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Win a Copy of 'Heritage'

sufferin' succotash

Pack Your Picnic Basket Like a Pro: Essential Gadgets for Your Next Outing

another for that serious eats tote. IT'S TOO CUTE

Bake the Book: Ample Hills Creamery: Secrets and Stories from Brooklyn's Favorite Ice Cream Shop

The 20 Best New Sour Beers in the World

Evil Twin's Justin Blåbær!!!!!!!!
great post. very informative. one question -- I've noticed that some sours are also saisons? Is a sour just another characteristic of a beer in addition to being an IPA, saison, stout, what have you?

Brooklyn bars that serve tacos?

looks awesome. AND they have lengua! thanks, erik.

Where to purchase fresh offal in NYC?

Thanks, Kenji. I went back to Fleisher's actually and found out that you can order chicken hearts from them in advance. The guy I talked to last time was probably new or something... They carry beef heart too, which I cooked over the weekend. Very tasty and good quality.

17 Great Cold Noodles in New York for Hot Summer Days

don't forget Ganso's summer noodles!

Cook the Book: 'Hiroko's American Kitchen'

Any cooked rice in my home automatically gets the sushi seasoning treatment (rice vinegar, mirin, sugar). Fish heads never go to waste.

Where to purchase fresh offal in NYC?

Hi there,
I want to get into cooking with offal but am having a hard time finding trustworthy grocery stores or butchers to buy.

The chicken hearts I bought from a grocery store in Chinatown (can't remember which but it was close to the Grand BD stop) turned out to be moldy and Fleisher's in Brooklyn doesn't sell chicken hearts (though they have livers).

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I am looking for any kind of hearts and offal in general. I live in Fort Greene so anything in Brooklyn or Manhattan is convenient.


How to Cook Lao Food Like a Pro

Food from Laos is a rare find in the U.S., which is one of the reasons chef Jeannie Ongkeo secret Lao dinner menu, the only example of homestyle Lao cuisine in New York, is so popular with Southeast Asian food fans. We spent a night cooking with her; here's the cuisine through her eyes. More

Meet & Eat: Chichi Wang, Serious Eats Intern

Note: There's another intern in our midst! Chichi Wang has already impressed us with the first installment of her Serious Eats series, The Nasty Bits, and we're expecting a whole lot more. Say hello to Chichi! Name: Chichi Wang Location: New York City Occupation: I eat, I write, I repeat. To make money and get health insurance, I work for a corporation I'd rather not discuss. URL: Guilty pleasures? I don't think there's such a thing. In moderation, all pleasures are by nature good for one's well-being. That being said, I have a huge weakness for fried dough in large quantities--beignets, Chinese cruellers, sopapillas--if it's fried and contains flour, I'm there. Describe your perfect meal. Pounds of live Dungeness... More

Tripe Chili

[Photograph: Chichi Wang] Adapted from The Best Chili Ever by J. Kenji Alt-Lopez. About the author: Chichi Wang took her degree in philosophy, but decided that writing about food would be much more fun than writing about Plato. She firmly... More

The Food Lab: The Best Way to Make Carnitas (Without a Bucket of Lard!)

Carnitas. The undisputed king of the taco cart. The Mexican answer to American pulled pork, at their best they should be moist, juicy, and ultra-porky with the rich, tender texture of a French confit, and riddled with plenty of well-browned crisp edges. Our version is easier than the traditional bucket-of-lard method, and produces results that are juicier and more flavorful. More

The Best (Mostly Cheap) Eats on St. Marks Place in the East Village

Restaurants on St. Marks Place come and go, but most share one thing in common: they're all about affordable eating. From Japanese hot dogs to chocolate pudding to great sliders, there's no shortage of cheap eats on this one street alone. To help you get the best bang for your buck, here's our guide to the best eating on (or just off) St. Marks between Cooper Square and Tompkins Square Park. More

The Best Taiwanese Shaved Ice in New York

There are a million international varieties of shaved ice, but Taiwanese-style holds a special place in my heart. While some have fruit toppings, you'll traditionally find sweetened beans, jellies, taro root, and related goodies, tied together with a generous drizzle of brown sugar syrup, and if you're lucky, a hit of oh-so-sweet condensed milk. No wonder I was determined to find New York City's perfect bowl. I pared the list down to 11 spots in Manhattan and Flushing—and found the best shaved ice in New York. More

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Chris Santos's Lower East Side

Cutting a tattooed figure as a judge on "Chopped" and in the neighborhood restaurants he owns and cooks in (last year's Beauty & Essex and the celebrity-studded Stanton Social), Chris Santos is something of a Lower East Side legend. When he's not running two busy kitchens, he's rocking out in the neighborhood, grabbing late night gyros to fuel an '80s dance party or scarfing down tacos at the Essex Street Market. Read on for Chris's greatest hits of the LES. More

Carnitas El Atoradero Serves the Mexican Home Cooking We've Been Waiting For

Until recently, the only way to enjoy owner Denisse "Lina" Chavez's cooking was to eat your picadata while leaning against the narrow store's shelves. Now she has opened up a full restaurant in the former pint-sized Mexicocina space next door. At first glance, the restaurant reads like an basic taqueria, with a menu that mostly lists antojitos and seating for about ten. But take a second look and you'll see that Carnitas El Atoradero is where you go to order the food you never get at your local taqueria. This is the home-style cooking, way beyond the taco, that New York needs. More