I grew up on a small, traditional family farm, so I'm fiercely defensive of small businesses, local produce and quality vegetables, though I love frozen peas, and use them in everything.

  • Location: MA
  • Favorite foods: Tomatoes, cheese (really sharp cheddars and most Italian cheeses,) basil, raspberries, peanut butter, garlic, eggplant, cucumbers, brussels sprout, peas, curly fries, bacon, chocolate mousse, mustard greens.
  • Last bite on earth: Hagen Daaz Dulce de Leche ice cream, or a really good bite of pasta.

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Fluffernutter: Massachusetts' State Sandwich?

Wait, fluffernutters are regional? What did your mom give you as a "special treat" version of PBJ when you were a kid? I feel very sad for the rest of the country, suddenly.

Franks 'n' beans

I second the canned corn, and I also use a little molasses. Not that exciting, I guess, but oh so delicious. OH! Sometimes, I make rice pilaf as well, and then mix it in when they're both done cooking.

Not digging the ad redirects

@lemonfair - Nope, I use Mozilla and I started getting them a lot more, too. They are super annoying.

Best summer dish?

Every summer, for as long as I can remember, my sister and I have what we call "tomato nights" where each of us makes a dish, the main component of which is tomatoes (obvi.) We then proceed to wear trash bag bibs and watch lots and lots of bad TV, and eat. A lot. It's fantastic. I could live for good tomato salad every day of my life.

Anyone crazy for chocolate and red wine?

Milka wafer bars and shiraz. Holy criz, am I in the chocolate and wine group.

In Season: Cucumbers

Cucumbers are my absolute favorite vegetable. My dad grew an Italian melon that's very similar to a cuke this year, it's green and fuzzy, I can't remember the name...

Local Holidays

I grew up in Lexington, MA, so Patriot's Day is a pretty big deal. Unfortunately, I don't remember eating anything traditional for it, unless you count fried dough and cotton candy. Hot dogs? Hm. No I know at some of the historical houses they have things like apple pie and corn bread ("maize cake") but mostly we celebrate being the birthplace of America by drinking beer and blowing up those helium balloons that don't deflate for months. Still, I'm totally proud.

zuke dinner ideas?

Also, if you add some fresh basil, you're golden.

zuke dinner ideas?

I love making "zucchini fettuccine" -- peel the zucchini into long strips with a veggie peeler. Saute some tomatoes, garlic, and/or chick peas in oil and s+p, then add the zucchini, just until it's crisp/tender. Delicious, filling, cheap, and on the plus side, low in calories!

Market Scene: Brookline Farmers Market in Brookline, Mass.

@Junie - There are a lot of "fish brokers" making the rounds in the Boston markets. She doesn't buy her fish from other farmer's markets, she buys it wholesale from the docks downtown. I agree that there should be some sort of rule about middle men selling produce, but it would be tough to enforce. Unfortunately there are a lot of farmers selling produce that isn't their own - site visits are rarely enforced, to the detriment of honest vendors. The fish thing does bother me, because it gives people the impression they are supporting local fishermen. It's good fish, but anyone could go down to the docks in Boston and get it.

Video: Sandra Lee 'Delicious, Delicious, Delicious' Montage

@papagena665 - RIGHT?!?! The blue-themed episode was particularly creepy.

The Bottom of the Bag: Stale junk/snack foods remnant uses?

My father will eat anything, as long as he doesn't have to cook it and it has salt and/or chocolate in it.

Aioli! - What now?

Honestly, I hate mayo, and I use aioli in its place. Sandwiches!

South Beach Diet questions

I've done South Beach...and I liked the Michael Thurman diet way more. It is less about restricting carbs and sugars (you can't eat fruit for the first few weeks of SB, which doesn't seem healthy to me). I think it's okay for a quick fix, but to lose a lot of weight I'd do something that's more balanced. I had a lot of cravings on SB, and not so much on Michael Thurman's, which focuses more on balanced meals.

The SB book and recipe book are pretty good though, they explain the science of it. Still, I'd rather eat nectarines and brown rice...

Photo of the Day: Portrait of Bill Cosby Made of Jell-O Shots

This really brightened my day. I'm sure it brightened Bill's, too!

What to eat 1st time in Paris

It is completely possible to survive on nothing but wine, crepes, baguettes and pastries for four days. I've proved it.

So jealous!

I eat ______ out of the tin/jar/bottle...

Mustard. It horrifies my mother.

I used to have a roommate who ate canned peas straight from the can - complete with that greyish water they sit in. Shudder.

Say it ain't so!

If this is true, I've got a LOT of football field walking ahead of me. A LOT.

Zucchini side dish suggestions?

Mm I love zucchini!! Thanks for all the suggestions, I will try them all this summer, I'm sure! I ended up going with a variation on @NYCeater's suggestion, using cheese.

Eating with Dieters

I am at the lowest end of the "healthy weight" for my height. I eat much less than I used to for a couple of reasons: my digestive system really can't handle a lot of fatty food anymore, and even though I'm comfortable with my weight, I feel I need to "diet" to maintain that weight.

For some reason, people feel like it's okay to make comments if you eat small amounts and are a normal weight, but not if you're eating "fatty" foods and are overweight. I think if she's not saying anything directly, and it doesn't sound like she is, you shouldn't let it it get to you. She may feel just as judged by you as you do by her. If she does make one of those snide comments (I'm sure we've all gotten them!) or even rolls her eyes at you, I would definitely say something: she's opening the door.

Cooking hard boiled eggs

I do the same as @Alm25 except for 10 minutes instead of 12. I find that turning off the heat after the water boil makes them a lot creamier.

"dinner" vs "supper"

Boston - supper. But on Sundays we ate "dinner" as the big meal after church.

How to Pour Beer

Ha! I am vindicated! I learned this on a brewery tour a few years ago and people REFUSE to believe me. They think I just don't know how to pour beer. I'm copy/pasting this link as we speak, thanks!


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