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The 20 Best New Sour Beers in the World

Evil Twin's Justin Blåbær!!!!!!!!
great post. very informative. one question -- I've noticed that some sours are also saisons? Is a sour just another characteristic of a beer in addition to being an IPA, saison, stout, what have you?

Brooklyn bars that serve tacos?

looks awesome. AND they have lengua! thanks, erik.

Where to purchase fresh offal in NYC?

Thanks, Kenji. I went back to Fleisher's actually and found out that you can order chicken hearts from them in advance. The guy I talked to last time was probably new or something... They carry beef heart too, which I cooked over the weekend. Very tasty and good quality.

Cook the Book: 'Hiroko's American Kitchen'

Any cooked rice in my home automatically gets the sushi seasoning treatment (rice vinegar, mirin, sugar). Fish heads never go to waste.