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Steakcraft: Watch Marc Forgione Make a Porterhouse and Steak Tartare at American Cut

@Tupper Cooks, yeah? No flaw in your math, eh? How'd you arrive at "800 or more" then? A couple of porterhouses and a chateau Margaux?
Obviously it depends on how much more you can savor aside from the steak. Personally I don't order desserts at steakhouses - at least not in one sitting. I may order a salad or an appetizer. Based on the price listed above, I would not think my tab for 4 would top 400 bucks.

Steakcraft: Watch Marc Forgione Make a Porterhouse and Steak Tartare at American Cut

@Tupper Cooks, a flaw in your math there. These large portioned porterhouses at supposedly high-end steakhouses are often over 40 oz. and meant to be consumed by two. A table for 4 NY Giants linemen would order 4 porterhouses.

@jedd63, on avg, restaurants charge 3 times the raw ingredient cost. That covers all your fixed and variable costs and a healthy margin usually between 10% to 20%.

Beyond eggs
The website should have everything. There's so far the mayo and egg replacement for baking. It doesn't seem to be commercially released yet. If this thing turns out to be as good as they say it is, could be revolutionary for people with egg allergies and vegetarians/vegans .
There is a whole bunch of clips of media interviews reports and TED talk of the CEO at the bottom of the webpage.

The Food Lab: Vegetables, Salt, and the Science of Perfect Gazpacho

Yeah I don't get it either. If the liquid that you so painstakingly extracted out of the veggies are gonna soak the bread and ultimately be incorporated into the soup, what's the point of extraction? Why not just blend the bread into fine crumbs and blend everything altogether?

Pantry Essentials: All About Fish Sauce

This article hardly amounts to *EVERYTHING* there is to know about fish sauce, does it?

A Slice of Kenya: Building a Pizzeria in Nairobi, Part 1

Awesome dude. Talk about a pizza adventure! Aslo kudos to your parners/bosses who're trying to bring good pizza to the continent.

Smoked Char Siu Pork Shoulder Steaks

I like to try the bone-in loin steak with this recipe and make Smoked Char Siu Pork Chops. Will it not dry out too much in the smoker?

A Late Night Korea Town Food and Bar Crawl

@kimchijjigae, no I have not. Lest you're the type who goes to McDonald's for salad, why the heck would ya want a menu at gam me ok and a place called NY gomtang ?

@joonjoon, gomtang places don't do seollungtang cuz it's a cheap cityfolk substitute for gomtang. But, whatever helps you sleep at night.

@Humbucker, you're just dead wrong about that.

A Late Night Korea Town Food and Bar Crawl

@kimchijjigae, oranges and apples my friend. Gomtang and seollungtang are 2 completely different things. That said, gomtang is usually the richer, more expensive.

A Late Night Korea Town Food and Bar Crawl

@Max Falkowitz, in downtown Seoul, there are places that'll make most manhattan rent look like a joke. Beef is substantially more expensive in South Korea than anywhere in US. So I don't see why the soup has to cost 4 times it does in Seoul. Obviously "outrageously expensive" is a subjective argument. However, 17 dollar seol lung tang is one for the record books.

A Late Night Korea Town Food and Bar Crawl

@robertgoulet, buddae jigae is usually 2 servings or greater. So it's not outrageously expensive. And it's not born out of poverty. It's born out cooking with foods american troops bootlegged out of their food supplies to locals. It's more a novelty dish when it was conceived.

A Late Night Korea Town Food and Bar Crawl

I've had the soup at gam mi ok. It's good. But 17 bucks is beyond outrageous. I'd say 99% of the seol lung tang is sold for no more than 7 dollars in seoul. The soup at 7 star hotel restaurants couldn't be more than 10 bucks. They do the soup pretty well, but 17 bucks is highway robbery.

Brooklyn: New Franny's Going Strong

Any other intel about ovens beside just wood-fired?

Top This: The Salad Pizza (à la Grey Block Pizza)

@TXCraig1, never met a salad pizza that didn't make me frown, but I'd gladly eat yours. Recipe plz!

Grilled MILKimcheeze Sandwich from 'The Kimchi Cookbook'

I'd drain the kimchi to begin with and cook the kimchi with butter for a couple of minutes before proceeding to top the sandwich.

Nicoletta: What Michael White is Really After

Biggest load of crap White ever put out. The biggest and probably the only load of crap Slice ever put out.

Video: Ask Nancy Silverton, Week 3

I'd like to express my gratitude to the folks at SE and Nancy.
Ditto, John W.
It does make sense. With addition of wheat germ, home bakers could expedite fermentation and the dough would less delicate, but more workable and forgiving. Nancy's pizzaioli take extra caution when shaping a round which could be difficult for less-experienced pizza makers.
I also heard a rumor of other grains in the mix such as buckwheat and I wanted to know if there's any truth in that.

My Pie Monday: Bird's Nest Pizza, Pulled Pork, RAMPS(!) and Much More!

A question for @TXCraig1: Were they fresh asparagus? or did you blanch them?

Daily Slice: The Sausage Factory, San Francisco

Good hearty sausage goes a long way, but perhaps not enough to offset the thick doughy crust?

Video: Ask Nancy Silverton, Part I

One pizza master crediting another, awesome! Everyone saw the crumb structure on the bianca, right? What a beaut.