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How to Take the Temperature of Your Turkey

@Kenji I am doing your famous turducken recipe for the second time this year. When I did it three years ago, I think by the time it was done, the turkey layer was 165 but the other layers were slightly cooler. This is fine right since the other layers had already been cooked to a safe temp? (No one got sick three years ago but wanted to make sure I didn't just get lucky!)

Let It Bleed (Humanely): We Taste the Vegan "Impossible" and "Beyond" Burgers

Is over-processing a legitimate concern here? My major concern is health (vs. ethics), and I try to eat less meat for that reason, but this seems a bit too much like lab-grown frakenfood.

The Best Way to Clean Your Filthy Microplane, Zester, or Grater

Just came in to say: Also pleasantly surprised to see Jolie on here! I've loved your Deadspin articles for a long time.

Any chance you can do one on how to clean the weird burnt on bits from the inside of my Le Creuset (and also the weird discoloration on the outside)?

How to Season and Maintain a Wooden Cutting Board

Is it okay to use wood boards for both veggies and meats? With plastic I usually just give it a quick scrub in between, but not sure about wood.

Combine Cheesecake and Blueberry Pie Into One Gluten-Free Dessert

This looks amazing! I'm a big fan of both blueberry pie and cheesecake, so I need an excuse to make this. I assume if I'm not gluten-free, I can use a regular pie crust?

Peruvian Jalea is the Fried Seafood Dish to Rule Them All

@badseed1980, it is 200% worth checking out! The food is great, it's a 5 minute walk from the Blue Line, and you can go for shaved ice at the little store around the back on the other side of the block (the name escapes me right now).

Peruvian Jalea is the Fried Seafood Dish to Rule Them All

Looks amazing! I'll have to order this next time we go to our favorite Peruvian place (Rincon Limeno in East Boston). It's translated as a pretty boring "fried fish and calamari" on the menu, so I never thought to choose it.

Kenji's Excellent Asian Adventures, Part 4: The Long, Smelly Road to Chengdu

Back around 2000, if you could not buy train tickets, you would just find the closest, friendliest looking railway employee and pay him/her a bribe to get the "unavailable" tickets for you. Not sure if this still works. Since 2000, whenever I've needed train tickets, I get the hotel concierge to buy them.

The Best Ice Cream in Boston, 2015 Edition

I was typing quickly and I used the term "North Shore" a bit too loosely, so apologies if these are somewhat far away. The ones I like up "north" from Boston are Sully's in Chelmsford, Bensons in Andover, and White Farms in Ipswich. What is 100% in the North Shore proper and amazing though are roast beef sandwiches...yum! Nick's Roast Beef is a good place to start.

The Best Ice Cream in Boston, 2015 Edition

I always tell people that if they want the true New England style ice cream experience, you really have to leave the immediate Boston area! North Shore and NH have much better ice cream by far, and at a fraction of the price (although I do have a big soft spot for Toscanini's). My personal favorite is Lago's in Rye NH. Very, very occasionally (like 1 in 15 times), they will have a bad batch that is too icy, but when it's good...oh my's perfect!

San Francisco's Dandelion Makes the Case for American Chocolate

Have you had Burdick's single origin bars? I'm curious how they compare to the Dandelion ones. The Burdick ones were kind of a revelation for me in that the chocolate actually had distinct layers of flavor like wine, and I'm not even sure that they're that high-caliber compared to Dandelion.

Skip the Pasta and Make Lasagna With Polenta Instead

I just made something like this for dinner last night! Layers of polenta with gorgonzola, tomato sauce, and eggplant, topped with some breadcrumbs for a bit of crunch. I used your polenta technique and it turned out amazing. I roasted the sliced eggplant the night before and used Rao's sauce, so all I had to do was make polenta and the whole thing came together very quickly.

Knife Skills: How to Cut an Airline Chicken Breast

Do a search for Kenji's turducken recipe from a few years ago. The first step to deboning the birds there is to remove the wishbone. It's pretty easy - just 2 cuts and some pulling.

How to Make the Ultimate Poutine

POUTINE!!! On my annual trip to Quebec, one of our first stops is always Chez Ashton. Nothing fancy but really, really good basic poutine: fresh Ile d'Orleans potatoes, amazing gravy, and daily fresh cheese curds...mmm...

How to Make the Best Italian-American Meatball Sandwich

Actually, one question: Any tips on how I can keep Italian rolls fresh for 24 hours? (or is it impossible to do that without them going stale?) I suspect most of the Italian bakeries in my area are going to be closed Sunday, so I was hoping to grab rolls on Saturday instead.

How to Make the Best Italian-American Meatball Sandwich

Yes! After seeing your meatball recipe, I had already planned on making subs for the Playoffs on Sunday. Thank you!

The Food Lab: Better-Than-Twix Chocolate-Covered Caramel-Filled Shortbread Cookies

@rbrock1225: Like alfajores! Love the idea, and excited to see Kenji's response on whether it would work.

I was already going to do the rugelach recipe from last week for xmas, now I have to add this to the list as well.

The Stuffing Waffle Croque Madame: The Ultimate Day-After-Thanksgiving Breakfast Sandwich

This looks amazing! I sadly do not own a waffle iron, but I think I'm going to try something similar with your stuffing-pull apart rolls that I'll be making. Sort of an open-faced croque monsieur with stuffing rolls instead of and English muffin?

An Easy Thanksgiving Menu for Two

@AndroidUser Totally agree! Team dark meat all the way!

Also, my version of "Thanksgiving for 2" (which I've done several times before) is to cook a normal Thanksgiving meal and have leftovers for a few days longer than usual :)

The Best Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Can I reheat these by just nuking them in the microwave? Maybe like 1 minute -> stir -> another minute -> stir and so on? Just trying to simplify to fit in all the cooking tasks on Thanksgiving. Can't wait to try this!

It's 2014 and Spatchcocking Is Still the Fastest, Easiest, Best Way to Roast a Turkey

So...can I spatchcock a turducken? I feel like that's the logical next step here.

Use Your Potato Masher To Break Up Ground Meat in the Skillet

I've been doing the same thing with my pastry cutter. I don't own a masher, and after seeing Kenji's tip to use one on recipes, I thought my cutter would be a good alternative. It works great, but obviously be careful not to scratch up your pan. Also, since I always make pie crust in a food processor now (also thanks to Kenji), this is the best use for it.

The Food Lab: How to Make the Best Creamy White Chili With Chicken

I was just thinking that I've run out of Kenji comfort food recipes for the weekend (after doing your chop suey, and then your cassoulet, and then your baked creamy pasta for the last 3 Sundays), but now I am saved! Chili it is!

Traditional French Cassoulet

I made it in a large Le Creuset. I'm not sure what size it is, but the diameter is approx 14". It fits 4 chicken legs pretty easily. And (see my comment) mine turned out great after about 3 hours in the oven.

Traditional French Cassoulet

AMAZING recipe! I made this yesterday and didn't even cook it for as long as stated and it was delicious. Due to a mix of starting too late and screwing up the instructions (left lid on for first 2 hours), I only baked it uncovered for ~2 hours, breaking the crust twice. I still got flavorful, creamy beans and incredibly tender meat with a nice crust.


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