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Serious Entertaining: Kentucky Derby Party

I can't claim to be from Kentucky or any state south of the Mason-Dixon (southern California doesn't count right?) but I've been to a few Derby parties in my day. I've worn a few wide-brimmed hats. So let's waste no time and start with mint juleps, then move on to beer cheese, Kentucky Hot Browns, bourbon balls, and more for your Race Day spread. More

Snapshots from the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin

The most popular tourist destination in Ireland? Nope, not the Book of Kells at Trinity College or the Blarney Castle. It's the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. Situated on St. James Street in an industrial complex overlooking the rest of the city, this is where Guinness has been brewed since the stout's inception in 1759. But to clarify, the Guinness Storehouse that's open to visitors is not the physical brewery; it's a six-story (pint-shaped!) museum full of interactive exhibits explaining the Guinness brewing process and its Irish heritage. More

Thai Grocery Shopping in Queens with Pok Pok Chef Andy Ricker

Popping out of the 74th Street-Broadway station in Jackson Heights, chef Andy Ricker of Pok Pok was ready to take us on a Thai market tour around the neighborhood. We traipsed up and down the aisles of a few markets specializing in Thai products as he pointed out the ones he likes (frozen coconut milk) and those he really doesn't care for (canned curry pastes; "don't ever buy them, please."). More

Serious Entertaining: Early Spring Dinner

Though it's still basically marshmallow-coat weather in New York, our west coast friends have been enjoying spring for a couple weeks now. "Strawberries!" our Bay Area-based Drinks editor Maggie said today when I asked her what spring produce had sprung at her local markets. Hey, even if you can't find strawberries yet, that doesn't mean you can't eat like it's spring. More

How to Make Perfect Easter Eggs

Knowing how to properly hard-boil an egg is a life skill you should always keep in your back pocket, especially this time of year when you need to make perfectly un-crackled Easter eggs. If you want to go au natural with dyes (no offense Paas—we had many good years together on the kitchen countertop), all you need are a couple beets, some ground turmeric, and a head of red cabbage. More

Good Eggs, a New Local Food Marketplace in the Bay Area

We're hearing good things about Good Eggs, the Bay Area-based startup that allows consumers to buy directly from local farms and food producers. Unlike a CSA, where you might get stuck with 12 pounds of kale (wait, that doesn't sound so awful), you can pick and choose exactly which items you want, be it eggs from Early Bird Ranch, coffee from Four Barrel, or beef from LeftCoast GrassFed. More

10 Delicious Irish Products You Should Get to Know

Whenever St. Paddy's time rolls around, corned beef and potatoes seem to be the only "Irish food" people can jabber on about. Well, as many Irish people will tell you, they hardly even eat corned beef (potatoes, on the other hand, they can't get enough). As the resident Irish-American editor on staff here, I felt it was my duty to share some of the many lesser-known Irish food gems. More

Snapshots from Vietnam: Egg Coffee in Hanoi

My put-an-egg-on-it philosophy applies to most dishes. Got leftovers? Reheat; put an egg on it. Got a salad or sandwich or pretty much anything else? Put an egg on it, please! But coffee? Put...an egg on it? Egg coffee, or cà phê trứng in Vietnam, is a special drink you'll find at select coffeehouses in Hanoi. If you like tiramisu, you'll probably like egg coffee immensely. More

Pi(e) Day Is Almost Here!

Now that March is officially upon us, the countdown begins until our favorite food holiday. OK, maybe that would be Thanksgiving, but Pi(e) Day is a pretty close second. March 14 celebrates the math constant π (3.14159...) and also gives people like us another excuse to eat pi's buttery crusted homophone, pie. We're excited to partner once again with the crafty folks at Instructables for our Pi Day Contest. The baking challenge officially begins on Monday, March 4, but you can certainly get a jump start this weekend. More

Parks and Recreation's Tom Haverford Is a Food Instagrammer

If you watch Parks and Recreation then clearly you love Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari's goofball character) and his food neologisms. In Tom's world, sandwiches are "sandoozles" and cakes are "big 'ol cookies." Over on the NBC website, they've created a gallery of his Instagram food photos with captions, including this winner, among many others: "DO NOT PUT FILTERS ON SPRING ROLLS. #nofilter" More

Ask a Chef: What's Your Dream Dinner on Valentine's Day?

For many chefs, celebrating Valentine's Day on February fourteenth proper isn't even an option. They're undoubtedly slammed in their restaurant kitchens, so this is more of a fantasy question. But it sounds like many of them know exactly what this dream dinner would look like if it could exist. Mac and cheese, caviar, or some Ethiopian doro watt—see what all 10 of our chef-pals said in the slideshow. More

We'll Be at the Sweetlife Music and Food Festival on May 11

If you're around on Saturday, May 11, come hang out with us at the Sweetlife Festival at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland, just outside of D.C. The line-up was just announced this morning: Phoenix, Passion Pit, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and more bands. We'll be there rocking out and flipping sliders—the ultimate sliders. If you've ever wanted us to make you sliders, here's your chance. More

Vegan Bunna Cafe Finds a Home for Some of NYC's Best Ethiopian

Lauren, I'm so glad you and Bunna finally found each other! I had major Ethiopian food withdrawals after living in DC but thankfully Bunna now exists!

Cobble Hill is Lucky to Have Brucie

Yes, love Brucie! Please tell me you tried the stracciatella?

Ed's Vegan Diary, Week 2: Getting Tight With Tofu

Ed, it doesn't sound like you're eating enough avocados. I eat, on average, one per day. (Vegan month solidarity!)

Also, I concur with Maggie on O Milk. Order some cashew milk, you deserve it!

Lamb Bolognese from 'Family Table'

Snapshots from Vietnam: A Guide To Hanoi's Best Street Food

ditto what Paul said.

Good Bread: Almondine Bakery Is Back Open

Rejoice! I look forward to the return of Almondine's transcendent jelly doughnuts in my life once again.

Vietnam: recommendations?

I never made it to Sapa or Hue, and only spent a day in HCMC, so I won't be of much help unfortunately! Check out the Gastronomy blog for some must-eats in Saigon. My one bit of advice: make sure you try banh cuon, the rice rolls filled with woodear mushroom and minced shallots, often served with a pork cinnamon sausage - get it at Cho Benh Thanh while sipping on a glass of fresh soybean milk!

Rachel Allen's Homemade Pork Sausages with Colcannon and Applesauce

Snapshots from Vietnam: Egg Coffee in Hanoi

@furochan: You are right! Couldn't read my scribbled notes but it was Cafe Giang. Thank you for recognizing the tropical plants!

Afternoon Snack: $2.50 Greens at 212 Grand Food Corp


First Look: At Red Gravy, Saul Bolton Brings Southern Italy to Brooklyn Heights

And this is where I'll be headed when Vegan Month is over.

Serious Entertaining: A Downton Abbey Dinner Party

Empellón Chef Alex Stupak's Homemade Green Chorizo Tacos with Kale and Potatoes

Snapshots from Vietnam: Wet Market Tour in Hanoi

@Lily: Yes! So tiny, and the shells are still quite soft. Mild tasting, not intensely shrimpy. I bet we could find some in Chinatown at one of the fish markets near our office...

Staff Picks: The Best Things We Ate in January

@Shichman: Lucky YOU. I want to go back right now.

Introducing the New Slice Editor, Niki Achitoff-Gray, or 'Lady Slice'

@jslavin: I think it's actually mozz-el tov in this case.

Slice it up, Niki!

In Our Community Corner: Meet Erica Jacobs (aka: 'Teachertalk')

Concur with Alaina! Serious Eats is a better place because of you, Teachertalk!

A Basic Introduction to Vietnamese Food

@Irene: Glad to hear you also had a wonderful experience with Intrepid. Yes, it is time for you to start planning another trip. Even if it's just a fantasy trip for now.

@mojomarc Why thank you! And thanks too for the fish sauce wisdom.

@zorazen: Well you're in luck. Just put together this gallery of 20 Vietnamese Dishes You Should Know. It's a primer at least to get you started, though I know how o-ver-whel-ming those Vietnamese menus can be.

@Megan Do: *blushes.* If only I had made it to Phu Quoc to meet your fish sauce royalty kin!!!

@Tim Nguyen: Hahaha, thank you for having my back. I may sound like a Brooklyn hipster but really I am just Vietnamese at heart. Also, I lived with my Vietnamese best friend for four years and our kitchen smelled like fish sauce most all of the time.

@piccola: I bet if you sniffed hard enough around some of the great specialty Asian markets, you might be able to find fish leaf. Here's a good LA Times piece about fresh herbs in Vietnamese food. But as Tim points out, if you're *not* looking for it and the fishbomb of a leaf finds its way into your food, it can be an unpleasant surprise.

First Look: Creative Juice, Danny Meyer's New Juice Bar at Equinox, NYC

@atg117: Liked all of them but my top two favorites were probably The Good Fight and Soothe Operator. And if you're into green juices that actually taste green, without being too sweet or anything, Green Means Go gets the job done. I was tempted to add some salt and hot sauce.

First Look: Creative Juice, Danny Meyer's New Juice Bar at Equinox, NYC

@deliciouslymeta: The calories range by juice, from 130 (The Good Fight) to 280 (Quiet the Riot, the one with avocado), but most of them are around or under 200 cals. The protein and fiber content is pretty high in each too.

Staff Picks: Stocking Stuffers We'd Love in Our Stockings

41 Cookie Recipes from the 2012 Serious Eats Cookie Swap

@OneWallKitchen: So glad you enjoy this annual cookie bonanza! We do too. Thanks for catching those recipe typos. Fixed both the olive oil cookies (haha, not 5 cups, oh dear no) and layered walnuts!

Behind the Scenes: Making Limoncello at Hopeland in Brooklyn

@Mr. Nick: Roy is using organic lemons. Standard ones he can find here, though if he was back home in Italy, he'd probably use the sfusati.

@savage06: The sugar/water quantity is part of his family recipe, so he wouldn't reveal!

@Kimboinatl: Not sure about the color difference. Could it have something to do with the quantity of lemons peels used?

Note to everyone: if you're at Hopeland, tell Roy (he's pretty much always there) you're a Serious Eats reader and he'll give you a complimentary sample!

Gift Guide: For Cookie Monsters

more love for doxie cookie jar!!!

Meet and Eat: Paul Cline, Serious Eats Web Developer

No yogurt?! That might have to change when you relocate to SEHQ. We are an office full of yogurt maniacs.

Market Tours: Exotic Latin American Ingredients at The Angel's Fruit Market in Bushwick

It would be a mistake to write off The Angel's Fruit Market as just any other produce stand. The aisles are treasure troves of hard to find, esoteric ingredients from Central and South America and from much of Mediterranean Europe. Take our tour around and prepare to get inspired. That dish you're planning to cook will take on new meaning. More

Eight Egg-cellent Pies

We have to admit that eggs have been on the brain around here. But what better way to bring new life to Spring pizzas than with that most egg-cellent of ingredients. Here are a collection of some inspiring pies that harness the power of the yolk, going above and beyond your run-of-the-mill breakfast pizza! More

Dinner Tonight: Yotam Ottolenghi's Skillet-Baked Eggs with Spinach, Yogurt, and Spiced Butter

I'm on a bit of a Yotam Ottolenghi kick lately, finding myself rather in love with his imaginative takes on vegetarian cooking. While I've written already about a few recipes from his recent book Plenty, this one comes from a recent issue of Bon Appetit. I took one look at the gorgeous picture—a skilletful of soft spinach topped with eggs and thick yogurt, drizzled with butter—and put this recipe on the top of my list. More

Snapshots from Prague: 10 Must-Eat Foods

It's true there's a lot of meat in Czech cuisine and where there's meat, there's nearly always gravy and houskové knedlíky, the spongy steamed bread dumplings that people seem to love or hate. They also, of course, pour the freshest pilsner on the planet and have an ever-growing craft beer scene. Here are 10 must-eat foods that you should track down while in Prague. More

Snapshots from India: The Best Vegetarian Street Food

If you read a lot of Indian novels, you'll know that people sometimes use "veg" and "nonveg" as shorthand for "tame" and "sexy," respectively. But as we ate our way across Mumbai, through Rajasthan, and into central India, we discovered that when it came to food, the opposite was true. The vegetarian fare we ate was so much better, so much fresher, and so much more interesting than the nonvegetarian offerings. Here are some highlights from a month of eating around India: chaat, pakoras, samosas, papad, and more. More

Video: Teaching Kids About Radishes

In this week's Perennial Plate episode we visit a school garden and take a class on radishes with Ashley Rouse of Georgia Organics, a non-profit that connects organic food from Georgia farms to Georgia families. When Ashley introduced the kids to different types of radishes, including the French breakfast radish, one kid asked: "does that mean French people eat these for breakfast?" It's a very sweet video. More

How to Make Carbonated Negroni Cocktails

Like with any new toy, I got bored with the Soda Stream. You can add the brand's flavored powders to your fizzy water after carbonating (I don't, though, not really being a pseudo-cola or faux-Sprite person), or mix it with juice, but you aren't supposed to introduce non-water liquids to the machine before fizzing it up—particles in the liquids supposedly cause it to explode everywhere, and at the very least, the sugar gums up the system. Enter the Twist N Sparkle Beverage Carbonating System from iSi, and you can be carbonating cocktails in no time. More

Video: How To Make Soondubu Jjigae (Korean Soft Tofu Stew)

Earlier this winter Robyn and I both had a bit of a cold, and there are few things in the world better for a cold than soondoobu jjigae—Korean soft tofu stew. A rich broth flavored with pork, beef, or seafood along with glutamate-dense sea kelp and dried anchovies, it arrives at the table fiery red, bubbling intensely in a hot stone pot. Watch this video and check out our recipe to learn how to make it! More

Pie of the Week: Chocolate Oatmeal Pie

It's high time that oatmeal be given its chance to shine. Luckily, the sisters who started the adorable Brooklyn pie shop, Four and Twenty Blackbirds, came along and created a chocolate oatmeal pie. It's got a flaky all butter crust, layered with a silky, slightly melted chocolate ganache, a delicious layer of sweet, sticky oats in the middle, and a layer of caramelized, crispy oatmeal on top. More