I try to infuse a healthy diet for the future, never skimping on taste, indulging into foodie recipes when I have the time, use my mothers and grandmothers recipes when possible, finding refuge in the quick and easy and keeping my budget happy.

  • Location: Minnesota
  • Favorite foods: Oh my, this is a hard one. I would have to say anything that came from my Mothers kitchen! Love it!
  • Last bite on earth: It depends on what kind of day it is. I find that the weather has a sneaky way of influencing my appetite. Living in Minnesota we get to endure the cold winters, unpredictable springs, warm summers and cozy falls.

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What's the difference between dulce de lechce and caramel

Ok so do I call my newly flavored ice cream:
1. Ginger Caramel
2. Ginger Dulce de Leche

:) It doesn't really matter since the only recipe request are from my Mom and Sister...but, since were on the topic....thought I'd ask

What's the difference between dulce de lechce and caramel

Here's the skinny:) I'm in the process of naming an AWESOME desert that I made for the holidays. I fused a ginger cake recipe with caramel ice cream. A relative of mine said that I should name the desert "Ginger Dulce de Leche"
BUT is Dulce de Leche confusing? I mean, is it common knowledge the dulce be leche is another term for caramel?:)
Enlighten me Please:)

What's the difference between dulce de lechce and caramel

SO is there a difference? Or, does one just sound fancier?

Omelettes mmmm good

I second KTMc24 - but would switch up the cheese to a pepper jack:)

My mother-in-law's wrath...

Thanks for this Tip! I will check it out!

My mother-in-law's wrath... looks like the retail is just over 5 bucks for the, but now I have have some proof in the pudding ( in this case gelato) HA!
I am still debating on printing out the definitions! Love it!

My mother-in-law's wrath...

OK! I have one that will put the MIL to rest!
I took your advice and went to whole foods over my lunch break.
I picked up 4 flavors... two from Caio Bella and Two form Talenti
...18 bucks(groan)... later I've found it!
Talenti's Carmel Cookie Crunch is amazing!
Caio Bella's was pretty good too...but in comparing ingredients and texture ... I like the Talenti's .
All and all worth the money. But! if you have any other suggestions let me hear um!

My mother-in-law's wrath...

What a fountain on knowledge! I love this site!
I live in St. Paul Minnesota ( where it is currently +18 degrees outside!)
We do have Whole Foods..I think I'm going to run out over lunch and pick up some options...I'll keep you posted on what I find!

My mother-in-law's wrath...

Ha! I love the part 2 on that one:)

I was thinking about buying all of the brands and having her "educate" me...however, I see pros and cons to that effort!

My mother-in-law's wrath...

So is it even worth trying the freezer section stuff?

Gelato for the holidays?

Is there a specific brand? I tried Ciao was pretty much like ice cream:)


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