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What's your favorite fried food?

Haddock and chips, only in New England, served with coleslaw and ketchup. Fried clams a close second.

The Anatomy of a Gummy Bear

Ah well... I imagine given that they're mostly gelatin that they were never *quite* vegetarian anyway

Sour Cream and The Onion: The A.V. Club Reviews Weird Pringles

They're not weird, but I want to know what happened to the reduced-fat ranch Pringles I used to crave in grad school, about a dozen years ago. They have reduced fat in every other flavor. Were these just so addictive that they were considered unsafe? If I bought them I couldn't stop till I'd eaten the whole can.

Portland eating adventure

Some random thoughts: Roses Bakery in NW, Fire on the Mountain in N Portland for amazing wings and fries (washed down w/ good local microbrews). The gelato place across the street (to the north) from the main Powell's (and please tell me you're going to Powell's? even if you are not a big reader they have a great cookbook section).

Lots of great down-and-dirty Mexican food if you're coming, say, from the East Coast and don't get that much. I like Cha Cha Cha (several locations, I think the one on Hawthorne is best).

Andina is supposed to be nice for S. American cuisine.

There's one other that I can't remember... I'll see if I can get my sister, a local, to remind me what it was.

Best Fish Tacos in San Diego

I have to go to San Diego in a few of weeks for a conference and had not been looking forward to it, but you've given me a new lease on my trip, especially since I didn't do well in the fish taco department last time I was there. So many thanks, Erin!

Best Fro-Yo Shops in SoCali

Erin! After I read the article in the NYTimes, I swore that I had to find a way to bring real frozen yogurt here to DC. What do you think? Heard any rumors? I'll even invest my own money!

A Well-Intentioned Chippy

Price notwithstanding, and I'm not sure what explains why pollock, etc., would be so steep, I'm really glad someone's thinking about this. Sure, cod is wonderful, and I'm a New Englander, but I get scared every time I see it on a menu. We are truly eating our fish species into extinction.

Too many people! Auuuggghhh!

Trader Joe's Torture: What one thing do you have to buy?

I have to pick just one thing?? Torture is right. How about the pesto ricotta gnocchi?

Serious Sandwiches: Churrasco Completo

Guacamole with sour cream or cheese??? :-O Where would that be? I'm ready to accept that there's variation in guacamole recipes throughout Latin American (i.e., it's not just Mexican); adding dairy sounds extreme to me, but I'm happy to be corrected.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Garrison Confections Ultimate Chocolate Cooler

depends: milk, dark, with or without nuts, fruit, other stuff... as long as it's real.

Chinese Food, Christmas Day, and the Jews: Where Can We Go for Old-School Chinese?

Not sure what you mean, Ed, when you say that twice-cooked pork and lion's head on Christmas don't seem right... please elaborate.

December tastes like...

egg nog

New Thanksgiving Recipes - a hit or a miss?

I made the cheese-straw apple pie from this site. It was pretty tasty, and not too hard; I kept the butter and then the dough very cold, which helped manage the crust. There is *a lot* of fat in that crust - butter and cheddar cheese - and it came out nice and crispy, and really did taste like a cheese straw. However, the granny smith apples I used were sour and otherwise tasteless; next time I'll use a somewhat sweeter apple and/or use more brown sugar, for a better contrast with the completely savory crust. Also, I imagine 2 teaspoons of cayenne would be way too much; one was plenty.

Cook the Book: Vegetarian Suppers

A nice risotto with lots of vegetables, especially mushrooms, and finished with very good parmesan cheese.

Cooking with Kids: Cornish Pasties

Um, "loaded" with monounsaturated fat? How is that possible? Lard has to be mostly saturated fat in order to be solid - in other words, lard. Just basic chemistry. Whether or not saturated fat is bad for you is still an open question.

Sunday Brunch: Pumpkin Fritters

I would be inclined to call these pumpkin latkes...

Vegetarians / Thanksgiving

KarynMC, you could always ask them to roast the dressing outside the bird for health reasons... so the turkey bacteria don't contaminate it, it never reaches a high enough temperature to kill them, etc...

Novels with great food scenes... what are your favorites?

Farmer Boy, by Laura Ingalls Wilder, was as much a memoir as a novel, but it did have wonderful food scenes throughout.

What is your favorite spice, and in what dishes do you use it?

Black pepper. Pretty much everything. Boring, I know... Ginger and cinnamon are tied for second, and I use them in dishes both sweet and savory.

What's the richest thing you've ever tasted?

A bit of a toss-up: I always found Toscanini's ice cream (in Cambridge) to be extremely rich. I once ordered a fettuccine alfredo that I couldn't finish (never happens). Then there was a bread pudding I made with pound cake. Or a lobster pie (soaked in butter).

Color Standards System for French Fries

I love it. Can I get a poster of that to put up in my kitchen?

- French Fry Girl

To satisfy a salty craving, I eat _____

First choice is potato chips (plain Utz are fine, but other than barbeque I don't discriminate) but they're my worst vice, so I've tried to substitute a few pistachios (which take a little work) or a couple of good olives.

Shhh.....Don't tell...I've used MSG

There was a cool story on NPR this morning about umami, the 5th taste, which has been shown to be glutamate, and we apparently have taste receptors for glutamate (a.k.a. glutamic acid). So am I wrong, or isn't MSG just the sodium salt of glutamate?

Just because it's in regular foods, though, doesn't mean people don't have a sensitivity to large amounts of it, or in the form of the sodium salt, which might make it more easily absorbed... as we were reminded constantly in toxicology class, the dose makes the poison.


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