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Ultimate Birthday Cake From 'Baked Occasions'

Nearly every cookbook has one crowning jewel of a recipe. One big, beautiful must-try. In the case of Baked Occasions, this is that recipe. Three layers of densely spongy "very vanilla" cake are enveloped in layers of bright white frosting and coated with rainbow sprinkles. Cutting into the cake reveals more sprinkles, folded into the cake batter. The effect is childlike and utterly charming, with the innocent sweetness of vanilla providing the perfect backdrop. More

Derby Cookies From 'Baked Occasions'

To say that Matt and Renato, authors of Baked Occasions are fans of bourbon would be an understatement. They've made pies, cakes, and ice creams featuring the boozy, woodsy liquor. These Derby cookies were crafted in honor of the Kentucky Derby, bite-sized and perfect for a party. Even if you're not celebrating Derby Day, these cookies are delicious with or without an oversized hat. More

Salted Caramel Soufflé From 'Baked Occasions'

Crafted for the late, great Julia Child, this salty-sweet soufflé from Baked Occasions celebrates the life of a woman who found her calling at fifty, and who taught her audience the secrets of French cooking in the comfort of their own kitchens. Make this to celebrate a great woman in your life, or anyone who has achieved lofty heights and sweet success (much like a caramel soufflé). More

The Stumptown Shorty From 'Ovenly'

Sure, most shortbread seems the same on the surface. But break one of these babies apart and you'll see glassy hunks of burnt sugar, and a speckling that comes from finely ground espresso. To further the freshly-roasted flavor, this recipe from Ovenly calls for two tablespoons of cold-brew coffee as well. More

Hazelnut Maple Cookies With Orange Zest From 'Ovenly'

Beginning with a base of ground hazelnuts, these cookies get an extra dose of sweetness from a tablespoon of dark maple syrup, as well as a generous roll in maple sugar. It's an Ovenly version of a similar Italian biscotto, where pistachios are ground and bound with egg whites, sugar and lemon zest. In a clever move, the lemon zest is traded for orange, which fits much better with maple's almost malty flavor. More

Win a Copy of 'Ovenly'

Though their venture was not preceded by a lifelong friendship or even a business partnership, Erin Patinkin and Agatha Kulaka's shared Eastern European heritage had instilled a love of cooking and eating in them both, along with a love of experimenting and perfecting their own recipes. If you're looking for a book that's as fun to read as it is to bake from, Ovenly is a great pick. Not convinced? Bake along with us and find out for yourself. More

Pear Whole-Wheat Crumb Cake From 'Huckleberry'

The dense, nutty flavor of this cake from Zoe Nathan's Huckleberry reminds me of the skin of a Bosc pear: tan and textured, but ultimately yielding to something sweet. And it's no coincidence that this cake boasts three pears' worth of fruit. They're used to separate a layer of oat and almond flour crumble, and a wheat germ and rye flour-flavored cake. It's just as homey and welcoming as you'd expect. More

Chocolate Chocolate Teacake From 'Huckleberry'

A name so nice, they said it twice. In this recipe from the new Huckleberry cookbook, author Zoe Nathan layers melted and chopped dark chocolate over a foundation of cocoa powder and strong coffee to make a dark, densely delicious teatime cake. Of course, teatime can be extended to mean anytime, which is lucky for you. More

Win a Copy of 'Huckleberry'

Huckleberry isn't just photographed beautifully and written well enough that paging through it is a delight—most importantly, you realize that yes, you can make everything you see. And you most definitely should. More

Marble Chocolate-Cheesecake Brownies From 'The Everyday Art of Gluten-Free'

A dense, fudgy brownie seems easy enough to make without flour; after all, isn't there flourless chocolate cake? The Everyday Art of Gluten-Free answers that question with marbled cheesecake brownies that are still plenty dense, but with a cake-like quality that supports the weight of a pound of cream cheese, thanks to author Karen Morgan's Cookie Jar Blend. More

Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie From 'The Everyday Art of Gluten-Free'

Ah, the glorious chocolate chip cookie. Crispy, chewy, salt-dusted, or just sweet—no matter the variation, it's an American stand-by. But until recently, a reliable, equally satisfying gluten-free version of the classic was not common. The Everyday Art of Gluten-Free beautifully mimics that tender yet crisp chocolate-chip balance, without relying on standard flour. More

Win a Copy of 'The Everyday Art of Gluten-Free'

After Chef Karen Morgan was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2002, she slipped into what she describes as a culinary depression. Rather than resign herself to a life of rice pasta and hedonistic fantasies of wheat, Morgan took it upon herself to discover if, and how, the textures and flavors of well-loved gluten-dense foods could be replicated. The results? Her masterful new cookbook, The Everyday Art of Gluten-Free. More

Banana Split No-Bake Greek Yogurt Cheesecake From 'Seriously Delish'

Indulge in a little no-bake bliss with this cheesecake from Seriously Delish. Greek yogurt is mixed in alongside cream cheese, with a little sweetened condensed milk for, well, sweetness. It's tart, creamy, but not too dense; just the kind of cake you can enjoy more than once in a while. The simple base allows for all kinds of toppings, an assortment of which are suggested. Feel free to eat it plain or switch it up entirely. More

Gluten-Free Almond and Pistachio Cake From 'The Ginger & White Cookbook'

This dessert was developed for Tonia George's young daughter, who was diagnosed with Celiac disease. Not wanting to exclude her from enjoying sweets, The Ginger & White Cookbook author came up with this Middle Eastern-inspired loaf cake heavily flavored with pistachios and lemon. It's a crumbly take on pound cake, made super-sweet with the addition of a sugar and rosewater syrup. More

Orange and Almond Tray Bake From 'The Ginger & White Cookbook'

A "tray bake" sounds like a peculiar thing, but it merely references a sweet dish baked in a rectangular container, cut into pieces—we're talking everything from brownies to fruit bars to sheet cakes. This iteration from The Ginger & White Cookbook may look to be a standard orange sponge, but that's far from the case: Ground almonds and egg form the base of the cake, with a flavorful orange purée folded into the mix. More

Ultimate Birthday Cake From 'Baked Occasions'

@mollysimmons73: Nice! Sounds like you really got in there to get it done, good work!

@melchelf: I've gotta find me a Mennonite bulk store. I had no idea.

Ultimate Birthday Cake From 'Baked Occasions'

@melchelf & @asianjewishdeli: The cake in the photo has definitely had its levels modified a bit; that's dentist-office white, and that's not easily achieved in a home kitchen. I personally didn't try making the frosting with shortening, but powdered sugar would help keep things bright white, I think.

@avivi: being that butter is already being called for, doubling the amount of butter wouldn't cause a disaster, I don't think - but it might suffer a bit texture-wise.

@melchelf: as for the sprinkles, Wilton makes a decent sprinkle (as referenced in one of the comments above). I'm trying to find the sprinkles I used, will update. I'm just thinking right now, nonpareils might be awesome to use, and add a nice little crunch.

Ultimate Birthday Cake From 'Baked Occasions'

@asianjewishdeli & jenawithonen: Sounds like you guys had vastly different experiences! Sorry it didn't work out for you, jen, glad it did work for you, asianjewishdeli!

Ultimate Birthday Cake From 'Baked Occasions'

@atg117: In my experience, yes, they are all waxy, but some taste like candle wax while others are sweet and pleasant with a slightly waxy feel.

@PommeDG: Right, the up to 1 1/2 cups was meant to indicate the outside of the cake. Sorry that wasn't clear.

Ultimate Birthday Cake From 'Baked Occasions'

@Frenchsoda: Yes to the clear vanilla! Apologies for not mentioning it.

The Best Apple Crisp

Cool, thanks! It does save time, but I think I might peel mine.

Making now!

The Best Apple Crisp

So, we shouldn't peel the apples?

Gooey Honey Blondies From 'Ovenly'

@erikivy: Welcome! I say snag a bottle of honey and try these out. They're easy enough to make :)

Hazelnut Maple Cookies With Orange Zest From 'Ovenly'

@scrootch Not exactly. The egg whites in a recipe of brutti ma buoni are whipped, which creates a meringue-like texture. Here, the egg whites are not whipped, just folded in with the rest of the ingredients.

Gooey Honey Blondies From 'Ovenly'

Hmmm, I think the molasses might make them a LITTLE too malty...and maple syrup is definitely thinner than honey. So while combining the two (molasses and maple) would give you the right texture, I'm not so sure about flavor. You could certainly try, though!

Hazelnut Maple Cookies With Orange Zest From 'Ovenly'

Since we're going by weight and not volume, I would say a pound of hazelnuts weighs the same as a pound of ground hazelnuts, and so a pound of the flour can be used in this recipe.

Gooey Honey Blondies From 'Ovenly'

No worries, Karen! They certainly are dense little guys. I'm glad that you were pleased with the addition of a little salt. Very much welcome, Ovenly is a lovely book.

Manner Matters: How to Deal With Lateness

I agree with your advice 100%, Molly! I myself have a window I abide by, similar to some commenters here. I have to say I must be blessed; the housewarming I threw had a 6pm start time, which I never intended to be stringent; regardless, I had friends contact me beforehand asking if it was all right that they showed up a bit later. I appreciated their forethought, and would think that's something a chronically late person might adopt - a little heads-up goes a long way.

Chocolate Chocolate Teacake From 'Huckleberry'

@pourgirl: Sweet!

@impuzzled: Right?

@ecca31: Sounds like a couple people had an overflowing issue - super powerful baking powder/soda, perhaps? Glad you enjoyed.

@beckyleeprice: Exactly what adgvx2000 said.

@BakerRB: Loaf pan on cookie sheet would be the way to go! And "smoked sea salt" is a great idea.

Chocolate Chocolate Teacake From 'Huckleberry'

@mikeyg83: Why thank you!

Chocolate Chocolate Teacake From 'Huckleberry'

@Rice Bowl: It's fine to substitute AP flour for the pastry flour indicated.

@AJStewart: I wouldn't go with orange juice, but perhaps red wine? I've made red wine chocolate cakes before, and the results were rather interesting.

Baked Apples With Oat Crumble From 'Huckleberry'

@salsasis14: Check out my recommendations here: http://www.seriouseats.com/2014/09/baked-apples-with-oat-crumble-from-huckleberry.html?ref=title

Basically, I prefer Granny Smith because I like a little less sweetness.

Baked Apples With Oat Crumble From 'Huckleberry'

@plazamaorb: Exactly what I thought - the "tips & tweaks" part of the post mentions subbing cider for juice.

Gramercy Tavern's German Chocolate Cake

No, that doesn't seem right.

Jelly-Filled Donuts From 'The Everyday Art of Gluten-Free'

@NigellaBleu: It can if you want it to :)

@HumptyDancingRobot: One batch of the Donut & Fritter blend, as it appears in the recipe, makes 5 1/2 cups. To make these donuts, you will need 2 batches of choux paste. To make one batch of choux paste, you need 1/2 cup + 3 tablespoons Donut & Fritter blend. To make the two required batches of choux paste, you need twice that, so 1 cup + 6 tablespoons of D&F blend.

In step 3, the choux paste instructions, you are adding the amount specified for choux paste, not the entire 5 cups of D&F blend.

Step 4 dictates the dough CAN be refrigerated, and gives instructions how. In Step 4, you've just made the dough, so Step 5 tells you to chill it in order to make the donuts. Choux paste is used in several recipes in the book, so there are standardized choux paste instructions + individualized recipe instructions that were combined here.

I doubled the quantities of choux paste ingredients and changed the instructions accordingly. Should be crystal clear now.

Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie From 'The Everyday Art of Gluten-Free'

@Satosan: doing doughnuts next Wednesday!

Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie From 'The Everyday Art of Gluten-Free'

@lil_brown_bat: This recipe comes from a cookbook that named the recipe; we reprint them as we see them! I'm sure it can get confusing.

Le Pop Tart From 'The Everyday Art of Gluten-Free'

@hbo619: We'll be making those next week!

Le Pop Tart From 'The Everyday Art of Gluten-Free'

@hungryprof link is above the recipe.

New York Essentials: 10 Must-Eat Desserts in NYC

Gotta try that bun!

Knife Skills: How to Debone a Chicken Thigh

Recipes often call for boneless skinless chicken thighs, yet finding them in supermarkets can be a bit of a hassle. You're far more likely to find bone-in thighs or even whole legs. Knowing how to take that bone out yourself will save you some hassle and provide you with some good bones for making stock in the process. Here's how to do it. More