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  • Location: Vero Beach,FL
  • Favorite foods: Mushrooms, olives, cheese, chicken, capers, eggs, sprouts, tomatoes, mussels, clams, shrimp, and many, many more.
  • Last bite on earth: Tomato juice, guiness, orange juice, lemon juice, lime juice, olive juice,A1, celery salt, hot sauce, cayenne pepper, salt, pepper, celery stalk, olives, lime wedge, lemon wedge...oh, and vodka.

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How the West Coast Became a Cheesemaking Titan

Humboldt Fog is awesome! I add it to a salad of arugula and prosciutto.

Eating All The Momos in Jackson Heights

My favorite momos are from my home town of Bloomington, Indiana. A place called Little Tibet and they are called "Sho Go Mo Mo". They are simply filled with mashed potatoes and scallions and served with soy sauce and chili oil. Sounds weird but they are amazing.

Best Bloody Mary Garnishes

marinated mushrooms, shrimp, olives, and celery are my faves.

Ways to use Prosciuitto?

Slice a baguette and rub garlic butter on each slice. Bake the slices then place the prosciutto and a slice of fresh mozz cheese on top and bake again until cheese is slightly melted. Top with more garlic butter and herbs if you like.

So, you're saying DON'T learn from FN/CCTV?

I'm scared to admit that I love Giada. I get annoyed with her sometimes, but I love the things she cooks. She's really the only one I like. I had no idea about PBS cooking shows. I can't wait to check them out!

Who likes SPAM?

I've never had it either! My boyfriend talks about it fondly and makes me want to try it. Isn't it pretty unhealthy, though?

What Talk thread title do you never want to see on SE?

@teachertalk-haha no I'm not being sarcastic. I haven't been reading SE blogs long so I guess I've missed out on the FN bashing.

Confused by pans

I really appreciate all the feedback, however, I'm thoroughly confused now. I will take the advice of just picking out pieces based on what I cook normally. I also take it that non-stick isn't great. Maybe just for eggs. Thanks again!

What Talk thread title do you never want to see on SE?

I wish someone would start a FN star bashing. I'd like to know if the ones who annoy the hell out of me are annoying to others as well! I don't really care what people blog about, if I'm not interested I don't read or respond. It's that easy.

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Vodka for Your Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary is my favorite drink. If I am served a Bloody Mary without a stalk of celery and several olives, I send it back. If it isn't a bit spicy and a bit chunky, well, I just don't order one from there again. I mean, you can't expect them to switch their mix altogether based on your tastes. My Bloody Mary of choice contains no fewer than 13 ingredients. Also, I love the Celtics!

Why all the opposition?

That was a joke. Yes, I am indeed "real".

Breakfast Burritos.. Do they Exist on the East Coast?

Uh, hello? Mickey D's breakfast burrito! Dollar menu baby! Haha.

Why all the opposition?

Now that we are all getting along, I was thinking about blogging a question. If I'm using dried basil instead of fresh, what is the equivalent of 2T? What do you guys think about that? Any headline suggestions? Can't wait to hear back! :-O

Why all the opposition?

It's funny because some of you talk about "freedom of speech" and opinion and whatnot, then turn around and make guidelines for what kind of "themes" can be brought up. This is tolerated, this is not. Whatever, I have a sense of humor but I don't find this topic funny. Keep attacking, if it makes you feel good.

Why all the opposition?

@hungrychristel- You would consider it a p155y comment? I think the people accusing me of being sensitive are the sensitive ones, getting your pannies in a bunch over what I said is the same thing I did when I read other's rude comments.

Bread and melted cheese, duh!

@karmafreecooking- I HAVE tried the options available to me here in the south. However, I do not like these options. I miss the cheese. What is the meaning of your handle any way? That's all.

My Husband is not a Vegetarian

What? A little comic relief was much needed with all that tension!

Confused by pans

Feedback appreciated! You're all so helpful!

My Husband is not a Vegetarian

@jerzeetomato-- best part of this whole conversation. LOL.