Have a ridiculous and consuming love affair with food. Among my many interests and pursuits, it is the most ardent love of mine. I'm a college student of business and an independent artist. And a walking food encyclopedia.

  • Location: Gulf Coast
  • Favorite foods: pizza, of the gourmet and 'California' variety. I make them with anything and everything; eat them everywhere. I also believe a simply roasted chicken is near favorite.
  • Last bite on earth: anything primal and earthy and unctuous, be it very ripe cheese or any 'organ' goodies.

So you woke up hungover.... Breakfast and Dinner 01/01/10?

this thread is funny; a necessary thing to deal with for most of us!

This morning I attacked some leftover (take out from sister's work place) barbecued pork nachos. I went on and on how great those made me feel-- [soggy] salty tortilla chips, kick ass bbq sauce, gooey nacho cheese.... ahhh!

we will have dinner out tonight, the place is yet to be decided.

@rumanddiet: haha wow!

I Eat Because It's Tradition

hmm, yes; my mother's family has always EATEN THE SAME TRADITIONAL MEAL FOR T-GIVING AND CHRISTMAS!

don't get me wrong, I love the nostalgia and the respect attached, the food is tasty. but it is all 1950s food: ugly as hell to look at, and really pretty weird. (lots of canned stuff, marshmallows in 'fruit salad', etc.) this includes a killer southern cornbread dressing, though.

so some of the dubious-seeming dishes I enjoy, anyway, with appreciation.

(however, last christmas i was given license to do the meal completely myself, and i totally changed the menu to a beautiful bounty of my own!)

Your Starch, Veg, Fruit, Meat, Liqour, Guilty Pleasure of Choice

i cant believe how many identify potatoes as favorites!!

Your Starch, Veg, Fruit, Meat, Liqour, Guilty Pleasure of Choice

artisan bread, peppers, (or mushrooms if they count as veg), peaches, pork, vino, and ice cream

Food is sexy.....

I SO SO SO AGREE. I wrote a thread about this a couple months ago.
truly, though, its naturally the interaction between person and food that is so sexy. or between two people and the food. that dynamic really can be SUCH a turn on.

Let's talk turkey...or not!! What's for dinner Dec. 1?

Ahh, havent written on the site in a while!

I did have a bit of my leftover CHICKEN LIVER PATE from T Giving. On crackers. Along with a veggie burger. Ha! The silly things I eat when I'm at school. Poverty food--but always find money for that large vino bottle!

Is dating a picky eater a dealbreaker for anyone?!

AHHHH I cannot cannot do relationships with picky eaters. Nope. Wayyyy too many implications there. That's just me; it would snuff out a lot of pleasure in my life.

Thanksgiving Day Appetizer Suggestions

chicken liver or foie pate and croutons! autumnal and preview of luscious meal to come.

Tipping on Alcohol

THis is so very interesting to read!!!
@ yayfood: as a student of business in Hospitality Mangement, i agree with your contentions entirely! BUT, if I were ever chased and it was implied that ,'hey, need to fork over a hell of a lot more'..that would just be so very unprofessional and repellent.

The Most Unhealthy Thing You've Ever Made


holy poo! that sounds f'in delish! and insanely naughty,naughty!

The Most Unhealthy Thing You've Ever Made



except I call it "the Robert Redford cake"! the very idea of whom is better than sex, to me. haha.

This cake I will make for my younger brother--one of his favorite things-- when I feel like being sweet. Okay, 'for my brother' is probably just an excuse.

BUT THAT GOOEY, TERRIBLE RICHNESS IS ..AHHH...SO DAMN WONDERFUL!! and i dont do 'real' baking, so I love its simplicity.

suggestions from those familiar with vegas.

hmmm, I suppose I should mention this: I am going as a student (for career related purposes, a weeklong internship) with three other ladies. Which means I won't be rolling in cash! Further, none of us is familiar with the area.

Thanks, @hunkerdown. keep the ideas coming!

Favorite Fall Foods?

@gastronomeg: YES to the halloween candy! I love candy corn! Stupid, I know, but it's so great.

I'm with all these bits about pumpkin and other squash. Yummmm.

Ah, my mother's chicken and dumplings...

I love love beautiful fall apples and pears, too.

sexy food suggestions

you guys are fantastic!
Thanks for all the ideas.
@hmw: those were entertaining. and helpful.

The new guy has identified a love for risotto, so after careful consideration, I'm gonna break out the big guns and choose a combination of his and my favorite ingredients, and... well, hopefully it will be a lovely play-in-the-kitchen-date.

Cooking with wine

I'm with pooch on this where beef i concerned.

of course, great with duck. great with pork. great with salmon.

Chefs vs. City: Anybody watching?

I kind of get it. Seems like the idea is for them to delve into some representative food component of the city--and then 'hold their own' in their treatment of that food component up against the native pair.
I mostly think it's pretty stupid, though.

To be honest, though, I was giggling quite a bit watching it the other night. Aaron is pretty fun on camera.

What herb combo to use?

use a tiny bit of all of them! 'herbed' items are usually amalgamations of a handful herbs.

Your Fast Food Urge.....just had mine...tasty.

@juliebugs: that made me smile really big. how funny, like it's shameful.

I actually do enjoy sonic (esp. onion rings) and i love wendys. i just think their stuff is just good.

Your Fast Food Urge.....just had mine...tasty.

haha yehhh.. i got in the habit of ordering some McD's burgers when in the company of siblings, after long refusing it. I always want milkshakes, though. always. Sometimes the novelty of the junk is desirable.

I havent had a major craving in a couple weeks now, though.

Food and Culture

really glad to see this. I'm straddling the fence here. I always..yeh, pretty much always adamantly assert my feelings about treating culture and food with the most respect possible. I feel we have duties to preserve centuries-old traditions and absolutely treat these traditions--here, through food, obviously--as such and with great veneration.

On the other hand, I think that as we all gain increasingly more access to information about food, the cultural lines and the standards begin to blur. That is, things are 'borrowed' and we 'cheat', 'fuse', etc.
I guess this means that all ideas have their places.
And that credit should be given where due, and not where it doesn't belong.

Savory Brunch item to go?

Big, yummy frittata! It can sit at room temp for a bit, and is wholly very forgiving. Fill it up with whatever you like/have around: leftover cheeses, onions & garlic, cured meats, leftover veggies...etc

I met Rick Bayless! (And I still can't believe it)

Dove recipes?

we eat quail all the time in the winter. all the time. similar prep:

pan sear, be very scant on the temp. the best movie quote mantra: "..there's no greater sin than to overcook a quail."(here, dove) dove would like butter, lots of black pepper, and garlic. it also would like implementation of red wine, or even a yeasty beer. really, try reducing a dark and rich brew.
slowly braised. we tend to eat it a lot with wild rice. again, the rich but fruit-tinged profile is very nice.. try cooking with some dried currants or plums.

Fish & Red Wine????

hm. I eat fish quite often; I'm gonna say the particular flavor profile of the dish needs to be properly suited (to some considerable degree, anyway) to a red. whichever red that may be. so I believe I'm agreeing with @gutreactions--sure, drink whatever you love or are in the mood for; but to best enjoy the pairing, the fish dish needs some strong-ish character.

SE College Division...

college student, dear. have the issues of time and broke-ness often.

update to previously discussed--Las Vegas restaurants!

Hello, everyone! To those who offered some dining advice a couple months ago regarding Las Vegas: I'm going to share where and what I ate during my weeklong internship. Or, just the notable meals, that is.

meal 1: Isla, in Treasure Island. Super swanky upscale Mexican, with focus on a beautiful tequila bar. My plate was truthfully mediocre-- braised beef rib enchiladas--other food on the table was rather good. Menu there had a lot of very traditional Mex dishes, including seafood, moles, pepitas, etc. The crowning glory of this evening was the pitcher of house margaritas. (which kicked my ass.) The tequila menu was twenty miles long, though. Nice experience overall.

meal 2: Mon ami Gabi (sp?), in Paris. Truly fantastic meal, al fresco dining across from the Bellagio's fountain show. Traditional Parisian bistro- dishes. We all had steak frites, mine with a rather good bernaise and the house merlot-- although the wine menu was extensively built around classic French bottles. Execution of the steak itself was incredibly good. This place identifies itself for the steaks, but a breadth of classic dishes also were on the menu. quite an evening.

meal 3: Osteria del Circo in Bellagio. Maybe my favorite meal, our last evening in Vegas, a pre-show dinner. We all had the handmade pastas in this Tuscan-inspired and richly decorated place. Three sommeliers had a wildly impressive wine list--let's just say our wallets only ventured to the modest selections by the glass. Pricey plates. I had handmade papardelle with duck ragu. Very wonderful, alongside a Prosecco. Lovely tiramisu in this restuarant, as well. The atmosphere was antique-European-circus feel. Huge menu also.

suggestions from those familiar with vegas.

Okay, so I'm taking my first trip to Las Vegas in mid November. (I'm young; don't give me a hard time about the 'Vegas-virginism!)

I'll be staying near the LV Convention Center, near the strip.
Who can tell me the absolute most killer must-do restaurants? Cheap, pricey, casual-- whatever is simply great and representative of the city.

Please and thank you guys!

beef tongue. help me out.

Okay, so I call myself a no-boundaries eater. Not afraid of anything--(save for eating an insect.)
I know, know, know how incredible beef tongue is supposed to be. I know the flavor is wonderfully rich and deep. I have never eaten it, though, mostly because I've never seen it on a menu.
I stumbled upon some in the grocery recently, almost picked it up, and decided against it. Here is my problem: it just LOOKS repelling. I mean, it is a TONGUE. Quite clearly. It makes me think of all the nasties running around with bad hygiene. (people, of course)

Could y'all give me some thoughts here? Describe for me how best to give identity change, if you will..etc. I want to discover its beauty so badly; i just want to get past this subconcious hangup.

young ladies drinking 'sweet wines'--ha!

I've never started a thread before, but this idea has remained in my head since last night.

I'm a wine person. A young wine person. (few and far between, these are.) I find that for other college kids, 'wine' equates those cheap, fruity, syrupy, high-sugar and low alcohol- level wretched bottlings that are sold in college towns. (elsewhere too, of course, I realize--but I'm pointing out this pervasive condition among young ladies. In effect, students)

Anyway, my two roommates and I made a trip to the corner liquor store, and we had quite a time: between my jabs at them for their simple drink choices--a horribly cloying riesling for one, and even more hilariously, a BLACKBERRY wine(!) for the other; and their advice sought from me, where my taste was really nonsensical to them. It was just harmlessly funny.

So anyone else want to share in a giggle about that poo that typical young ladies like to drink?

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