Why the Knish Became New York's Miss Congeniality

@VeganWithaYoYo, Smitten Kitchen has a pretty good knish recipe that could be veganized if you have a go-to egg replacer you like for the dough.

21 Halloween Candies We're Hoarding

Is the coating on sourpatch kids just a combination of sugar and citric acid (available from anywhere that sells canning supplies or sold as "sour salt" at old timey kosher grocery stores)? I think sprinkling that on all manner of things is quite doable!

The Picky Eater Challenge: Helping Kids (and Adults!) Try New Foods Without Tricks

As another resource on this topic, I highly recommend the blog called "The Feeding Doctor." It's written by a pediatrician who specializes in treating children with really intense and complex food issues (for example, adopted kids from food-scarce environments who become completely obsessed with food; or kids who are so picky it becomes a health risk) using Ellyn Satter's Division of Responsibility model. It's very interesting and well-written. I'm not even a parent, but I feel like I learn something every time I read it.

Giveaway: Win a Super-Fast Thermapen Thermometer

I'd apply a british racing green thermapen to ribeye steak on my new (to me) grill.

Cook the Book: 'The Nourished Kitchen' by Jennifer McGruther

pickled green tomatoes!

How to Build a DIY Home Carbonation Rig

Thanks for this!

What You Should Know About Eating Out With Allergies

To clarify, what annoying about peppercorns is that they happen to share a name, "pepper", with stuff from a completely unrelated botanical family. I'm sure being allergy to capsicums as well as peppercorns would be way worse than just one or the other...

What You Should Know About Eating Out With Allergies

My girlfriend has what is possibly the most annoying singular allergy for restaurants - she's allergic to everything in the Capsicum family in a way that will produce serious distress if she eats them (not quite epi pen level yet, but getting there). That includes obvious things like bell peppers and hot peppers, and apparently less obvious things like paprika and pimentos. Annoyingly, it doesn't include peppercorns (black pepper, white pepper, etc.), which we've often had to also explain. I get the impression that a lot of servers think she just doesn't like spicy things and is being dramatic and saying that she says she has an allergy as an excuse to make them take that preference seriously.

It also seems like a minor food trend to put hot peppers in various things that don't normally tend to have the. Hot chocolate and chocolate cake being the most common of these, but once she ordered a home brewed ginger ale which had cayenne pepper in it, without that being noted on the menu or mentioned by the server even though she had already explained about the allergy. It was quite delicious ginger ale (my job is to eat/drink the surprise allergy reject items), but better to know ahead of time.

Win a Serious Eats Edition KettlePizza Baking Steel Combo for Father's Day!

garlic and lots of crushed red pepper flakes

The Easiest Way to Store Grains is a Cheap Plastic Pitcher

That would last about 15 seconds in my pantry before a nice family of moths took up residence in that rice. It's all mason jars for us, not for the hipster pinterest aesthetic, but for the moth-proof seal.

The Food Lab Turbo: How to Make The Best Egg Salad

I like mashing an anchovy or two in with the mayo and/or some red or green curry paste.

Meet the Real Star of Your Favorite Food Travel Shows (It's Not the Host)

This sounds like the most fun job ever!

Cook the Book: 'Simple Thai Food' by Leela Punyaratabandhu

A Brief Guide to the Wonderful World of Entenmann's Doughnuts

I have a lot of Entenmann's nostalgia! For whatever reason, Entenmann's products were some of the most reliably mass-produced snack foods that were both easily available and kosher, so they were staples of the Heberew schools and Jewish summer camps I attended in the 80s and early 90s. The mini chocolate chip cookies were definitely my favorites as a kid, and those are the only one of their products that I still unabashedly love. I definitely used to really dig those chocolate frosted donuts, though, and whatever their cheese danish strudel thing was called.

Can I Substitute Dried Beans for Canned?

Pressure cooker is definitely the way to go. No soaking; 20 minutes cooking time instead of two hours; and much more consistent results.

Taste Test: We Try Every SodaStream Soda Syrup Flavor

"Much like Kenji did the Chick-Fil-A hack, it would be great to do a SodaStream hack too."
Yes! That set an awesome precedent for SE's concerns around social justice issues. Y'all should keep it up.

What is your favourite kosher food?

Thanks! That totally makes sense. I'll have to try making a version of it this Passover.

Also on the topic of Jewish foods, I recently tried this recipe for sweetened coffee with egg yolks that taken from the cookbook of a famous-in-its-time kosher dairy restaurant in Vilnius Lithuania. I think it would make an excellent post-workout recovery drink.

Moving from SoCal to New England

I agree with many of the above posters. Just wanted to point you to another resource. Jane and Michael Stern, who wrote Roadfood and (I think?) run are or were based out of CT, so there are a lot of great recommendations and reviews on their website of places in the southern New England area. My favorite places I've discovered from there are Allie's Donuts and Hartley's Pork Pies, both in Rhode Island.

What is your favourite kosher food?

From the Ashkenazi playbook: all-beef salami; cheese blintzes; cabbage soup. I'd probably pick something from the herring family, if it didn't happen to threaten to make my throat close up.

From the rest of the Jewish universe (which I woefully know much less about): this lemony egg drop soup I once had at a passover seder at the home of a family of Greek Jews.

Open Thread: White Chocolate, Yay or Nay?

It's worth hunting down a good single origin bar of white chocolate, just to know what the real stuff tastes like before it's deodorized to make a consistent product out of inconsistent source ingredients. I still don't love the stuff, but I appreciate it more now that I've tried the single origin version.

Taste Test: We Try Every SodaStream Soda Syrup Flavor

SodaStream is based in an illegal Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank. I love seltzer as much as the next guy, but this is not a company I'll be giving any money to anytime soon. But, if y'all wanted to do a product test on some more ethically manufactured alternatives to SodaStream or a post on how to hack your SodaStream to be able to use cartridges that you can refill yourself, I'd be all over it.

Do I Need to Soak My Grains?

Try baked oatmeal recipes. Baking won't eliminate the slime factor, but it does cut it down significantly.

A Very Unofficial Snack Cake Field Guide

My dad had a long obsession with tasty kake's chcolate chip cookie bars for several years when I was a kid. He used to keep them tucked away in the crevices of the freezer. They're actually much less dry than you'd expect, and not at all bad for a convenience store cookie. Very similar to the Entenmann's chocolate chip cookies (that's a whole other line of snack food products, maybe worth investigating?), but in bar form.

Are Shooter's Sandwiches Really Worth a Damn?

Yeah, it feels like a waste of a nice steak to me. Though, my main problem would be with the monotonous texture. I think textural variation is crucial in not violating the sandwich prime directive. I don't imagine anything you put in there that starts out crunchy would stay crunchy for long.

The Best Calzones I've Ever Had at Jeannette's Bakery in Providence, RI

I pass right by there a couple times a month for work and stop in for a calzone every now and again - prompted at first by that interview with Matt Jennings. They're definitely pretty tasty things, and enormous relative to their price, but the quality of ingredients is suspicious enough that I'd hesitate before calling them 'the best' of anything. I tend to like the calzones that have red sauce better, because they use some sort of low moisture mozzarella blend in those. But the spinach filled ones and the cheese steak style have what seems like a super processed white American cheese in them (the kind that has so much oil or stabilizers or whatever that it kind of sticks to the roof of your mouth). I try to avoid thinking about what kind of (trans-fat-laden?) oil they're using to grease the pans and get those delicious crispy fried corners and bottoms. But, in comparison, LaSalle Bakery on Admiral St just a mile or two away, has calzones that are $1-2 more expensive and half the size.

How to make DIY seitan fattier?

I cook regularly for my vegetarian girlfriend and vegetarian housemate, and pretty much know my way around the standard veggie proteins and mock-meat products. Sometimes I make seitan (starting with powdered wheat gluten) to use as a meat-substitute in various usually-meaty applications (seitan pot roast, seitan banh mi, seitan gyros, etc.) These are always slightly disappointing, because the texture always seems too dry/not fatty enough to me (though the vegetarians are always happy with it), even when I've pan fried slices of the seitan in coconut oil or butter. This is especially true in sandwich situations where there's already a bunch of bread in the mix.

If any of you all are experienced seitan makers or just know about gluten and chemistry: do you think there's a good/best way to incorporate fat into the seitan? Like putting oil directly into the dough mixture? Or into the broth when it's boiling? Or maybe slicing it after the fact and making seitan confit? It looks super porous. Some of that fat would have to absorb, right?

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