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School cafeteria olfactory memories

My elementary school used to cook kale every once in a while, and it smelled up the entire wing of the school. It was AWFUL. I still can barely eat kale and similar greens to this day, even when they are cooked well.

SE Staff Picks: Our Detox Foods

Artisanal cottage cheese is a thing! Check out Cowgirl Creamery's... It's absolutely amazing.

What food smell do you hate?

Ever been at a sushi restaurant when they are in the process of cooking (usually with a torch) the eel? It's RETCHED.

Tangy Lemon Frozen Yogurt

Update! I found the citric acid at Whole Foods in the vitamin aisle. :)

Tangy Lemon Frozen Yogurt

I was going to ask the citric acid question too! Regular grocery store?

Ask me your coffee questions!

How about an article about the best way to make iced coffee at home? I'm a fanatic about iced coffee, and right now what I'm doing is making it in my drip machine and letting it cool down before putting ice in it. I know some coffee shops do a cold press, but have no idea how!

What atmosphere turns you on or off when you are dining out?

This may sound curmudgeon-y, but I'm really turned off if there is really loud live music in a restaurant. It's too distracting.

Food you like that everyone else seems to find disgusting

Yes on the Peeps! They make me want to hurl. (Marshmallow things in general do, actually.)

Suggestions for vegetarian weeknight dinners?

Awesome - thanks everyone! These are great suggestions!

How Do You Split the Restaurant Tab with a Big Group?

Just divide it evenly, hands down. This time you may lose, but next time you'll gain. It all works out in the end, especially if you have a tight group of friends. And if over time one person emerges as THAT person - the one who always over orders and under pays - then handle it individually. Besides, it's better to throw down an extra few bucks than be the person who is so anal about money that they won't chip in a bit extra for all of their friends to have a seamless, good time together.

Pumpkin-Spice Latte Roundup: Whole Foods vs. Dunkin' Donuts vs. Starbucks

Peet's (West Coast chain) has the best pumpkin spice lattes in the land! Perfect balance of coffee and pumpkin flavor.

Thanksgiving dinner conversation starters

A friend introduced me to this tradition years ago - at the beginning of the meal, everyone goes around the table and says one thing that they are thankful for. It's simple, and heartfelt, and lovely. Works especially well when there are strangers at the table because it starts conversation and helps people bond quickly.

Poll: Are These Dishes Played Out?

Tuna tartare and fried chicken. I mean, I love them both, but not every restaurant in the world has to have them on the menu!

Chain Gang -- Do you secretly love a chain restaurant??

Cheesecake Factory and Chipotle. Guilty as charged!

We Ate at Pop-Tarts World in Times Square

I'm not sure which article had me gagging more today - this one, or the one about yak testicles. :P

Pizza places in the Bay Area (California) ?

Zachary's in Oakland is the best pizza I've ever had!!!! And yes, Rosso in Santa Rosa is awesome too.

@RossS - are you thinking of Pazzia?

Your childhood favorites: Are they still guilty pleasures?

Hamburger Helper was my absolute favorite when I was a kid, and I still keep some of it around for when I'm feeling down. After a rough day or week I make it to cheer myself up. :)

Do You Have a Favorite Greek Yogurt?

There's a brand called 3 Greek Gods yogurt that makes the absolute BEST pomegranate and honey flavors!!!

Should Junk Food Help Pay for Health Care?

Interesting idea, theoretically, but would NEVER work.

Omitting Soda Pop

I really do enjoy a good old regular coke poured over ice, but I try to limit how much I have one. Maybe once or twice a week...

Canning/Jarring - How Do I Not Kill Myself?

I made strawberry jam for the first time last week and was also kinda daunted by the whole "submerge the jars in boiling water" part. I didn't have any fancy tools and just ended up using a big soup pot and plain old kitchen tongs to get the jars in and out. Aside from being a bit dicey holding the jars with the tongs, everything worked out fine!

Cook the Book: 'Endangered Recipes' by Lari Robling

My fondest childhood food memory is walking out to our backyard garden with my dad, two things in hand - a knife and a salt shaker. We would pick cucumbers and peel and eat them right there. Crisp, fresh, and delicious! I still LOVE cucumbers. :)

What does a young foodie/recent grad need in his kitchen?

I second the George Foreman grill comment! I've had mine for like 10 years and still use it all the time. Plus, it's a great city-dweller gift because most city apartments don't have patios big enough for the real thing.


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