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Is Food Service A Young Person's Game?

I'd like to say that one can do this at any age. You need to be a person who has high energy and can put up with a lot. I have been a chef and now am a restaurant manager and a culinary instructor. You enjoy the time that you have on the line or in the restaurant, if you really love it. I am a graduate of the CIA and have spent many many years in restaurants. For me, it was a blast. Many good times and some no so good times. Throwing sautee pans, whip cream fights, you get the picture. Also, as a chef you learn: speed, you learn to have courage when this chips are down and when the bottom goes out you keep going. When I was at the CIA I met many people who were in their 30s and much older 40-60 they wanted a change and something that they could sink their teeth into. It is absolutely amazing what passion allows people to become.

Served: The Accidental Manager

I got to say being a restaurant manager at a chain has been something else. Most days I get up saying what is this? This isn't about the food and it sure isn't about the service. As a chef and chef instrutor I want to vomit working where I work. I do understand that my days working there are numbered as well. I know I need to get out as the company treats its GMs like a bunch of dogs. I miss being a chef I really do and I miss working somewhere real nice as well.

A restaurant junkie

I see what you guys are writing and I am applying for those positions. They are really hard to come by especially with budget cuts etc... High school votech is a dreamy job, just like teaching college! It's where I'd like to end up real soon to be honest, only if it lets me.

Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts

Food and nutrition go hand in hand. Close your eyes and go, jump. When I went to cooking school I just went for it, I had the time of my life. I have been a chef, restaurant manager and I teach culinary arts. With addition to my degree from the CIA, I have a BA and a M.S. I went through the baking and pastry program and I met so many people and I'm thankful for the way that they shaped my life. It was a great ride...


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