Is Food Service A Young Person's Game?

I'd like to say that one can do this at any age. You need to be a person who has high energy and can put up with a lot. I have been a chef and now am a restaurant manager and a culinary instructor. You enjoy the time that you have on the line or in the restaurant, if you really love it. I am a graduate of the CIA and have spent many many years in restaurants. For me, it was a blast. Many good times and some no so good times. Throwing sautee pans, whip cream fights, you get the picture. Also, as a chef you learn: speed, you learn to have courage when this chips are down and when the bottom goes out you keep going. When I was at the CIA I met many people who were in their 30s and much older 40-60 they wanted a change and something that they could sink their teeth into. It is absolutely amazing what passion allows people to become.

Served: The Accidental Manager

I got to say being a restaurant manager at a chain has been something else. Most days I get up saying what is this? This isn't about the food and it sure isn't about the service. As a chef and chef instrutor I want to vomit working where I work. I do understand that my days working there are numbered as well. I know I need to get out as the company treats its GMs like a bunch of dogs. I miss being a chef I really do and I miss working somewhere real nice as well.

A restaurant junkie

I see what you guys are writing and I am applying for those positions. They are really hard to come by especially with budget cuts etc... High school votech is a dreamy job, just like teaching college! It's where I'd like to end up real soon to be honest, only if it lets me.

A restaurant junkie

Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts

Food and nutrition go hand in hand. Close your eyes and go, jump. When I went to cooking school I just went for it, I had the time of my life. I have been a chef, restaurant manager and I teach culinary arts. With addition to my degree from the CIA, I have a BA and a M.S. I went through the baking and pastry program and I met so many people and I'm thankful for the way that they shaped my life. It was a great ride...

Making Roses

Hey everyone! I need to practice making roses for a competition in a couple of weeks. Does anyone have a good idea of where I can find a place on how to master making roses out of buttercream? Thanks!

French Toast

Hey guys! Who thinks they make the best French Toast? I make French Toast out of Brioche Bread stuffed with Mascarpone Cheese, chocolate chips, Kahula and Baileys! I cook in a sautee pan then I bake it in the oven!

A restaurant junkie

Somedays I'm good with life and other days I'm really not. After my enrollment and completion of the Culinary Institute of America I pursed to do other things. I was a chef and then went to pursue a B.A. in English and then completed a M.S. in Education. I always wanted to teach at some point but there was never a higher point then last semester, I was able to teach cooking in college. It truly was both loves into one. It was an absolute thrill to be able to teach and play with food. There's a big part of me that really misses being in a classroom and there's a real big part of me that wants to be in some sort of chef rol again as I go back and forth about life. Since graduate school, I have been a restaurant manager and a culinary arts instructor as an adjunct at a community college. In my current job as a restaurant manager it's a chain and most days it makes me want to vomit, with their low standards, failure to discipline and their food that is so out dated. The concept is a dying one and they are talking about closing their doors at the end of the year. I know better now then to go and be a "GM" for this company. I'm at the point of what to do next? What will I get hired to do? I need some thoughts, I really do. In graduate school I was a chef, then went to be a restaurant manager and I teach college as an adjunct. I'm at the point of where I want to quit my job, period. I'm tired of the terrible organization, failure to discipline and the poor working environment. I still substitute teach from time to time because I went back to school to be a teacher and to help make a difference in the world. Now I need to make a difference for myself.

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