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North Carolina: Our 8 Favorite Food Trucks in the Triangle

S L Nagy and other Durhamites: Would love to hear your food truck picks! It was certainly difficult to choose, with so many excellent options.

Also, please note that the article doesn't claim that Only Burger was around first, only that it's well-loved. We made an effort to get to some of the more established trucks (like Chick-N-Que), too!

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Dinner Tonight: Dry-Cooked Cabbage with Tofu and Peas

How can this be a dinner? I mean, it's just a bunch of cabbage and tofu. While I worried this recipe from Saveur would be too light and insubstantial, I was hooked by the use of ginger, mustard, and coriander. It was too alluring to ignore. Good thing, too. Something strange happens to the tofu. After a thin coating of flour, it's pan-fried until golden. When mixed with the cooked cabbage, it takes on an almost potato-like flavor, which helps balance the aggressive spices and serranos. One plate should fill anyone up. More