but this marketing strategy still drives me crazy!

Down South: How to Cook a Raccoon

I was prepared to click on this story, see some New Yorker talk about how he cooked a raccoon one time, and have to clarify indignantly that not all Southerners cook an eat raccoons. But instead of seeing a piece that insults the backwards South, this article was a real treat. It's still true tht not all Southerners eat raccoons, but this article really celebrates Drayton's tradition. Very, very well done.

Ideas, Please - for Wednesday Dinner Before Thanksgiving

If you're feeding company, I would go for any combination of salad, sou/chili, and a sandwich platter. Nobody will want anything too heavy,and it will be low-maintenance for you.

Morning drinker

A full glass of water immediately upon waking up. One cup of coffee with cream. Back to water.

Favourite Pork Tenderloin Preparation?

For a busy day, the blog Let's Dish has a good slow cooker recipe for pork loin with a balsamic glaze.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

haha comment was going to be "Then try the white mocha sometime!"

Even though IfYouCookIt said it first, that thing is SWEET. But as for the pumpkin spice (or any fancy Starbucks drink really): don't expect it to taste like coffee. Getting in a "dessert" frame of mind makes it better.

How Long Do You Spend On Dinner?

I take way too long!!! Cooking is a leisure activity for me, and I get home 1.5-2 hours before my husband, and I usually spend most of that time preparing dinner at a leisurely pace while taking care of other household chores. Cleanup also takes too long and is not nearly enjoyable. I don't have a dishwasher right now, so it's a slow, tedious process.

Soup: In a Bowl or a Mug?

Bowls for me. But my parents have some Campbell's mugs that are sort of shallow and wide compared to a coffee mug, so I will use those if the occasion rises.

Beyond Small Batch: Single Barrel Whiskeys

When I toured the Jack Daniels distillery with my sister, they said you could buy your own barrel for $12,000. You also get your name on the wall, with an extra designation for every seven barrels you had bought. There were several people and companies that had bought 50+ barrels!

Cheese or cheese sauce on nachos?

Real cheese at home, but I prefer cheese sauce in restaurants.

Home made vanilla extract

I would say a month is good. But you don't ever have to take the beans out...your extract will get better with time.


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