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Ask The Food Lab Anything, Thanksgiving Edition 2013

It's nifty that the turchetta only need 10 minutes to rest, but what if I have a couple of casseroles that need to bake off at ~350-ish after the turchetta comes out of the 275-degree oven? Will it be safe to let it sit for, say, 90-ish minutes? (I'll be doing a green bean casserole and the Cook's Illustrated stuffing that is topped with a turkey wing for flavor.) If the turchetta *is* safe to rest for that long, I'll probably need to re-heat it somehow before carving and serving, yes? Maybe instead of searing it before it goes in the oven, I should pop it in a 500-degree oven after its long rest for browning and reheating purposes? Have I answered my own questions?


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